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Major Dade Adarnis - Breen Persuasions, Part Two

(( Breen Prison Cell, Unknown Location ))

:: Four algae covered green walls had been his companions for however long he’d been caged now. Day and night didn’t matter anymore; the only thing that did was when that door opened and when he was back in the cell.::

:: He paced, walking the perimeter of his living space, used to the edge of the bed scratching his calf as he strolled past. He barely heard the screams outside the door anymore, they all melded into one roaring, degrading mind shattering squeal, one after another until the familiar sound of a body dropped to the floor and dragged back to a cell. If you shouted, if you fought back, they’d stick you.::

:: Oh, the stick… He had some fond memories of that stick being stuck in his neck. Paralysis was just brilliant. The neural truncheon. Threatening to put one in a very unfamiliar place on a Breen made them annoyed.::

:: He’d struggled the first time. They’d left him dribbling on the bed for days, maybe even weeks, he didn’t know. The first time they’d come through the door he was ready for them, on his feet and smashing helmets against the walls before they could get a good handle on him. He was a slippery bastard; adrenaline pumping, elbows connecting with visors, punches and kicks to suit covered abdomens until they’d whipped out the truncheon.::

::They’d hung him upside down, suspended from the roof; ankles bound together with chains. He could feel the bite of them now. His arms had dangled toward the floor, fingertips not quite touching; salvation just out of reach. He remembered seeing marks up the wall; he could smell blood from every corner as his Deltan senses flooded with the pheromones of those long dead, having left their final stamp in the room full of demise.::

:: Another scream. Noises reverberated around the room. He could hear the wet pounding sounds of a face being pulverized by a boot.::

:: Fists clenched. His jaw tightened. He kept walking.::

(( Unknown Location ))

:: Sand. His eyes barely opened, feeling the scratch of the granular substance clinging to his face. Sand and sun. Squeezing his eyes shut he dug his forehead into the dry ground ignoring the abrasion against his skin, trying to remember where he was. A voice like marble scraping across the floor spoke in his mind. Hang on to the amnesia, it said. Welcome it. It’ll be the best thing that will happen to you in a while.::

:: He turned over with a push onto his back, raising his arm to cover his eyes from the blazing sunlight burning in the sky. White sand stuck to his sweat covered forearm, partially covering his black tattoos. He brushed it off, watching the ink of the tattoo melt away with the swipe of his palm. He pushed himself up, struggling to his feet and looked around him. There was white sand everywhere, dunes curving and stretching out into the distance surrounding nothing. Nothing.::

:: Wait… ::

:: Standing in his eye line was a small boy, no more than twelve years old, nursing his hairless head in his hands, whimpering. Dade started to move towards the child and realised he was limping on his right leg. He pulled himself forward, fear penetrating him now. What the hell was going on…::

:: The voice rang in his head again only this time it was a child.::

Child: When they come for me…

:: The boy started to scream. Dade moved faster.::

:: He felt something wet on his feet and he looked down. Blue and green water seeped up through the sand, beginning to swallow it down. He sloshed through the torrent as it sucked up the white, devouring it down trying to get a grip on the Marine’s feet as he lumbered to the small crying frame.::

:: The small body was battered, bruised and bloody, nestling a thick black eye. His skin was broken, torn and peeling off his body but it was wrinkled, pruned as though he’d been submerged in liquid. His blue lips moved. ::

Child: They’ll find me… when they find me…

:: Grasping his arm, Dade grabbed the boy as the water swept against his small legs and hauled him up out of the water with all the strength he could muster, immediately looking into violet eyes staring back.::

Child: Then you’ll die.

:: He dropped him. The boy hit the water, sinking beneath the surface and rising out of it with a panicked wail, gasping for air. Adrenaline flooded the hybrid’s system, instinct kicking in as he snatched the boy up again. The boy spluttered the water from his lungs. His arms felt so slight and scrawny in the Marine’s large hands.::

:: In seconds, the water had risen, lifting Dade off the sandy ground and whipping his legs from underneath him. He held onto the boy’s arm, the child flailing and struggling against the torrential waves that were crashing down on both of them. The beach had vanished completely. Dade panicked, trying in vain to keep the boy’s head above the water as the blue sky met the crest of the waves and they melded into one.::

:: Dade opened his eyes, lurching for the boy but it was no use. The water pulled them apart. The child made one last attempt at reaching out for Dade with small hands and smaller fingers. Seconds left. He watched the boy struggle against the current, his nervous system responding to imminent death hurtling toward him, moving his arms to find a surface that didn’t exist. His violet eyes glazed over, fear plastered over the familiar features.::

:: He felt oddly tranquil; serene even. Everything melted away and he closed his eyes as the last few drops of oxygen left his system entirely.::