SIM:Adarnis - Breen Persuasions, Part One

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Major Dade Adarnis - Breen Persuasions, Part One

(( Khev’s Transport, Badlands, Alpha Quadrant))

:: An explosion rocked the shuttle, sending the Marine flailing out of the chair and onto the floor. He jumped up, hitting the ground running through the small doorway into the cockpit, his hand landing on his friend’s shoulder. The scene outside was terrific; tornados of fire and plasma ripping through the air in tidal waves of mass destruction. Dade grinned widely as the ship struck a plasma column on the port side, lurching it starboard.::

Khev: Stop that.

:: He cocked an eyebrow and slid into the co-pilot’s seat as the transport pitched again, sensors floundering widely, shields taking the brunt of the damage.::

Adarnis: Stop what?

::The Romulan grunted, switching the controls from auto to manual, praying for some kind of miracle to see them through.::

Khev: Grinning like a dha'rudh. ::he huffed something in Rihannsu:: There’s every possibility we could die in this fracking storm.

:: A plasma stream erupted in their path, causing the shields to flare blue. Underneath the shuttle the engines rumbled, rocking the ship back and forth, blowing them in the direction of a fire jet reigning down boulders of smouldering liquid.::

::The Marine howled, loving every minute of the adrenaline rush coursing through his veins.::

Adarnis: Come on, Khev! Doesn’t it feel bloody good?

Khev: No… ::simply put:: No, it doesn’t. It feels like I’m dodging the fires of Areinnye in a tin can.

Adarnis: But it’s your tin can, my friend. ::he finger shot him with a wink:: Remember that. All yours.

::Rolling his eyes, the Romulan held onto the controls as the transport jolted, veering off as it tried to sail through a steeple of fire. They’d cloaked their way through the Federation blockades, going where Starfleet had forbidden travel since the Dominion War with the type of stealth only a Romulan could manage and they were heading out to bait something hazardous.::

::Another crack of searing fire whipped across the shields, tearing them in two. This time Dade responded first, diverting power from every available source he possibly could to get the generators working. The runabout lost course, bowling into the flaring clouds. He heard the armoured hull starting to tear itself apart.::

::Khev, bless him, started laughing.::

Khev: I can’t believe you talked me into this, hnaev eating faelirh ch'susse-thrai!

::Dade’s eyebrow rose at his friend, but he grinned; the grin breaking into a laugh until they were both roaring inside a shuttlecraft that slowly peeling away. The sensors bellowed red, hoping that one of the manic pilots would have the intellect to take control and move the damn thing before life support gave out entirely.::

::Something changed. The lights dimmed, the consoles spluttered lifelessly but that wasn’t the storm. The laughing stopped. Khev tried to piece together what he could see, eyes flitting back and forth.::

Khev: We’re being boarded…

:: His voice was charged with disbelief; who in the right mind would be out there and who in the right mind would want their confetti of a shuttle?::

:: Reaching underneath the console for the holster strapped to the underside, he dragged out the disruptor. Over his shoulder he looked for Dade, seeing the Marine already on his feet and the unmistakeable shimmer of the transported boarders appearing at the back of the shuttle. He leapt up from the pilot’s chair in enough time to see Dade slamming his fist into a Breen helmet, hearing the thud of skin on metal and the Breen hitting the deck.::

:: Breen attacking in close quarters?::

:: He fumbled with the weapon, aiming the pistol at the other Breen holding out his stun rifle towards the Deltan/Human, managing to shoot as the suited intruder fired. The Breen stumbled backward, hardly phased by the shot, however the disrupter stun blast sunk deep into Dade’s chest and sent the hybrid to the ground.::

:: Dade’s skin was alive with the pinpricks of a thousand suns, electrifying his nerves and subduing his brain. His vision clouded, he couldn’t speak but he tried. He pushed his hands into the floor, watching as they melted through the decking, his entire body dissolving with wires and flames.::

:: His eyes opened as Khev’s body slammed down beside him, green blood dribbling from his pointed ear.::

:: Well, ladies and gentlemen, thank you and goodnight.::