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Act of Mercy Briefing -

Turner: Please be seated.

::As they did, she remained standing and placed a personal holomitter on the table.::

Turner: For those who have not met me, I'm Commander Toni Turner, the CO of the USS Resolution, and... ::breaking into a smile:: we have our first mission.

::Not waiting for, or expecting, a response, she depressed the button on the holomitter and a Star Chart appeared behind her.::

(OOC: For those who want to see it, take the link below. It's kinda interesting if you haven't seen it before. And you my want to book mark it for reference in future missions. If you click on it, it will enlarge and you can see the detail better. )

Turner: At the top right of the Star Chart you will see an area between the Romulan Star Empire and the Zalkonian Suzerainty. At the heart of the Duronis System, is a planet named Duronis II.

::Pointing to Duronis II, she moved her hand in a northeast trajectory toward the edge of the Zalkonian border.::

Turner: You can't see it on this map as it has just came to Federation attention when they recently achieved warp, but a small Class-M planet named Lavon is in that area. The planet is fertile with rolling plains of grasses and flora to the Southeast. Snow capped mountains to the Northwest are rich with mineral deposits, metal ore, and semi-precious gemstones (e.g. amethyst, garnet, jade) having a small commercial value.

::She gave them time to get a fix on that area of the Star Chart, then continued.::

Turner: The inhabitants call themselves Zalinians. Their average height, Males: 6'2" Females: 5'0; average weight, Males: 175 lbs. Female 100 lbs; age, 150 Earth years; average IQ, 200 or better; ESP frequency and EQ is high.

As said earlier, they are extremely benevolent, and have telekinetic abilities. Humanoids, the Zalinian men have extremely muscular arms and legs and a purplish hue to their skin. The women are small framed and dainty and have fair complexions. Clothing is simple with men wearing cloth skirts and women in similar fashion only pulled up to cover their breasts. Both use the Simi-precious stones to decorate their clothing.

Their history is quite unique... Benevolent by nature, the Zalinians are thinkers more than laborers, but when their scientists began working on a method to get a closer look at the stars and planets they could see in their telescopes, they realized that they had to mine the metals in the mountains to fashion a vessel to take them. Appealing to the population's adventurous side, they soon found them willing to channel their telekinetic abilities a few hours each day to extract the metals. Subsequently a processing plant was build and the metal was forged into a vessel. After many tries, they achieve warp, and first contact was made.

After the First contact starships left, the Zalinians began to suffer from an unknown illness. Many died and the healers believed that they had been exposed to it by the crew of the starships that came to visit them. We know that the Romulans and Zalkonians, as well as the Federation made contact with them, but the message sent to Starfleet by the Monarch.... ::looks at her pad for the name:: King Qalan, indicated that the Romulans and Zalkonians would not send aid, but said they would not interfere with Starfleet offering assistance. The Zalinian King's daughter has contracted the illness and he is seeking and act of mercy to save her and his people, thus the Resolution was chosen to do just that.

::She glanced around the table.::

Turner: Commander Jaxx and I will answer any questions you have now, then I'll give out the assignments.

Cmdr Toni Turner
Commanding Officer
USS Resolution NCC-78145