SIM:ACMO Vid-Lotilija: Day One of the Rest of My Life

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((USS Apollo - Shuttlebay))

::Reading her orders Vid-Lotilija frowned.::

oOI’m not a medic, I’m Doctor of sciences. A pharmacist. Creator! Hope this ship has good surgeons, I’m surely not one.Oo ::Vid-Lotija laughed like mad.::

::Checking position of the ship and a ways to reach it one information made her smile.::

oOSooo, smart engineer is posted with me. Look at this, not just smart, but efficient. So, he will take me there.Oo

::Finding that Don already got himself a shuttle to get to USS Apollo, Vid-Lotilija booked herself to that transport and when returned to her quarters on Starbase 118, packed and contacted Operations to transport her belongings aboard shuttle Tessa.::

::Since she had some more time till departure, she went to secluded public terminal she located few days ago and probably last time in a while called her sons. From a ship she will have to ask Captain every time and remind and face who knows how much questions and suspicions.::

::Conversation drained her emotionally and when reached shuttle just growled at Don and locked in a small niche with beds.::

Vid-Lotilija: Talk to me when we land inside Apollo.

::She spent most of the time during the trip reading about the ship and a main crew, some sleep and lot of mental preparations for the first meeting with Captain. It will be a challenge to keep such a powerful telepath completely blocked, but she was confident she can do it.::

::She sensed the change in movement and soon gentle touch of the shuttle to the bay floor. When the doors opened she just passed by surprised engineer.::

Vid-Lotilija: I was traveling in my life enough to can sense when ship land. Are you coming?

Romero: Uh, yeah. Lead the way.

Vid-Lotilija: First we report to deck officer here in shuttlebay and then run to the Bridge to report to Captain. ::Before he could say anything more she was already outside in the shuttlebay walking toward the person by the cosole.:: I’m Ensign Vid-Lotilija, medical. My pilot is Ensign Donato Romero, engineering.

Romero: Um, yeah, what she said.

Officer: Report to Bridge.

Vid-Lotilija: ::After few moments of thinking of something nasty to respond she refrained and just turned toward the turbolift.:: Yeees, Siiir! ::To Don.:: Are you coming?

Romero: Uh, yeah—I mean yes, but don't you think—

::When Romero tried to ask her something she just growled and short trip to Bridge passed in silence. When the doors opened she said loud.::

Vid-Lotilija: Ensigns Vid-Lotilja and Romero asking permission to step onboard.

Jaxx: ::waving them over:: Granted.

::When approval was issued she rushed out the turbolift and stopped good 2 meters away of Jaxx, letting Romero pass by her.::

Romero: Ensign Donato Romero reporting for duty as ordered, sir.

Jaxx: ::nodding:: Welcome aboard, Ensign.

Vid-Lotilija: Vid-Lotilija Sir. I’m assigned to medical here. oOMay Creator save you with that decision.Oo

Jaxx: You may get acquainted with Sickbay. Our medical staff is very small. We are equipped with the EMH Mark III, from what I hear she is a bit feisty...but nearly flawless in practice.

Ensign Vid-Lotilija Ph.D.

Assistant Chief Medical Officer

USS Apollo

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