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Alt. Jackford B. Kolk
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Chief Engineer
Soon to Be Sacked
Deep Space 17

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Upon being stripped of his Starfleet credentials, Evil Jack
enacts his escape plan and finds himself in our universe

Lieutenant (Alternate) Jackford B. Kolk - "Untrusted In Any Universe"
((Station Commander's Office, Deep Space 17, Universe 107-LS9 - Stardate 238404.02))

::After appearing in the middle of Ops, Lt. Jackford B. Kolk ignored the surprised look of a security officer, replaced the second pip on his collar, and walked straight to the door of the Station Commander's office. He pressed the door chime. Once the door opened, he clenched his jaw, stepped forward, and spoke.::

Lt. Kolk: Sir. ::He saluted.::

::The doors to the office parted and Commander Danny Wilde didn't even bother to look up..::

Alt. Wilde: What is it, Kolk?

Lt. Kolk: I know that Lieutenant Walker returned a while ago from the other DS17. I was just there myself, actually, though I wasn't able to accomplish much. I thought I'd check in with you to--

::Danny looked up from his computer terminal, the screen image still focused in Engineering.::

Alt. Wilde: Oh really? Do you know the nature of Lieutenant Walker's orders? No! You don't! He takes them only from me and I do not think divulging them to you would make the slightest difference. Lieutenant Walker is still on their DS17. Lieutenant Commander Walker is in our Engineering, not our Walker.

Lt. Kolk: What!? I spoke to him myself before I crossed over!!

::Jack cursed himself for being so gullible. He should've known better. And now the Commander thought even less of him. He was beginning to suspect that Reed might be talking to Wilde behind his back, trying to discredit him and take Chief Engineer from him. He never should've made the ungrateful woman Assistant Chief. Danny stood from behind his desk.::

Alt. Wilde: And who authorised you to!? Thought you'd secure yourself that long awaited Lieutenant Commander's pip? Well you can forget it! You alone could have put the rest of this project at risk.

Lt. Kolk: I'm sorry, Sir. I'll return to the other--

Alt. Wilde: You will do no such thing. As of now you are relieved of duty. Your access to the Chroniton Wave equipment will be restricted; your access codes changed. If you make any attempt to return to Engineering or speak to any of your former staff, I will have you for treason, as well as insubordination.

::He emphasised the word 'former' to make Jack aware that he was no longer Chief of Engineering. He smiled as the realisation sank in and Jack began to panic.::

Lt. Kolk: What!!?? You can't do th--!!

::They both knew he could. Danny had planted evidence to secure the arrest and imprisonment of his predecessor as Commander of DS17 - for conspiring with the enemy. Danny's rage overtook him and he struck the junior officer, sending him to the floor. Jack fell sideways, hitting his head on the wall beside him almost as hard as the Commander's fist had hit him. Wilde moved around the desk and grabbed the man by the arms, pulling him up face to face. He fought to remain conscious, the feeling of hands squeezing his arms was the last feeling to penetrate the fog encroaching on his brain, along with the fading sound of the furious Cmdr. Wilde.::

Alt. Wilde: ::coolly:: I can do anything I want, Lieutenant. This is my station, and my experiment. Do you think I didn't know anything about alternate universes when I "slipped' that file into Engineering? You are not going to ruin this for me.

::Kolk lost consciousness and Danny let his limp body thump to the floor. He stood up and dusted off his hands before pressing a button on his wrist command.::

Alt. Wilde: =/\= Commander Wilde to Security. Lieutenant Kolk is to be placed in the brig under close guard. Please transport him there. =/\=

((Brig, DS17, Universe 107-LS9))

::The Ex-Lieutenant Kolk awoke slowly, unwilling to embrace the throbbing pain in his head. But the pain would not decrease. He wondered if they'd bothered to treat him for the concussion. Knowing Commander Wilde's feelings about him, probably not...::

((Some time later))

::Jackford woke slowly, unwilling to embrace the pain that still left his head feeling engorged. As he stirred, he reached up to test his jaw. It was still attached, but sore as smeg. And the stubble that'd grown there left his chin feeling like sand paper.::

Ex-Lt. Kolk: oO Oh, smeg it. I'm not shaving anymore. I'll just grow a goatee and shave the sides every couple a' days... Oo

::He sat up and began to shake his head to clear his mind, but it just made the headache worse. While cursing Commander Wilde's apparent refusal to give him medical treatment, he saw the one true friend he had left on the station manning the brig.::

Ex-Lt. Kolk: Jhen? What're you doing down here? ...Never mind, we don't have time for pleasantries. How long have I been out?

::Jhen checked the readout on the security console.::

Alt. Thelev: I logged you in at 15.33 hours.

Ex-Lt. Kolk: What? So the attack is less then 30 minutes away!? Get me out of here, we have to act quickly!

Alt. Thelev: Get you out? You're here on the Commander's orders, Jack, why should I let you walk?

Ex-Lt. Kolk: Jhen, old buddy. How can you forget the way I saved your life back at the Battle of Wheeler Colony! You're Andorian! Doesn't that mean anything to you!?

::Jhen scratched the back of his head sheepishly.::

Alt. Thelev: Yeah, I was hoping you wouldn't bring that up. You know, these security fields have been playing up something rotten since the last Gorn attack. If I've told Wilde once, I've told him a hundred times, the darned things just keep going down like that...

Ex-Lt. Kolk: Good! Now let me out and I'll tell you the plan! ::He smiled ruthlessly.:: I promise you'll enjoy it...

::With a faint crackle of static, the force field on Jack's cell deactivated::

Alt. Thelev: Oops, there it goes again! And there I was thinking I'd miss all the fun stuck down here. Besides, if it upsets Wilde, so much the better.

Kolk: Follow me. We'll be heading over to the Independence, but first we'll need to modify the station's torpedo launchers.

::Jhen shrugged as he picked up his phaser and Andorian chaka.::

Alt. Thelev: Well, you're the engineer I guess. But the Gorn fleet won't be in torpedo range for twenty minutes or more, so why do we need to go there?

Kolk: ::He smiled cryptically.:: That's how we're getting to the Indy. I just hope Wilde is too busy to read whatever reports come into Ops in the next few minutes.

Thelev: If you say so. Wilde's not in Ops, though, I think he's in engineering, too. What did you do to him to get yourself thrown in the brig, anyway?

Kolk: I know too much and I chose to take matters into my own hands. He felt the need to put a fist in my face to... express his desire to remain in command.

Thelev: That so, well maybe you return the favour. Let's go.

::With one last glance at the empty cells, the two officers left the brig and hurried up the corridor towards the stations turbolifts.::

((Torpedo Control, Alt. DS17 - A Bit Later))

::As Jhen stood at the door, watching for any Commander Wilde's lackeys, Jack worked as quickly as possible at re-programming torpedo tube one and attaching a jury-rigged transporter device to it.::

Alt. Thelev: What's the plan, Kolk? I'm a little tall to fit in there don't you think?

Alt. Kolk: Don't worry, we won't be fired anywhere, the torpedo launcher will just load our little "escape pods" and them them and us into the Independence's torpedo launcher while transmitting codes to unload us so that we can get out and continue with our mission.

Alt. Thelev: Sounds like a lot of things to go wrong.

Alt. Kolk: Relax! I'll go first, so if you don't like the way it works you can just sit here and explain to "Captain Danny" why you let me escape...

Alt. Thelev: Yeah. That'll go down a treat.

Alt. Kolk: That's what I thought.

::He connected the last circuit, tapped a final command sequence and stood up.::

Alt. Kolk: All set. All you have to do is get comfortable in the torpedo shell, press this button here, and lie down and close the casing before you're fired into space...

::Thelev gave him an decidedly non-jovial look, and Jack just smiled in return.::

Alt. Kolk: Just kidding. And don't worry about your precious weapons, you can torp them over before you come if you like.

Alt. Thelev: What happens at the other end? Aren't they going to be a little surprised to see you?

Alt. Kolk: I told you not worry, Old Blue. Cox owes me a few. He won't turn us in... Plus, I'm sure he's itching to use the Indy for something fun for a change. See you over there...

::And with that, Jack hopped in his newly emptied torpedo casing pressed the button and laid down for a very short ride over to the Independence.::

Alt. Thelev: oO Another one of Jack's crazy ideas. Just because his last one worked out so well... Still, everyone runs out of luck sooner or later. Oo =/\= Ensign Thelev to Commander Wilde.=/\=

::The Commander's voice couldn't be heard through the torpedo's casing.::
Alt. Thelev: =/\= Aye sir. He was planning on heading over to the Independence, though I'm still not sure what for. I guess it wasn't for something friendly. =/\=

Alt. Thelev: =/\= Well if he's lucky he'll have beamed himself over there by now. If he's unlucky he'll be in who-knows-what dimension. And if he's really fortunate, he'll be locked into the torpedo in front of me and going nowhere. =/\=

::As Jhen patted the torpedo casing in front of him he felt the station shudder - the Gorn had arrived. As the red lights flashed, Kolk's torpedo began to move as automated systems took over and loaded torpedo tube one. In an infinite different dimensions, DS17 launched 5 torpedoes into space::

Alt. Thelev: Well, Jack, I hope your transporter worked.

::As the Andorian turned to report to his battle station, DS17 shook again. As Gorn weapons impacted on the stations shields, a silent explosion of light emerged from engineering. It rapidly expanded over the station, the defending fleet and the Gorn ships. Where it passed, things changed. The impossible chaos outside the station resolved into individual ships, as if the universe had refocused.::

::Jhen blinked and shook his head before hurrying to the lifts. The station computers were telling him that the Gorn had breached Ops.::

((Same Place, Our Universe - In Almost No Time At All))

::After having been beamed away in his escape-torpedo, the alternate Jack Kolk found himself... well, exactly where he'd beamed from, but the tattling Andorian was gone and the room didn't look battle-scarred, so it didn't take him long to figure out that he'd recrossed the rift onto the boring Deep Space 17 where the other him was a happy little ensign. He'd quickly hopped out of the torpedo casing, tapped into the station's computer and program the computer to periodically gather useful tactical information from the station, whatever ships might dock with her, and anything else interesting and have it shunted into an easily accessible and hardly ever used section of the computer. Then he programmed the torpedo launcher to fire him toward the nearby ruins of the Tzenkethi research station where he knew of some useful wreckage he could use to construct his own personal shuttle. It wouldn't be much, but it would be enough to allow him to pursue his plan. He knew full well, the cramped torpedo casing would likely run out of oxygen long before he reached the 3A9 system where the station's remains lay, but he wasn't worried. His handy, personally-modified emergency transporter unit had an enhanced pattern buffer which, when linked with a tricorder, could keep his signal viable for several days, using Captain Scott's technique of locking the buffer in a diagnostic loop. He simply programmed the tricorder to re-materialize him once the torpedo reached its destination. In the confusion of the battle, no one would notice that an uninventoried torpedo casing from an alternate universe was missing, and, if he was lucky, he'd be out of range before sensors could make enough sense of the mess to see an errant torpedo flying away from the station. His plan worked and, in a few days, he was happily building himself a very crude shuttle he liked to call Jackford's Star Shuttle (JSS) Moby Dick on the surface of the oh-so-elegantly named planet 3A9. It took him several weeks, but he eventually did finish the shuttle and slowly made his way back to the station to retrieve his stolen data. He floated at the edge of the system, hiding in the dust cloud that surrounds almost every star-system, while he collected the stored data. He whistled at the modifications to the Ronin. The Federation in his reality hadn't been able to make any substantial upgrades in the Ithassa region, so he hadn't seen a truly well-equipped ship in... well in his whole career. He wished he could get on board and tinker around, but he knew that would never happen, so he contended himself with the dream of buying an even more impressive ship with the money he'd make from selling the tactical information he'd just acquired to the highest bidder. The only question was where to start? The Gorn? the Grendellai? The Tzenkethi? The Tholians or the Constellationites? Maybe even the Klingons? He didn't much care. He'd figure it out as he left the system. For now he was content to revel in the knowledge that he would be able to ruin these holier-than-thou duplicates who'd caused his disgrace and discharge with their infernal meddling.::

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