SIM:"Evil" Kolk - How to Start a War, Part II

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Jackford "the Fiendish" Kolk (Evil)
Tyrant of Tyrants
Destroyer of
Cardassian Worlds
SS Idril Mar

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The beginning of the war continues as "Evil" Jack now poses as Gorn ship attacking
a Cardassian system... and then leaves a cryptic message for his better self.

Jackford Kolk "the Fiendish" (Evil) - "How to Start a War, Part II"
((Cardassian Space, Arawath System - Starbase 238603.03))

::The Galor class battleship swooped down from above, dipping between the two Keldon class ships that were already attacking the lone "Gorn" attack vessel. The little ship bobbed and weaved, but still it took more hits than its single occupant had ever expected to receive in this little backwater system in what the Federation considered the back end of the Cardassian Union.::

((Bridge, SS Idril Mar))

::Jackford the Fiendish was struggling to stay on his feet. He'd given up trying to stay in his seat, cursing himself for not yet getting around to installing the seatbelts that he'd procured a month ago. Lights were flashing, sparks were flying, and his tiny ship's shields were threatening to buckle, which would spell disaster for his entire mission. There was only one thing left to do. Shouting over the din of alarms and flying sparks, he gave the order.::

Evil Kolk: Computer! Activate escape plan Arthur-Zero-Zero-One... Now!!

((Exterior, Arawath System))

::In an instant, a swath of specially Kolk-Prepared Transphasic Chroniton Torpedoes leapt from the "Gorn" ship's forward torpedo tubes, heading straight for the local star. At the same time, the computer filled the bubble between the Idril Mar and her shields with Chroniton particles to facilitate that ship's transition when the Torpedoes hit their target. The Cardassian ships tried futilely to destroy the torpedoes before they hit Arawath, but the Fiend had shot too many and they hadn't been prepared. The star flashed blue-white light, returned to normal for a tense moment... and then went cold. The defense fleet turned to run, but it was too late; the uniquely designed shockwave spread at roughly Warp 7 and engulfed everything in the system, destroying it all... except for the chroniton-protected Idril Mar. But when the shockwave was gone, nothing remained. The only hint at what had happened was a message travelling through subspace toward an Akira class Starfleet vessel in the Ithassa Region. The message consisted of 7 words and 2 sets of coordinates.::

"Hic Iacet Iackfordus, Tyrannus Quondam Tyrannusque Futurus."

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