The Social & Cultural Evolution through Promotion of Tele-empathic Rectitude and Eminence alliance (or SCEPTRE) is an organization of telepathic and empathic individuals.

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SCEPTRE exists to provide assistance and support to Gifted races and individuals throughout the Federation through the promotion of rights for the Gifted, via legal and lobbying efforts, and grassroots education of non-gifted races to reduce and limit discrimination based on difference. SCEPTRE also assists with research initiatives into telepathy and empathy through monetary assistance initiatives and through advisory roles in such research.

Manifesto (tentative)

SCEPTRE goals are the following:

SCEPTRE logo (Source)
  1. Promote the spread of cultural and social aspects of the Gifted races
  2. Educate the Ungifted to aid their understanding of the Gifted
  3. Protect the Gifted from the Ignorant
  4. Ensure that the Gifted races are represented in the highest levels of Federation government
  5. Encourage and support Gifted individuals pursuing their futures on Ungifted worlds
  6. Make certain that the rights of the Gifted are not sacrificed for the sake of the Ungifted
  7. Ensure and defend the Gifted's right to utilize their abilities

Local Branches

  • Paris, Earth: The main branch location for SCEPTRE.
  • Medara, Betazed (Major Branch)
  • Ullia Prime
  • StarBase 118(?)
  • Add more...

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