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StarBase 118 Ops
Trojan-class SB118
Mission Logs

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Chapter 1 - The Fight to Retake the Base

  • Stardate 238304.01

In the fight to retake the base, the Romulan backup plan was discovered -- a series of 17 bombs daisy-chained together with a remote trigger. As a team of experts worked in a coordinated effort to defuse the bombs, under the direction of the Chief Engineer, Lt. Eskyys, the Chief of Security, Lt. Cmdr. Sandrine Avrille, searched for and eventually located the individual holding the remote trigger. Meanwhile, the Chief Science Officer, Ensign Aidan Scott, together with the Chief Medical Officer, Ensign Thalon Tamp, discovered that a group of former slaves had Romulan DNA. In a meeting between the religious leader of the group, an older female named Suwanna, Commander Tyr Waltas, Acting Captain of the starbase, promised to return these people to Romulus (something that Suwanna and her people also wanted).

Meanwhile, the crew left aboard the USS Phoenix worked together to restore life support and return the ship to operational status. Lt. Rode Mitchell, flying a fighter, had to eject and was found after the battle in an escape pod. He had sustained serious injuries to his leg and was removed from flight status by Tamp. Mitchell was subsequently moved to the Chief Tactical Officer position.

Captain Steve McCall, captured when the Romulans took the starbase, was taken back to Romulus for interrogation and trial. His attempts to resist and escape were unsuccessful and he was found guilty; rather than execute him, the Romulans moved him to a rebel base where his death would be ‘orchestrated’ by the Tal Shiar.

With the battle on the base winding down, the USS Albion arrived with Fleet Admiral Tristan Scott Wolf on board. The Admiral met with Waltas and requested footage of from the survivors and documentation of the Romulans attack dangling a promotion in front of the Commander as incentive. Waltas countered with his own demand -- a chance to rescue McCall.

After a briefing by Waltas, the crew prepared one of the captured Romulan warbirds. Ensign Julio Vannini, the new Assistant Chief Engineer, prepared a translation program to help the crew ‘read’ the Romulan language displays on the warbird. Eskyys prepared the ship for travel as Avrille prepared an extraction team. Waltas requested the assistance of the former Chief of Security, Eden Redstone, to act the part of a Romulan during the mission. Commander Waltas also requested that Lt. Vincenzo D’Onofrio, Asst. Chief of Security, retain command of the Phoenix and act as escort for the Romulan warbird to the border.

Finally, all of the good-byes have been said, the preparations completed, and the warbird, the Enarrain Galae, is on its way to Romulus.

Chapter 2 - The Rescue of Captain McCall

  • Stardate 238305.01

With the battle for the Starbase won, the crew of Starbase 118-Operations began picking up the pieces of their shattered station, and reconstructing shattered lives. With casualties numbering in the thousands and the Discovery and Phoenix both heavily damaged, Commander Waltas ordered the rescue fleet to guard the base while he pursued an even more dangerous possibility: The rescue of Captain McCall and the return of the Romulan exiles. Admiral Wolf made an appearance, and after a few political duels, he agreed to authorize a trip to Romulus in exchange for publicity for his Presidential campaign. The crew renovated one of the adrift Warbirds, re-christening it the "Enarrain Galae", or "Captain's Fleet" in Romulan, and sped away to Romulus to rescue their Captain. They arrived without incident and tracked the Captain's position. Lieutenants Eskyys and Mitchell led the away team while Waltas, Ensign Vannini and Lt. Commander Garrett stayed on board the warbird to keep the Romulans distracted. Vannini devised a plan to duplicate the biosignatures of the Romulan exiles on board the Enarrain Galae to keep a now-suspicious Romulan monitoring station busy, but the game was soon up and three Norexan-class Warbirds arrived to patrol the area and flood it with tachyon fields. The crew is in a race against time: They must find McCall and recover the away team before the Romulans find the Enarrain Galae and snuff out the small flame of hope that currently burns in the souls of the Operations crew.

Chapter 3 - The Return of the Morningstar

  • Stardate 238306.01

The crew, with their stolen Romulan Warbird christened the "Enarrain Galae", ventured into Romulan Space to rescue Captain McCall. Arriving on Romulus, the crew ventured down and returned the Romulan Revolutionaries and staged a rescue attempt. After a great deal of combat the Captain was rescued and the crew returned to the ship. However, all was not well.

The Romulans had found a way to penetrate the cloaking shields of the Enarrain Galae and were closing in. Lieutenant Mitchell made a desperate "crash landing" in the main shuttlebay and the Galae escaped into the Bassen Rift-the same rift where the Scimitar and Enterprise had their fateful battle.

While hiding, Ensigns Vannini and Sumataran developed a gravitational lens that would duplicate the Enarrain Galae and keep the Romulans on the defensive. The crew ran into something else they didn't expect-the USS Morningstar..adrift with no crew.

Captain Waltas beamed over to the derelict ship and with Lieutenant Eskyys, Counselor Flux, Lieutenant Tainn and Ensign Johnson, got the ship operational.

The game was soon up and the Romulans saw through the images. Capt. Waltas transferred the crew to the Morningstar and escaped the rift at maximum warp. The ship is now returning home.