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"What harm could several thousand tribbles and their owners do the quadrant's largest Starbase?" ~Lt Commander Theo Whittaker

FNS Headlines

Mission Summary

Act I: Tribble Fanciers Association Annual Convention 2393 Comes to Town

"Owning a tribble is like owning an eye of harmony. And eye of perfect, all seeing, fur covered harmony." -Anseidora Dorfmann Keynote Speech
Tribbles and cocktails, popular together since 2285
In late 2392 the Federation News Service announced StarBase 118 would be the location for the Tribble Fanciers Association Annual Convention 2393. Due to the popular nature of tribbles and the high quantity of VIPs attending the conference, Commander Taybrim asked his senior staff to attend the conventions' opening gala as a show of support.

The crew arrived in full dress uniforms, meeting a variety of important figures including Federation Secretary Thoris P'Trell, Fleet Captain Assia Hanno,and Dr. Erminio Fesk from the Federation bureau for animal control. The festivities were in full swing, with the tribble fanciers in high spirits but many of the tribble breeders indulging in underhanded insults and low-key rivalries. This included a spat between tribble biologist Fresk Sondarlon and his ex-wife (and convention planner) Lady Shali.

As everyone was seated for dinner, those at the head table noticed that keynote speaker Anseidora Dorfmann was acting very strangely. She arrived to the table late and was speaking in a slurred and sluggish manner as if she was drugged or very drunk. Dorfmann insisted that she was fine and waved off all attempts to assist her. She retreated to her dressing room early in the meal to prepare for her keynote address.

As dessert was served the lights dimmed and Anseidora Dorfmann made her dramatic entrance - complete with her signature stole that featured a carrier for a cascade of living tribbles on display. As the gentle purrs entered the auditorium Dorfmann spoke to an enraptured audience, only to collapse in a dramatic fashion which prompted a wave of shock in the attending crowd!

Act II: Who In Their Right Mind Weaponizes Tribbles?

However disaster struck when the key note speaker, Anseidora Dorfmann, started acting strangely and collapsed on stage in the middle of her speech. Immediately afterwards an alarm rang out: there were unsterilized tribbles loose on the station and even worse! They were poisonous!

The crew immediately mobilized to evacuate the convention center and contain the tribbles. Newly arrived Dr. Liani and Dr. Ezo started treating patients stricken by these weaponized tribbles. Dr. Liani also synthesized a Klingon pheremone spray to contain the tribbles, which was employed by Marine Captain Tatash and the Paladins strike force. Meanwhile Commander Taybrim, Lieutenant Peters, and Lt Commander Falcon headed to the Ops hub along with newly transferred Lieutenant Flynn to start tribble continent in coordination with the marine corps.

Security started to investigate who may have planted and created the weaponized tribbles and tracked clues back to the most likely suspect: rival tribble breeder Boris Malinov. Malinov escaped from the space station, but Security continue to track him. Meanwhile the tribbles were rounded up into a cargo bay, and medical teams administered a de-weaponization treatment which had the side effect of rendering the tribbles hairless.

Dr. Liani tattooed the hairless tribbles and sold them as novelties at the convention. Afterwards the station finished tribble clean up, and enjoyed a party thrown by Lt Commander Theo Whittaker, and a promotions ceremony before they focused their efforts into tracking down Boris Malinov and finding out what organization he was connected to and why he created weaponized tribbles.

Dramatis Personae

Tribbles and Strife
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Anseidora Dorfmann Human/Elasyian Respected Tribble Breeder Sal Taybrim Anseidora Dorfmann is a galaxy renowned tribble breeder and considered an authority in the field of tribble breeding and judging.
Boris Malinov Human Deceased Theo Whittaker Boris Malinov was a well known tribble breeder, who created a strain of weaponized tribbles unleashed on StarBase 118. He was found murdered on the streets of Anjunaar city on Tilanna V a few weeks later
Aliyah Sereen Bajoran Accountant Tatash Aliyah Sereen is an accountant who used to work for Madame Lurtz and not has an independent practice on StarBase 118
Fresk Sondarlon Denobulan Biologist Sal Taybrim Fresk Sondarlon is an alcoholic biologist with an unpleasant personality and checkered past. He is a specialist on animal biology, including tribbles and has the distinction of being a Denobulan with a personality so vile that two of his wives filed for divorce.
Madame Lurtz Khobeerian Trader and Merchant Tatash Madame Lurtz is a self-professed mercantile queen. Dripping with extravagance, she adores attention and money. While she had a curiously vast array of connections and wares no evidence could be found to connect her to any criminal activity in the area