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Be kind, you never know the battle someone else is facing - Ensign Haukea-Willow

FNS Headlines

Mission Summary

The Romulan Free State (formerly the Star Empire), and the Romulan Republic are to enter into negotiations in a month’s time over the Free State’s desire to absorb the Republic. Rixx kills an advisor to Taron and convinces him to move the timeline up when he finds out Sal Taybrim will be absent from the base. The plan works, and the negotiations and moved a month early.

Meanwhile, Kalin Teser, supposedly deceased husband of Alora DeVeau, suddenly arrives at her quarters. He explains the accident didn’t kill him, but it mutated his genes and now he jumps back and forth through time. Although he has not managed to cure it, he is able to create a field that will allow him to take things and people with him - and he wants Alora to come the next time a jump occurs. She agrees. Early the next morning, she gets notice of the negotiations happening immediately, and as is their duty, both she and Kalin know they have to do what they can before they leave.

Act I

The day after the delegates arrive, Lt. Cmdr Alora DeVeau gives a briefing and assigns teams to secure the station and guard specific family members of delegates. Assigning Lieutenant Trovek Arys as her acting FO, the two meet the delegations in the conference room and begin negotiations.

Lt. Cmdr. Solaris McLaren, Lieutenant Vitor Tito, Lieutenant JG Egil Renot and Lieutenant JG Sera are tasked with making sure no one has managed to smuggle weapons or similar onto Ops - a valid concern as there is known opposition to the reunification talks. They all agree they must be discreet and come up with a way to scan for suspicious materials.

Lieutenant Prudence Blackwell, Ensign Jackie Mason, and Kalin Teser are tasked with scanning the communications and finding out if anyone is planning anything illicit. Blackwell calls them to the communications department and begins to discuss their mission. They discuss possible keywords to look out for, but quickly realize that their endeavour isn’t unlike trying to find a needle in a haystack while not getting pricked by it.

Lieutenant Aine Sherlock connects with Lieutenant Colonel Wes Greaves and 1Lt. Isaac Green to discuss security details. Sherlock tasks Ensign Obsius Sill-con to meet with Havran s'Rehu, a young Praetoriate Council Assistant, and Ensign Haukea-Willow to meet with J'Lynn, an aspiring Romulan Republic Politician.

In the meanwhile, FNS Reporter Amelia Summerbrook seeks out Commander Ishreth Dal to interview him about his opinion on the negotiations.

Act II

As negotiations pause and the Ambassador and Praetor leave the conference room, Nniol, a disgraced Tal Shiar operative with Rixx’ temporary aid, ceases his opportunity and strikes. He fires an old-style weapon at Taron which lethally wounds the Praetor and also injures Ambassador R’Val. Lt Trovek has the group beamed to sickbay and calls Lt. Cmdr Foster and PO1 Zumagi for assistance. The two doctors begin working to save Taron’s life.

DeVeau put the area on lockdown and informs Lt. Sherlock of what has happened, and she and her group begin hunting down the assassin. At the same time, Ensign Sill-con, Ensign Haukea and their charges are given direction to a nearby secure conference room where they are kept safe. Lt JG Sera joins them there.

Kalin Teser and Ensign Mason are ordered to sickbay while Lt. Blackwell joins Lt. Cmdr McLaren, Lt. Tito and Lt. JG Renot.

Cmdr. Dal and Amelia are on their way to the promenade as Amelia’s empathy picks up on the panic of the people there, and Dal’s hearing picks up on someone fleeing the scene. A few moments later, as they approach a manual staircase, they discover a bomb. Dal informs Sherlock’s team of the suspect and calls McLaren’s team to difuse the bomb. However, because any electrical pulse can set it off, and because turbolifts are offline, they first have to get there.

After the failed attempt on the Praetor’s life, Nniol sits in a bar where he is visited by someone who looks like him. The other Nniol tells him that Kalin Teser is a time traveler who can bring Nniol back in time to rescue his family, which makes Kalin Nniol’s new target.

Future Nniol uses his learned abilities to deposit Normal Nniol in Trauma Bay Eight, where the Praetor is being treated. He launches a grenade that kills Counsellor Sa’sara Mayreath, but his focus is divided. As Kalin escapes with Ensign Mason he once more turns to kill Taron, but is fought off by Zumagi and Foster.

With R’Val given enough medical attention to keep her stable, DeVeau, Trovek and the Ambassador return to the Romulan delegations who are, of course, at each other’s throats about what happened.


One of the previously planted explosives blows up the Romulan Embassy, prompting DeVeau, Trovek, R'Val and the other Romulans to come to the aid of those who are trapped underneath the rubble. At the same time, Sera takes charge of her group and elects they also assist the trapped and injured Romulans.

While McLaren, Tito, Blackwell and Renot begin scanning for and diffusing bombs, Amelia and Dal leave the scene to calm down the scared civilians that are on their way to the corridor the bomb is located in.

In the meanwhile, Mason and Kalin have fled to Mason's office, but are eventually tracked down by Nniol. At the most inconvenient time possible, one of Mason's patients who arrived early, arrives at the scene. She is shot by Nniol. Kalin connects telepathically to DeVeau and lets her know that he believes the assassin is after him to weaponise his time-jumping ability, and is beamed out. Upon realising that Kalin is no longer in the office, Nniol leaves. Mason tends to the injured patient and manages to save her life.

Kalin and Alora reunite and try to bring Kalin to safety, but as the doors to the turbolift open, they face Nniol. Several security officers rush to detain him, but are shot by a second assassin - future Nniol. Kalin realizes that there is no way out, and decides to activate the device that initiates his time-jumping. He telepathically says goodbye to Alora and drags Nniol into the past with him. He returns to the moment of the accident that caused his condition, and he and Nniol are killed by the tachyon explosion. As future Nniol tris to take action, he is taken out by Sherlock's team.

Dramatis Personae

Dramatis Personae (in order of appearance)
Nacien Rixx Rodulan, posing as Romulan Alive Created/Simmed by Sal Taybrim Rixx poses as Taron's advisor Jomar and is responsible for moving the meeting up to a time when Sal Taybrim is not available. He manipulated Nniol and directed his anger towards the Praetor, and is therefore the mastermind behind the assassination attempt.
Nniol Romulan, posing as Rekarian Alive Created/Simmed by Sal Taybrim Nniol hates every and everything, but in particular Praetor Taron.
Kalin Teser Betazoid Dead Created by Alora DeVeau / Simmed by Trovek Arys Kalin has been marked as 'killed in the line of duty' on March 15, 2397. He did however not die, but began jumping on and forth in time. Back in Alora's timeline, he seeks her out and the two plan to leave together.
Ambassador R’Val Romulan Alive Created/Simmed by Serala R'Val is an Ambassador for the Romulan Republic currently assigned to work with the Federation to establish peaceful relations between them.
Praetor Taron Romulan Alive Created/Simmed by Sal Taybrim Taron is Praetor of the Romulan Free State (formerly the Romulan Star Empire) and arrives on Ops to for negotiations with the Romulan Republic
Havran s'Rehu Romulan Alive Created/Simmed by Aine Sherlock Havran is a young Romulan and aspiring politician. He finds himself locked in a room with J'Lynn and learns to understand her point of view
J'Lynn Romulan Alive Created/Simmed by Gogigobo Fairhug J'Lynn is a young Romulan and aspiring politician. He finds himself locked in a room with Havran and learns to understand his point of view.
Wendy the Texan Human Alive Created/Simmed by Jackie Mason Wendy fights off Nniol as he tries to get to Mason and Kalin.

Participating Crew

Participating Crew
Name Position
Alora DeVeau Acting Commanding Officer
Trovek Arys Acting First Officer
Solaris McLaren Mission Specialist
Obsius Sill-con Security Officer
Aine Sherlock Tactical Officer
Prudence Blackwell Comm/Op Officer
Egil Renot Engineering Officer
Sera Engineering Officer
Haukea-Willow Security Officer
Ivin Zumagi Medical
Vitor Tito Intelligence Officer
Shar'Wyn Foster Medical Officer
Jackie Mason Counsellor (LOA in Act III)
Amelia Summerbrook Civilian
Ishreth Dal Marine Liaison
Isaac Green Marine Officer