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I solemly promise that I won't hound the woman for an autograph. The last thing she will need after a trip from New Scotland will be me pestering her. ::a thought occured to him.:: She probably won't want a hoarde of fans waiting for her either. Perhaps we should alter the docking arrangements at the last minute?
-Lt Commander Theo Whittaker

FNS Headlines

Mission Summary

Act I: A Carefully Planned Kidnapping

::shouting:: They're firing on us?? How DARE they! They could HIT one of us!! ::shouting down the hallway:: HEY!!! Knock it off!! You could HURT SOMEONE!!! ~Lady Shadonna, kidnapped diva
Will this be Lady Shadonna's last act?
When the Starbase 118 crew learns that they are the next stop in galactic diva Lady Shadonna's multi-planet tour there is excitement and stress in the air. While the station engineers prepare the concert venue the senior staff try to make sure they have all their bases covered for a safe and smooth concert experience for all. Captain Sal Taybrim quickly learns that Lt. Commander Theo Whittaker is a massive fan of the diva and many of his crew are excited to meet her. But before anyone can worry whether or not Lady Shadonna's fans will embarrass the Starbase the hub gets a call from Basil Hobbs, Lady Shadonna's manager. Shadonna's personal tour shuttle has experienced engine failure and they are stuck just outside of New Scotland.

Captain Taybrim sends Commander Whittaker, Lieutenant Trel'lis, Lt Commander Kaitlyn Falcon, Ensign Taelon and Counselor Zinna to aid Lady Shadonna's tour group on the Runabout Aramis II. They successfully rendezvous with the tour group and started heading back to StarBase 118 when the Orion Marauder FMS Kravyet attacked the Aramis, bringing it onboard the Kravyet. Orion security teams intercepted the trapped runabout, rendering the team unconscious and taking the Starfleet officers and musicians prisoner in the brig under the vicious watch of Orion Syndicate Security officer Yillara Khante.

Commander Whittaker was able to get out a last-minute distress call, causing Captain Taybrim to mobilize the USS Albion to enact a rescue mission.

Act II: A Rescue Is Launched

::Whatever storm of panic had been threatening to break in the Ensign’s mind was quite thoroughly disrupted when a squealing pink blur flew from down the hall and smacked Taelon between the eyes. Duchess was not a happy targ - she let out an indignant wheeze and squealed again, scrambling with her hooves as both she and Taelon realized what she’d landed on.::
::He grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and held her away from him as she kicked and squeaked in rage, but before he could even think to hand her to Shadonna, blaster fire seared a hole in the wall near his head.:: -Ensign Taleon
The Defiant Outcast, Arden Cain's civilian shuttle

Back on StarBase 118 Captain Taybrim mobilizes the USS Albion. While gathering the senior staff an offer comes through from civilian Arden Cain, a former Starfleet officer. Cain is knowledgeable about the Orions and suggests approaching the hiding Kravyet with a non-Starfleet vessel in order to laucnh a sneak attack. He just happens to have an old Romulan shuttle they could use.

Captain Taybrim places Lt. Commander Trellis Vondaryan in command of the Defiant Outcast, working closely with Arden Cain. Lieutenant Mirra Ezo, Ensign Ishani Kasun, Ensign Reyes and Ensign Alana Larson join him. They launch before the USS Albion and take a standard trade route towards the Jenatris cloud where the FMS Kravyet is hiding.

Meanwhile on board the Kravyet Commander Whittaker's team and the diva's entourage slowly wake up to find themselves under the hostile ministrations of Yillara Khante. It quickly becomes clear that Commander Falcon and Sub-Commander Khante have a less-than-pleasant history with one another. Threats are traded which ends in a nasty dose of painsticks for the prisoners. When Khante is called to the bridge, the team starts to make escape plans.

As the Defiant Outcast draws near, they use the interference of the Jenatris cloud to stealth close to the Kravyet and infiltrate the vessel. Commander Vondaryan takes Ezo, Kasun and Reyes on his team to rescue the prisoners. They are quickly detected and face a large opposition of heavily armed Orion crew.

Captain Ogu-Saan is riled by the incursion and decides to call for backup. Three more Orion cruisers head towards the Jenatris cloud. Fortunately Captain Taybrim and the USS Albion quickly detect them and head to intercept.

In the chaos Whittaker's team manages to escape, and they are quickly pursued by Yillara Khante.

Act III: The Syndicate Falls, The Diva Rises

Falcon: No! YOU should have surrendered. ::Shadonna's eyes shot up, she knew that voice, and it was one of theirs. And it was pissed! She watched in unabashed awe as Commander Falcon delivered a swift and brutal hit, taking out a guard with brutal efficiency.:: oO I so want to be just like her when I grow up...Oo
Violence reigns in the final showdown
Vondaryan's team meets the Orion resistance trading phaser fire as they inch their way towards the prisoners. The prisoners are pinned down, dealing with heavy disruptor fire and an enraged Khante threatening to cut off life support to the brig. As the team is pinned down further, sustaining multiple injuries Khante drains the oxygen from the room they are pinned in and once tenderized she goes in for the kill.

Commander Falcon intercepts Khante, knocking her disruptor away and prompting a vicious knife fight that ends in Khante having her dagger driven into the side of her own neck. Shortly afterwards Commander Vondaryan's team connects with Commander Whittaker's team. Doctor Ezo quickly offers some emergency treatment and theyu two teams rush towards their shuttles.

Meanwhile two Orion Corsairs: The Medusa and the Rottweiler rush towards the FMS Kravyet to offer aid, but the USS Albion get to them first. The Corsairs are tricked into thinking the Albion is much older and without many upgrades, luring them into a false sense of security. The Corsairs attempt a pincer attack, which is countered by Lieutenant Flynn's masterful flying. Major Tatash comes up with a brilliant plan of detonating a quantum torpedo and using the resulting shockwave to get the two ships to smash into one another. With expert maneuvering this plan works and both corsairs are heavily damaged. The crews are rounded up and beamed into the Albion's brig.

The Albion makes a rendezvous with the Defiant Outcast and the Aramis II, taking the FMS Kravyet into custody and bringing the injured away teams directly to sickbay.

After a successful return to StarBase 118 and a period of recovery Lady Shadonna's concert is a huge success and she offers the crew who so bravely saved her backstage passes.

Dramatis Personae

The Show Must Go On Characters
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Lady Shadonna Nuvian Performing Diva Mirra Ezo Lady Shadonna is a galactic superstar and diva, currently performing in the Trinity Sector
Basil Hobbes Human On Tour Antero Flynn Basil Hobbes is Lady Shadonna's tour manager and often her babysitter.
Yillara Khante Orion Deceased Sal Taybrim Yillara Khante was the vain and cruel Orion security chief who kidnapped Lady Shadonna.
Ogu-Saan Orion Incarcerated Trellis Vondaryan Ogu-Saan was the vicious Captain of the FMS Kravyet
Ora-Pen Orion Incarcerated Tatash Ora-Pen was the Captain of the Orion Corsair Rottweiler sent to assist the Kravyet
Duchess Teacup targ In Rehab General NPC Duchess is Lady Shadonna's overly spoiled teacup targ with a taste for red wine.
The Show Must Go On Ships and Locations
Name Class/Type Status Commanded By
FMS Kravyet D'Kora Class Marauder Impounded Captain Ogu-Saan
The FMS Kravyet was the Orion Marauder that intercepted Lady Shadonna's private shuttle taking the diva, her manager and 5 Starfleet officers prisoner
IRS Rhai'hlanelh K'manatran (The Defiant Outcast) Romulan Civilian Shuttle Owned by Arden Cain Owned by Arden Cain, Commanded by Trellis Vondaryan for the mission
The IRS Rhai'hlanelh K'manatran, more often called the Defiant Outcast is a Romulan civilian shuttle owned by Arden Cain, and used for this mission to be able to approach the FMS Kravyat peacefully in order to get into boarding distance.

Crew Participating in the Mission

Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position Notes
Sal Taybrim Commanding Officer
Theo Whittaker First Officer
Kaitlyn Falcon Chief of Helm/Comm/Ops
Antero Flynn CAG Officer
Tatash Marine Commander
Diego Beyett Tactical Officer
Ishani Kasun Security Officer Joined 239306.19
Carter Greyson Engineering Officer
Mirra Ezo Chief Medical Officer
T'Sai Reyes Counselor Joined 239306.14
Taelon Science Officer
Trel'lis Diplomatic Officer
Trellis Vondaryan Chief Intelligence Officer
Aitas Intelligence Officer Joined 239307.28

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