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Terra Prime, a notorious hate group, targeting hybrids and non-human species. An ugly, bitter, awful excuse for a cause.

FNS Headlines

Mission Summary

Act I:

Once awards for their previous mission are passed out, and Commodore Sal Taybrim announces that he will no longer take part in smaller missions that do not involve sector-wide issues, a new mission is presented to the crew of Starbase 118 Ops.

After an explosion of a freighter carrying some toxic chemicals exploded over Astraemin V, home of Utopia Colony, the atmosphere became toxic. An antitoxin was quickly developed and sent, but the ship carrying it was hijacked and the anti-toxin stolen. A second attempt made resulted in the USS Apgar being shot down. They made an emergency landing and sent a distress signal. After investigating, Intelligence found that a group calling themselves Terra Prime had taken up position on the starbase Miranda VII and it was highly suspected that they not only were the cause of the hijacking and forcing the second ship down, but also for the toxin in the atmosphere of the planet in the first pace, as Utopia is known to host a high number of not only various species, but hybrids.

Major Tatash, Commander Kasun, Lieutenant Taelon and Ensign Amaase are instructed to infiltrate the base, find the fighter ships that are housed or docked at Miranda VII and prevent them from launching an attack. After brainstorming about ways to approach sabotaging the terrorist group, they board a Custodian-Class reconnaissance ship, designated X-216 and renamed ‘Asta’. Once at the spaceport, the group patches into the comms systems and discovers that those at Miranda VII know about the Rahuba’s approach. The group prepare to transport to the station and begin releasing the robots to do their worst. During that time, Tatash would set charges in the area as a backup. After Tatash hands each of the other officers some latinum for bribes, the group beams down. Immediately, Taelon suggests he and his companions make their way to a bar, a common destination for new arrivals and one that would not garner suspicion. Amaase suggests they keep going rather than doing so.

Commanders Solaris McLaren and Nijil along with Lieutenant Blackwell and Commander Nijil are tasked with infiltrating Miranda VII to gain as much information on the group as possible. After choosing the USS Abuja, the group along with the ship hitch a ride on the USS Rahuba. They decide to pose as a down on her luck smuggler and her crew looking for their next big break in order to find out more about the group and whether or not there is any association with the Orion Syndicate. They arrive and are immediately ordered to disembark for inspection before being barraged with questions. They are finally allowed to enter the station proper.

With the USS Avalon sent to assist the USS Apgar, Commanders Ishreth Dal and Arturo Maxwell were tasked with taking the USS Rahuba and approaching Miranda VII with the diplomacy team. Dal discusses with Maxwell the offensive and defensive capabilities of the Miranda VII space station along with strategies to utilise the USS Rahuba’s strengths if needed.

Lieutenant Commander Alora DeVeau, and Lieutenants Ashley Yael and Sheila Bailey are tasked with approaching the Starbase and trying to resolve the matter with diplomacy. The three put their heads together to discuss what they know and how to approach the matter. Bailey brings up a personal past with a family member and his attitude which applies and suggests she might try to convince them that she wishes to join them. While accepting of the idea, DeVeau indicates it would not work in this case due to the fact that Terra Prime only accepts humans. After talking about strategy, the group takes a short break, then heads to the bridge.

On the station, a group of residents by the name of Revak Dosthiran and Frances “Cookie” Ayvee bemoan the change of management on the station that has put the humans in power and left all who live there guarding their necks unless they find themselves unexpectedly slit. They note the arrival of a new ship, then what seems to be an indicator that another is approaching, only to have the indicator suddenly disappear. Dosthiran discovers a ship dropped out of warp long enough to make a transport before jumping away again and begins to speculate who might have come to the station, why, and for whom. They decide to investigate and head down to the promenade, only to spy Major Tatash along with Lt. Commander Kasun, Lt. JG Taelon, and Ensign Amaase all in their disguises. There is no hiding the fact that Tatash is a gorn, however, and that attracts Revak’s and Cookie’s attention. They begin to follow and try to avoid detection, but Kasun soon realises her group is being followed. Tatash then tells Amaase and Taelon to continue on while he and Kasun confront the duo.

Meanwhile, Executor Malefic meets with General Trampis Osben, an obese and disgusting human who only remains in his employ due to certain appealing skills he possesses. Knowledge of the approaching Starfleet vessel has garnered the Executors attention and he orders the General to bring the ship to him in order to add it to the fleet and take possession of information about Starfleet that could be useful to their efforts. Orders given, Osben takes the USS Casanova to confront the Rahuba, ordering them to surrender. Commander Dal, of course, refuses. A fight ensues and Dal uses the opportunity to distract Osben so DeVeau and her team can get onto a shuttle and head toward the base.

Act II:

On the Rahuba, Dal and Maxwell along with Ensign Y'zyr, a young trill cyborg, manages to disable Osben’s EPS relays and warp coolant systems. Y’zyr suggests they round back on them and target the ship’s Articulation Control system in order to keep them even more occupied. While Ensign Zel Rohan, the pilot who replaced talas Beck, likes the idea, Dal decides to save it for later and, instead, keep the ship busy by playing tag. The ship baits him to stress the ship and prevent time to repair, but at an opportune moment, Dal tells them to fire on any system that’s susceptible.

Osben showed no mercy, launching volley after volley of an attack at the Rahuba, targeting the bridge and engines. Dunamis worked phaser banks while coordinating repairs on the side. After a shot damages Osben’s coolant system, he calls out that their enemy’s ship would not likely last more than ten minutes before the warp coils overheat. Y’zyr reroute power to the shields to give them a boost and prevent further damage to the Rahuba while Dunamis orders repair teams to necessary sites. They come back around and hit Osben’s ship again, but despite the damage, the Terra Prime operative refuses to accept defeat and demands the Starfleet officers surrender. Dal politely declines. Displaying a rare inclination for humour, the Andorian Commander taunts Osben to ‘catch’ him, and orders the ship to jump to warp. Just before they have the chance, a plasma bomb is launched from Oben’s ship and slams into the tail of the Rahuba just as she jumps to warp, causing enough damage to put them at risk should they continue to engage. Dunamis gives a damage report. They are now more vulnerable, and Osben is certain to come after them. Knowing this, Dunamis suggests they allow it and disable the ship when it appears.

After finally being allowed to pass, McLaren and her group traverse through what used to be a busy and bustling station and is now sparse in comparison. They decide to head over to a bar in hopes of connecting with locals and finding out more information on the group that has taken over. They come to a place called the Hogwash Tavern where Solaris engages in conversation with the bartender. After trying to talk to the bartender, who offers little in the way of responses, another patron comes in. A moment later, he barks at the trio, slams a badge on the bar with the Terra Prime insignia on it, then runs out. Immediately after, Joe pulls a disruptor on the trio and tells them they should leave, but before they get the chance, a group of armed men enter, each sporting a Terra Prime badge upon their black uniforms. Outside, the sound of a crash distracts the gunmen and McLaren suggests she and her group take their leave. She starts to move forward and Blackwell joins her, trying to convince them they don’t need to worry about simple workers. Unfortunately, the soldiers are unwilling to let them go. Fortunately, a commotion outside turns inward and a person crashes through the men gathered. The three escape and go somewhere else to regroup. Nijil then suggests they split up, as his ears give away his heritage.

Taelon and Amaase continue onward and come to a depot that sells parts and tells Amaase to keep an eye out for a 301-C biogenic dynoscanner. With the curt help of the shopkeeper, Amaase finds the device, then suggests they consider acquiring some tools as well. When she notices the way the keeper is watching them, Amaase suggests they get what they need and head out quickly. Taelon uses the opportunity to enter into bargaining with the shopkeeper. While he drops the price, he indicates an unwanted interest in Amaase as part of the bargain. Desperate to prevent the man from taking any further interest, she indicates not only is Taelon her husband, but that she’s pregnant. When the man starts to threaten, Taelon grabs the man and knocks him unconscious. The two then head out and decide to make their way to the hanger bay. Once there, Amaase spots Tatash along with their new allies.

Kasun and Tatash confront the two people who are stalking them. Revak encourages the two not to start a fight, especially since at least two of them are not human. Tatash and Kasun join forces in trying to convince Cookie and Revak to turn on their bosses. The situation is bad enough that both actually consider the idea - especially since they really have nowhere else to go. Revak then makes a surprising suggestion - a leader in the Jenuvian Cartel, Janil Ceristis is on Miranda VII, someone who could possibly be useful. He suggests one person go to talk to her as an entire group would garner suspicion, likely by terrorists as well as Janil herself. Kasun goes off to do just that. In the meantime, Tatash convinces Cookie and Revak to join in destroying some of Terra Prime’s ships and equipment. Revak, who still has access to the hanger bay, leads them there. Amaase and Taelon meet them and after Revak gains them entry, Tatash takes out a weapon and the group moves inside. Amaase takes one of the tools acquired at the shop and begins opening the panels to the ships docked in the hanger in order to sabotage them. As she and Taelon work, someone starts making his way toward them. Amaase takes out of her phaser and stuns the person and asks Taelon to help move them out of sight. Taelon encourages Amaase to prioritise sabotaging fighter ships as the civilian ones aren’t as much of a threat.

On Miranda VII, DeVeau passes along information she’s managed to gather after connecting with contacts about local ‘merchants’ who might be convinced to fight against the current regime. One in particular is a Bajoran and Cardassian hybrid woman by the name of Janil Ceristis, a high ranking member of the Jenuvian Cartel. Listed as a place she frequents, the group makes their way toward a pub by the name of “Pour Decisions”. Yael takes the lead but gets smacked as a drunken man gets thrown out of the bar and they hear a Cardassian insult. A Bajoran/Cardassian hybrid appears, then goes back inside and the group follows. Yael takes a seat next to the woman, obviously Janil, and tries to talk to her while DeVeau and Bailey sit a little further away. Unfortunately, Janil seems only annoyed by Yael’s attempts. Commander Kasun comes in seeking Janil, who doesn’t react kindly to the sudden appearance of what seems to be yet another human. Bailey, however, continues the attempts and manages to convince Janil they aren’t trying to trick her. DeVeau, who has been watching the entire time motions for Kasun to join her and asks for a status report on the sabotage team. Kasun indicates they’ve enlisted the help of two locals who aren’t happy with the current management and plan on destroying a hangar and many ships. DeVeau indicates she and her team will attempt to find and strike out at Terra Prime, and Kasun leaves to give an update back to her team. Meanwhile, Yael suggests the trio turned quarter go somewhere more private to have a deeper discussion.

As Taelon and Amaase work, a third man catches sight of the tall man and asks if Taelon was part of maintenance. Keeping the pretence, the man orders Taelon to fix an ECS unit. He calls for Amaase to take care of it and quietly asks her to ‘unfix’ it. She does so, rewiring it so that if the ship is left on long enough, it will explode.

Revak, Cookie, and Tatash remain at the door briefly and Revak gives Tatash an overview of the ships that are docked in the main hanger bay as well as what other bays there are and what ships they contain. Revak leads him to Bay 4 and Tatash sets charges that will bury all the ships in the area. He, Cookie and Revak briefly entertained stealing a party barge to get off the station, then decided against it. Meanwhile, Revak realises that these rather professional people must be a part of a larger organisation - and the only organisation he knew that worked with such a cosmopolitan assortment of people was Starfleet. Meanwhile, Cookie drags the group off to search for Lt. Commander Kasun, and they soon meet up with her and she tells them about how she has met with DeVeau, Yael, and Bailey, informing the others of an intended coup. Revak and Cookie realise that a lot of the people who are left are just civilians, ones who could be casualties in a brief war between Terra Prime and their enemies, and say they want to evacuate people. Tatash orders the officers to refrain from assisting, insisting that they are a covert unit and their job is over, but assure the duo who helped them that they have their back and gives the two the frequency to the ship. Then, Tatash hit the detonator and the hangar bay imploded.

Act III:

On the base, while many of the Terra Prime members are scrambling to figure out what happened and who caused the implosion, Executor Malefic is unconcerned. Instead, he meets with a Researcher in a secret lab who informs him that the newest formula of a compound they’ve developed will be fatal to 2% of the human population, but also to 95% of any hybrid population. He tells the researcher to deploy it.

The chaos after the implosion of the Hanger bay sent everyone who were residents of the station scrambling. Amaase noted some people talking and trying to figure out what had happened, and she suggests they make themselves scarce. Cookie and Revak head off to go help with evacuations. As they leave, Amaase trips and falls. After being helped up, she, Kasun, Taelon, and Tatash find a sheltered alcove away from prying eyes. Taelon suggests they transport back to the ship and uses his implant, Aria, to get it’s status - and it is ready and waiting. Tatash leads them to an area so they can be clear to transport. The group makes it back to the Asta.

As Cookie and Revak make their own path, they find themselves thrust into a crowd of bodies. Revak intends to go for Kanz, son of Duwobbo, a Pygorian who owned Duwobbo’s Boozehouse, the most popular pub on the station, and knew practically everyone. After touching base with Kanz, Revak insists they take the Delta flyer, noting that he used to be a decorated pilot and thus was easily able to fly it. Cookie goes to start the chosen ship and sees a person who looks similar to Revak - Nijil. Nijil inquires as to whether or not they’re leaving in a hurry. Revak indicates they need to get the fighter and get away before Terra Prime closes the shield grid and lock people in, but realised they weren’t going to make it, so decided on a different tactic. Engaging with Nijil as well as Cookie, he asks if Nijil wants to help and explains he plans to destroy the shield emitter covering the bay from the inside. Nijil goes to help evacuate civilians while Revak and Cookie proceed to enact their plan.

After Nijil sets off on his own, Blackwell and McLaren discuss where they should go from there in order to find out whether or not there are any connections between the Orion Syndicate and Terra Prime. A rumble alerts them to the implosion in the Hanger bay and they realise their time is short. Blackwell notes they need to pick up the pace. She suggests they find a way to access the Terra Prime database or go back, take the bartender to their shuttle and question him until he talks. They decide to take a Terra Prime member captive and try to gain access to the database. McLaren affixes the patch which had been left in the bar to her jacket. Stepping out, she finds a pair of guards and waves them over. She indicates there’s an ‘undesirable’ in the alley and the guards move to check it out. Taking her chance, McLaren strikes out at one of them. Blackwell dispatches the other, and takes a small informational device. Using it, she notes there’s an outpost nearby. They head there and Blackwell gains access to the Terra Prime database on the station. McLaren tells her to download as much as possible, including any plans they have and suggests they tell the Syndicate what’s happened to the station, though it could start a territorial war. Blackwell gets the hanger access codes as well as views from the station cameras and finds out that Nijil is safe.

McLaren suggests they find a way to assist Nijil and those he’s with, perhaps by helping get the bay’s shields down, though if it doesn’t work, they should leave before it’s too late. She brings down the shields, but notes it won’t stay that way for long and indicates they should leave quickly. They get back to their ship in the hanger bay and contact Revak and Cookie.

Janil takes DeVeau, Yael, and Bailey to an apartment, though it is obvious by those occupying that the quarters aren’t meant to be used for living, but as a place to gather her people in secret. Knowing that Tatash and his team are about to cause an explosion, she suggests they either ‘turn in’ the culprits where she pretends to be someone sympathetic to Terra Prime and insists on meeting Malefic, or Janil, in hopes of getting on their good side, turns the trio in as Starfleeters who caused the explosion. Yael considers himself a detriment and tries to transport out, but it fails. DeVeau tells the other two officers they have a choice in whether or not they participate in the attempted coup. They choose to remain, and the plan is to go and pretend that Janil is turning them in as those who were part of causing the implosion. She would then insist on talking to Malefic himself. After binding their hands, they proceed to do so, but Janil’s request is ignored and the officers are thrown into a prisoner transport. Fortunately, Janil had slipped DeVeau a device to disable the energy shackles. After freeing her hands, she frees Bailey and Yael. She tells Bailey to stay in the back while she and Yael surprise the guards when they open the doors. The three of them were able to subdue the guards with the transport, and Yael jumps into the driver seat while Alora sits beside him and Bailey remains in the back.

Zooming off, Yael seems to be in a state of shock, but despite that, manages to come to an extreme halt when the group is confronted by a line of soldiers facing them with an array of weapons. Deveau takes the disruptor she managed to pry from the guard she took out and tucks it into her pants and arranges her shirt to hide it. Yael doesn’t respond to calls to get out at first, but eventually he and DeVeau slowly comply. They are then thrown back into the transport to be taken to the facility. They are taken there and asked questions about whether or not they set off the bombs. Bailey plays naive and insists on talking to Malefic. The group are taken to a facility, bound to chairs and then are met face to face with the masked visage of Malefic. Setting them at a dinner table, their hands are released so they can eat as Malefic invites them to join in for dinner. He then indicates that he has developed a formula that kills hybrids, insinuates the meat on the table is made from hybrids, and then threatens to unleash the formula and use it as a demonstration on Yael.

Malefic launches into a monologue and suddenly lashes out, striking at the Denobulan hybrid with his metal fist, sending the man careening to the floor. During the shock after the punch, another Terra Prime soldier comes in and tells the Executor the shields are down. Taking her chance, DeVeau, knocks back her chair, forces her feet downward to have the wires slide off the legs of the chair, then stands up and pulls out the hidden disruptor pistol. Shooting Malefic in the shoulder, she then initiates her transporter node and commands the pilot on the shuttle to transport the other two out immediately. They are beamed aboard the shuttle and DeVeau, unable to find anything in the medikit that would help prevent the spread of the poison rushes to get the transporter to lock on to Yael and keep him in the buffer to give more time. Yael, however, did not swallow the pill and somehow it did not burst open despite the assault.

On the Asta, Tatash asks for the status of the Rahuba and the group finds that it is being chased by Osben’s ship. He tells Amaase to drop the stealth mode and bring the shields and warp power back on line. Taelon indicates there are debris and phaser signatures that were not there when they beamed down, then gives the location of the Rahuba.. The Gorn then tells Taelon to modify the ship’s signature in order to look like a Sovereign class to the other ship’s sensors. A large task, Taelon warns they’ll have to overwork the engines and push the warp core and that it would get hot. Amaase is instructed to have emergency systems on standby while Taelon diverts power from the shields. Taelons the ship can’t give anymore while Amaase struggles to keep systems stable. From what they can tell, the ruse doesn’t work, and Kasun suggests attempting to hack their communications if they can get close enough. Taelon suggests Amaase find what range their scanners are using and prepare a massive burst of interference across that range.

Amaase tries to tap into their communications, but a loud, high pitched squeal is given in answer. The engineer manages to shut it off, but then calls to Tatash to take a look at something. Tatash discovers the ruse did work, but it was a different ship nearby who picked up the signature, not Osben’s. Tatash wonders about why a ship that read as Klingon was headed for the Rahuba, which then turned tail and ran when it read a Sovereign class coming near, but is interrupted by a communication from the Rahuba.

Commander Dal, meanwhile, along with Maxwell, Zel, and Dunamis, has been playing at and mouse with Osben. Dunamis, Maxwell, and Y’zyr make suggestions on how they can get an edge on Osben when the ship picks up another vessel's signature, that of a Sovereign class, and Dal gets a hunch. Opening communications, he discovers that the ship is actually the Asta, modifying their signature to look like a bigger and more weaponized class of ship. Dal passes along information about Osben’s weapons capabilities, orders Maxwell to stay on low yield torpedoes and fire when Osben’s shields are down, Y’zyr to keep their own shields up, and Dunamis to man the remaining phaser banks. He connects with Tatash over on the Asta and gives the information to the Major who assures them they’ll assist. When called upon, Dunamis fires at Osben with everything he’s got ready and keeps count of the ticking clock of the time left before the enemy’s ship goes into breach. Suddenly, he notices power redirected to Osben’s transporters just as Maxwell sends a volley of torpedoes.

Despite efforts, Osben makes it onto the Rahuba, and a fight breaks out on the bridge. Dal tells Zel to keep flying and pulls out a pair of Ushan-tor that he keeps on him at all times to engage the enemy. Maxwell body checked one while another lunged at Dunamis. Kasun contacts them and Dal lets those on the Asta know they have been boarded. The fight continues and suddenly members of Terra Prime begin to explode, those explosives planted by Osben in an effort to secure victory, but it fails. Unnoticed by those battle, Zel grabs a disruptor, fires, and shoots Osben right between the eyes, killing him. Afterward, Sickbay is contacted and doctors are called to the bridge where newly assigned Lieutenant JG Trovek Arys is among those who answer the call.

Osben tracks them and many systems go down, so he tells his crew to go at the Starfleet ship with ramming speed. With their enemy coming in hot, Dal connects with Tatash, gives him information about Osben’s ship, and Tatash plans to run interference and give the Rahuba a chance to fire on Osben. He calls Kasun to assist with Helm, orders Taelon and Amaase to get a full suite of any and all electronic warfare they can throw at Osben and indicates they’re going to hug tight to Osben’s ship until the Rahuba fires, then redline away from them at full speed. Taelon asks Amaase to man the scrambles while he takes care of the warfare. When Osben’s ship showed up, Taelon sent a series of signals to mess with Osben’s ship’s systems, but warned Tatash that the Asta was exposed. He was ordered to switch to offensive systems, and Taelon asked Amase to put the scramblers on their enemy’s targeting systems while he disrupted their shields. Despite their attempts to be ready, they find the enemy is far more focused on the Rahuba, and Kasun discovers the enemy has boarded their sister ship. Amaase suggests they swipe the right side of Osben’s ship to give the Rahuba a chance to get away. Taelon executed a precision swipe with the phasers and the ship exploded. Kasun navigates back to the Rahuba and Kasun readies the transporters to get the crew directly to the bridge and help their fellow officers.

Amaase makes sure everyone is all right then heads to engineering. Lieutenant JG Trovek Arys, recently come to Ops just before the Rahuba launched, is called by Dal to check her status and that of Sick Bay and informed of injuries on the bridge. The crew begin to clean up, help the injured, and deal with the aftermath of the battle.

Dramatis Personae

Dramatis Personae
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio

Participating Crew

Participating Crew
Name Position Notes
Ishreth Dal Commanding Officer Played by Sal Taybrim
Alora DeVeau First Officer
Arturo Maxwell Chief Tactical Officer
Dunamis Tactical Officer
Prudence Blackwell Comm/Op Officer
Talas Beck Helm Officer LOA halfway through
Sheila Bailey Chief Medical Officer
Ashley Yael Counselor
Tatash Marine Intelligence Officer
Solaris McLaren Intelligence Officer
Zel Rohan Helm Officer Played by Sal Taybrim

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