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Apparently it was total and complete engine failure. There is no sign of aggression, nor spatial phenomenon that interfered with the Houston Five.  ::he passed a PADD over to Theo, knowing full well the man's engineering skill would be able to navigate the clues found within the wreckage.::. -Capt. Sal Taybrim

FNS Headlines

Mission Summary

Act I: Find Your Racer

::Any doubts that the Risian might have had toward being a Starfleet Officer (which he didn't), would have been completely put to rest today. Here he was, picking out shuttles that they would be using to blast through dangerous space at breakneck speeds. He was like a shopoholic at superstore where everything was free. Well, free in some regard. He would pay for it later with mountains of paperwork, but that was future Flynn's problem.::

the cockpit of the MTF Maximum Thrusters
A supply ship, Houston Five, was on its way to a colony world inside the Trinity Sector when disaster attacked. For unclear reasons the newly repaired ship, was forced to crash land and abandon ship. Captain Sal Taybrim recieved a message from Starfleet command to further investigate the cause of the malfunction. He and Theo Whittaker look over recent travels, locating a certain stop that was a prime hotspot for less than desirable goods. All of which, in the vicinity of the racing confederation, the Tri-Star Jenatris Racing.

It is a quick call of assembly, kicking the Ops crew into prep work for undercover work. Officers break up into smaller groups; some hunt down functional ships while others use their unique skills to get a hold of some air tight alibis and identities. Their goal to see where spoiled parts were coming from and just who exactly was behind it.

Act II: Off To The Races

Maxwell: Win the race, take the cash and start my very own Tribble Sanctuary on deck ten-forty-five. Easy.....
With the ships picked and covers handed out, it’s off to the races. The crew wastes little time pulling together. With the USS Columbia as their rescue ship, commanded by Theo Whittaker and the freighter ship, the Targsbane, commanded by Captain Sal Taybrim, they easily haul three speed savvy ships to the starting line of the Tri-Star Janetris Racing Confederacy. They’ve given themselves three chances to win, with their three ships; The Blackjack, Hope’s Divide, and Kilhra’eri.

Upon arrival to the station, the three teams dock. To investigate and scope out their fellow rivalry, as well as fill up those tanks for the long race before them. Antero Flynn takes off with Sanara Pran, off to draw in the attention his persona is expected to, while the rest of his team heads off in search of the bad racing parts.

Zel Rohan’s team also splits up, the men hold down the ship and get it fueled up, while the ladies went off to investigate the competition.

Nicholotti found out very quickly, that though her persona’s profile was high, it wouldn’t help her to get her ship into the race. The Kilhra’eri was to advance in weapons and warp drives. Knocking her out the race meant the weight of winning rested on the two other ships

The eyes and ears Starfleet had on the station was nearly the same as those they were hunting. Those with the captain, were sent down to dig up the rodents that lined their pockets with latinum, who had no regard for the devastation created by their faulty parts. A name arose, one they were familiar with being aligned with the Orion Syndicate, Renzon. They knew they would have to get close to him if they wanted to pop the cap on the underground, dirty market.

Meanwhile, the USS Columbia is faced with its own set of troubles. A distress signal rang out loud and clear, and Commander Whittaker launched after it quickly to ensure the preservation of life. However, upon arrival to the source of the signal, they are attacked by an Orion ship - ready to take them down. Now he must fight to keep the ship afloat, but from the inside as much as the outside.

Act III: And The Winner Is...

A rich green, equally heavy looking dress that hung cleavage high and down her shoulders just a bit. It showed off the network of spider web veins and liver spots of all sizes and shapes… One even looked like Florida just above where the dress stopped on her chest. Her back was exposed half way down showing folds and wrinkles. She wasn’t overweight but she wasn’t one who aged with any kind of grace.

Next the air around her. She grabbed lotions, potions and perfumes. Greasing up her hands and drenched her neck. Even her wrists had their own aroma. A powder and dusting to top it all off. She reeked of old age, cat urine, spoiled beer and lavender with a hint of grease and coconut… Yum.

Her hair was pulled back so tightly, it appeared that the skin on her face was saran wrap pulled to tightly over a bowl… A scary thought to see what happened when she let it down. She gargled with an elixir that promised to make one’s breath smell good for hours, even after eating. Though it appeared the turn the twisted, ground down, chompers a distinct apple juice gold.

Captain Taybrim receives a message from a particularly unpleasant individual, who is dieing to be in his company. A risky move on his behalf, an increased chance of exposure. Though with Ambassador Nicholotti’s ship out of the running, he is able to use marine Major Tatash as his bodyguard. The two head down to meet with Wannis, a well known parts dealer.

While Mirra Ezo and company continue to search through the data and station, following each breadcrumb they find and connecting the pieces. The two ships in the race fight for position, each one battling a particularly unfriendly opponent.

Once again the name Renzon is brought up and those the dice rolled in their favor, everything fell neatly into place. Both ship’s place in the top 5, one in the top 3. Finally the time to pounce was upon them, everyone in their places. LtCmdr Rustyy Hael, Ensign Ziron Antraydin and Ensign Arturo Maxwell moved to dismantle the shielding that would prevent quick transport. While LtCmdr Antero Flynn moved in nice and friendly to Renzon. And in the blink of an eye, they were whisked away to the safely of the USS Columbia. Who was a little worse for wear. As they suffered external damage from the attack, as well as struggled internally upon finding an undercover agent in their midst.

Renzon and Wannis both were placed under arrest and left in holding cells until they could be transferred for trial.They may not be completely gone, for the way the capture went, there was room for error and appeal. Will Ops be faced with the repercussions?

Dramatis Personae

Terminal Velocity Characters
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Renzon Romulan incarcerated Sal Taybrim Renzon is a high member of the Orion Syndicate. Was the race manager for a underground raceway known for supplying tampered goods
Crescendo Denobulan Antero Flynn MC Crescendo was the master of Ceremonies for the raceway Tri-Star Jenatris Racing Confederation, a voice box for the crowd for Renzon
Wannis Cardassian Incarcerated Rustyy Hael Wannis was parts dealer, said to have the best and finest. Though in reality delivered questionable parts to those the Syndicate didn’t want to win

Terminal Velocity Ships and Covers
Name Class/Type Status Commanded By
USS Columbia Nebula Class Starship Home Ship Theo Whittaker
The USS Columbia was the crew’s home ship. Hidden in the background so no one in the races could find her and blow their cover. But when the race was over, it was the Columbia that flew in to recover their people to take them safely home - that was of course, after their own little mishap

On board was; Theo Whittaker, Valdar Sorna, Phrik, Ishreth Dal, Nijil, Liani, Thaddeus Peril,

Targsbane Alvanian Freighter In one piece Sal Taybrim
The Targsbane was the cover ship, bringing in the rest of the mini flyer’s fleet. A brute of a ship though with minimal maneuverability.

On board was: Sal Taybrim (Jarnis 'Ginger' Kovs), Trel’lis ('Tiger' Tanaka), Mirra Ezo (Leandra 'Doc Bonesaw' Kovs), Taelon (Sonden), Ishani Kasun (Tysha Amin), Zinna (Poldavora)

MFT Maximum Thrusters Large Cargo Transport Active Antero Flynn
MFT Maximum Thrusters, affectionately known as 'Sweet Maxine', took on a new name - The Blackjack, for the Tri-Star Jenatris Racing Confederation. One of three ships to be put into the race to uncover the sour parts and unmask the more of the Orion Syndicate

On board was; Antero Flynn (Seth Kovs, aka The Ace of Hearts ), Rustyy Hael ( Colton Rustbucket), Aitas (Metan Visel ), Sanara Pran (Sanari )

Hope’s Divide Delta Flyer Zel Rohan
The Hope’s Divide was number two of three flyers sent in to race the dangerous waters. The goal was always to win, but finding the source of the sabotage parts was more important.

On board was: Zel Rohan (as himself), Ziron Antraydin (Haro Gova), Antero Maxwell (Logan Lang), Masha Snezhana (Morissa Jav'lion - Missy Jewel), Gazkra (Gaz)

Kilhra’eri Fighter ship Kalianna Nicholotti
The Kilhra’eri was beyond her time. Piloted by Op’s Ambassador Nicholotti. The ship had to many upgrades and was forced to sit the race out. As it was suppose to be the third racer for Starfleet - the two on board made themselves busy with assisting the ground crew.

On board was; Kalianna Nicholotti (A'aerryn), Tatash (The Butcher)

Crew Participating in the Mission

Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position Notes
Sal Taybrim Commanding Officer
Theo Whittaker First Officer
Antero Flynn Chief Helm Officer
Tatash Marine Commander
Ishani Kasun Assistant Chief Security Officer
Arturo Maxwell Tactical Officer
Rustyy Hael Chief Engineering Officer Joined 239311.25
Ziron Antraydin Engineering Officer
Mirra Ezo Chief Medical Officer
Quexit Phrik Medical Officer LOA Began 239312.13
Liani Medical Officer Joined 239401.22
T'Sai Reyes Counselor Left towards the end
Taelon Chief Science Officer
Thaddeus Peril Science Officer Joined 234902.13
Valdar Sorna Science Officer Joined 239312.13 - Transferred to Embassy of Duronis II
Trel'lis Chief Diplomatic Officer Short LOA
Kalianna Nicholotti Federation Ambassador LOA started half way through
Aitas Chief Intelligence Officer

Gallery and Quotes

  • If anything happens to you down there, I'm going to burn the entire event to the ground. :: beat :: Stay safe. - Whittaker
  • Shush you. Redheads have way more fun. Besides, you can have your normal shade back along with your mark. - Ezo
  • Might be needin’ tha’ “liquid courage” Or as my mama use’ta say “instan’ stupid” ::he laughed.:: - Hael
  • Poor little love. Having to compensate for having a tiny..... brain. As long as he can't keep up with us. - Maxwell
  • ::Tatash narrowed his eyes a little. Ginger would be Sal, and 'chasing profit' was a polite way of saying 'he's going to expose himself'. This, was not a good situation to be in, and if he listened hard enough he could almost hear Theo shrieking regulations from light years away:: - Tatash (Butcher)
  • Okay now, place your hands where mine are and *slide* him, like a large pizza, into the oven! - Trel’lis
  • Antraydin: How do you break an entire face? That seems excessive.

Zel: Simple. You pull back a fist, apply force to the tender meaty point right at the bridge of the nose and repeat.