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It does go beyond us, and there are so many who need us.

-Commodore Sal Taybrim

FNS Headlines

Mission Summary

Act I: The Beginning of the End

After the party celebrating the promotion of Fleet Captain Taybrim. The newly minted Commodore calls for a meeting with Senior commander Nugra, Marine Captain T’Aven, and 1Lt. Anthony Meeks, and Commander Tatash. There, sensitive intelligence is shared among the officers before the visitors return to their own ship. Not long after, Commodore Taybrim calls First Officer Alora DeVeau, Commander Solaris McLaren, and Commander Tatash for a separate briefing on plans for a final showdown with the Cult of Molor. As Tatash had earlier explained, if the Cult is successful in starting a war, the effects would be devastating not only to the Klingons, but the Gorn and any peoples who reside in the nearby area. It is then Taybrim admits he held secret knowledge - names and faces of those in the Cult, thanks to a telepathic transfer of this information from Vanath, a Betazoid Ambassador. This information is offered via telepathic link to those in attendance, which McLaren and DeVeau accept while Tatash declines.

Following that, Commodore Sal Taybrim calls Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau, Lieutenant JG Wallace Williams, Ensign Talas Beck, and Ensign German Galven to a Briefing room to converse about a more diplomatic approach to facing the Cult. Commander McLaren gathers her team of Lieutenant JG Ashley Yael, Lieutenant Parvana, and Lieutenant Prudence Blackwell to give them their own briefing of a more undercover approach. Meanwhile, Marine Captain Meeks assembles Crewman First Class Borq, Ensign Drevas Matthel, and Ensign Isaiah Andrews at the Marine facilities as his team to discuss tactics for a decisive strike against the cult.

Later, Janul is taken into custody by the Klingon Empire and whisked to the Embassy on the base. Accompanying him, Lt. Commander Arturo Maxwell provides escort, only to witness an altercation between Janul and Klingons who mock him. Subsequently, Maxwell finds himself a prisoner at the Embassy and, his badge taken from him, unable to contact anyone.

Once word gets out about the altercation, Commodore Taybrim calls Lieutenant Sheila Bailey. Instructing her to see to a physical examination for both Janul and Maxwell, a standard procedure under extradition situations, he warns her that the Klingons might take her as well. She accepts the risk.

Yeoman Janice Whittaker, discovering that Maxwell had left in quite a hurry and unable to hail him, is informed by a Crewman that Maxwell had run off when he found out Janul was being taken to the Klingon Embassy. Immediately, she informs Commander DeVeau, who, after reassuring the Yeoman, proceeds to head to the Commodore’s office. There, she is told to assemble the team that will take the Narendra to Qo’nos, their plans changed due to the sudden move by the Klingons. Alora makes her own request - that she accompany Marine Intelligence Captain Tatash and the Commodore to the trial. Taybrim reluctantly agrees.

Word spreads quickly, and all the teams are called to action, each complying with instructions given at their previous briefings. The final push against the Cult of Molor has begun.

Act II: Bruised, Not Broken

Ariving at Qo’nos, Commodore Sal Taybrim, First Officer Alora DeVeau, and Major Tatash make ready to meet Defense Attorney Li’otha outside of the Federation Embassy. Although it presents a risk to Commodore Taybrim’s health, the group beams down with no incident. Li’otha advises them that attempts are being made to hold the trial as soon as possible. A request to provide medical access to both Bailey and Maxwell is made. From there, Taybrim and Tatash, Li’otha and DeVeau go to see the prisoners.

After arriving, the undercover team attempts to make contact with a klingon by the name of Klix Viraj while Yael and Parvana check out the shuttle to be sure it is ready for the strike team. Said strike team is in the midst of whiling away the time with games when the call comes for them to prepare for departure.

After making contact with Viraj, Meeks, Drevas, and Andrews beam down, only to be met with immediate fire. Meeks is wounded and returned to the Serenity. In his place, Yael and Parvana transport down to join the others. Rather than fight their way out, Vraj reveals a door to a set of underground passages that will lead them right to the city.

Remaining on the Serenity, Zel, Blackwell, and McLaren discover bombs filled with Death Fog have been placed on the lower levels of the High Council Building. The decision is made to beam down and try to find and diffuse them rather than give the Strike team another problem to deal with.

On the Narendra, Dal continues to hold the fort. Galven discovered a subspace minefield, and those mines are attracted specifically to the Starfleet vessel. Dal, Galven, and Talas set about attempting to find a way to circumvent the mines. After a moment of contemplation, Galven suggests they briefly enter into fluidic space in an effort to confuse anyone watching them as well as rid themselves of the literal bombs that have attached themselves to the hull by re-modulating the deflector dish. Taelon arrived in the hopes of assisting with the endeavour.

Down on Qo’nos, Maxwell and Bailey find themselves at the mercy of their Klingon captors. Senior Controller J'kaw Vro'che seems particularly intent on beating Maxwell and mocking Bailey, tormenting them without remorse. The two prisoners are finally beamed down to Qo’nos where Taybrim, Tatash, and DeVeau wait for them. They have been there only a moment when a Klingon arrives announcing the beginning of the trial. The prisoners are allowed to go to the infirmary and receive treatment, delaying the trial for a few moments. There, Taybrim, Tatash, and DeVeau are separated from their friends.

Act III: Final Showdown

Vraj guides the strike team through the passages until they come to an area that is more readily watched. The group finds themselves under fire by an automated sentry and have to figure out how to disable it before they can proceed. Drevas notices an object mounted upon another wall, and Borq manages to fire upon it and take it out. The group then proceeds to the Capitol building where they enter via an old, barred window. Once there, they find themselves in a storage room, but are joined a moment later by two Klingons who enter. Hovering at the back behind various containers, they attempt to remain quiet and out of sight. After a brief, whispered conversation, Parvana climbs atop the canisters and quietly slips over them while Yael steps forward into sight to distract the guards. Afterward, a fight ensues, and the three Klingons are stunned and stashed away. Vraj rummages through the guards’ clothing and finds a holographic map which she hands off to Parvana. Using this map, the group manages to avoid most other guards until they come to a large room that reeks of bodily waste with a mud pit, animals and humanoids alike kept in cages within. Bleachers give away the use of such a place - where captives and animals alike are set against each other to battle to the death.

In an adjacent area, General G’Gur, a Klingon who had been compromised because of Kelemkor’s telepathic torture, thought he heard something and went to the mud pit room to investigate. There, the strike team launched a surprise attack and began to battle against the cultists. Parvana took to the bleachers and a Klingon followed, while the others remained below. After stunning one on his level, Yael managed to stun the Klingon heading after the Caitian, then proceed to release a couple of targs as well as captives. The targs, starved and angry, lashed out at anyone in their path. With quick thinking, Yael, Drevas, and Andrews take out all but one of the Klingons, that of G’Gur, Vraj’s father, who informs them that he can not disobey Kelemkor, but was able to give them the location of more prisoners. He accompanies Vraj and Parvana to the lift in order to give them access while the rest of the team heads up the stairs. Once there, a battle breaks loose on two sides. Blood is spilt by disrupter and blade both. Yael, in the thick of things, finds himself frozen, then is attacked by a cult member who jabs him with a modified pain stick and he winds up passing out. Despite having been shot in the previous fight, Drevas manages to hold his one from a single position, even to the point of saving Parvana’s life as a cultist prepared to cut her down with a bat’leth. Once it was over, the team, along with the latest group of recently freed hostages, returned to the previous level to gather the children and single elder Klingon who were freed earlier, Yael upon Andrews’ shoulders. All of them return the way they had come, then split, Borq, G’Gur, and Vraj going on ahead in order to get to the High council and attempt to destroy the bombs G’Gur had told them about before they can be used. Andrews, Drevas, and Parvana, with a still passed out Yael, make their way to an area where they can contact the Serenity and are beamed aboard to safety.

On the Narendra, work continues on figuring out how to disable the minds. Taelon makes some adjustments which indicate a higher rate of success. Suddenly, they receive a message that the trial will begin in an hour, and almost concurrently, a Klingon ship decloaks nearby, one immediately recognised by Taelon as his former lover’s, Kaskis Ril. Giving Commander Dal a code phrase, it is used to indicate a readiness to accept any assistance by the Klingon vessel and her crew. Kaskis does so by offering a cloaking device. Heading to the docking bay, Galven and Taelon meet Kaskis’ husband, T’Dok. Taking the device, the two officers then head to engineering to install it. In the process of doing so, the ship goes to red alert as they suddenly find themselves a target and vessels attempt to herd them into the minefield. Ordering Talas into evasive maneuvers, they ready to cloak at the apex of a maneuver that will make a hard turn toward the enemy in the hopes of forcing them on the offensive. The ship quickly cloaks and goes near the mines, attracting them. Ensign Talas, as pilot, aims the ship directly at their Klingon foes.

The maneuvers are well timed and the mines swept up as the Narendra passes collide with two ships as Talas deftly brings around the starfleet ship and the Klingon vessels explode. Unfortunately, their proximity causes the Narendra to be shaken to the core, her shields the only thing protecting her from total annihilation. The battle, however, isn’t over.

Down in Engineering, Galven and Taelon get the cloaking device installed, but it already emits several errors. Despite that, it works long enough for their task to be accomplished before, when the ship gives a mighty lurch due to explosions of nearby ships, the cloaking device wrenches free of its confines and slams into Taelon, his head smacking into some panels which render him unconscious while the warp core came back on at full power and the cloaking device decided it was good to be free and careened down the stairs. Galven tries to tend to him and call for help, but the ship is in the middle of a firefight. Kaskis goes down to check on both of them and manages to shoot the wires that are whipping about dangerous, preventing them from being a problem. During that time, Dal and Talas manage to figure out where the cloaked ship that’s firing upon them is and they fire back, causing it to turn tail and run, ending the fight.

Those left on the Serenity contemplate what to do about the bombs they have discovered. Several options are discussed and they eventually decide to forge papers and pretend to be delivering bloodwine. Before that, however, they beam aboard one of the mines from the minefield in order to retrieve the miniature cloaking device that is attached. After Blackwell succeeds, the mine is transported off and explodes, then the trio beam down to the surface. While on Qo’nos, they show their papers and are, thankfully, passed through without incident, then head toward the planted bombs by slipping through the vents. The group succeed in disabling the bombs and are beamed back to the Serenity before they are taken captive by Klingon guards.

Down on Qo’nos, the trial begins in earnest in front of an angry and eager High Council. Janul, Bailey, and Maxwell are led to a cage-like structure and lifted before everyone while Taybrim, Tatash, and DeVeau watch in a small alcove, only to be ushered out, unable to watch any of the actual trial itself. After the judge reads out the accusations, the prisoners make their pleas, and Xalmuz and Lio’tha make their opening arguments. Xalmuz then begins to question the prisoners, but Bailey suddenly faints, disturbing the proceedings. As there is a question of getting medical assistance, Li’otha proceeds to put on a recording that proves General Krala was in cahoots with a Romulan and a traitor rather than the upstanding warrior everyone thought she was.

After the revelation leaves the room reeling, Xalmuz calls for an examination of the evidence to determine its validity. The judge agrees, orders the prisoners to be taken to receive medical treatment and kept there while he calls the counselors to his office chambers. Li’otha proceeds to provide evidence that the transmissions were not falsified. A few moments later, an alarm goes off and a lockdown of the building goes into effect. The judges ask for Li’otha to quickly provide more evidence, this time about the actual Cult. She does so and he realises she speaks the truth and what the consequences would be, as well as Xalmuz. From a locked drawer, Judge Firaqu produces a dagger and a disrupter to offer to the other two, then takes an old bat’leth down from where it hangs on the wall, ready to fight the oncoming threat.

Li’otha, Firaqu, and Xalmuz return to the corridors only to find that instead of the Infirmary, the prisoners were taken to a back office. Janul breaks free of his chains and offers his services. Despite his injuries, Maxwell does the same. It is there the cult makes their presence known, knocking down an ancient door and aiming disruptors at them. Everyone manages to find cover behind the desks in the room. Told to call their people and given a device to cut through interference by Li’otha, Maxwell manages to contact the Serenity and gets beamed to safety along with Bailey. Meanwhile, the cult members continue to fire. Firaqu orders Janul to go down the middle and use the desk as a battering ram while he and Xalmuz use another as a shield to come at the cult from one side while Li’otha and a guard use another to flank them. The manoeuvre is successful, though not without a cost, as Xalmuz is shot down and killed in the ensuing melee.

Outside in the waiting room, Taybrim, Tatash, and DeVeau are escorted by Vro’che and met by Kelemkor. He sneaks into Tatash’s mind, spurring the Gorn to grab the Rodulan hybrid by the throat, and Vro’che responds by stabbing Tatash, shaking him out of his sudden and forced reverie. DeVeau faces off with Kelemkor and manages to hold him off, but he retaliates with far more force. Although the First Officer holds her own, Taybrim, out of an abundance of concern for his two crewmembers, lunges at Kelemkor, grabs him by the neck and pours into him all the pain that Kelemkor himself had transferred upon others. As they connect, Taybrim is also able to glean information about hostages and bombs. DeVeau and Tatash call the undercover and strike teams respectively, the second answered by Yael, a surprise to the commanders, but both teams are ahead of the game, already engaging to deal with both situations. Afterward, the trio begin to escort Kelemkor to the doors in order to bring him before the High Council, but they are suddenly confronted with a towering Klingon, Kelemkor’s bodyguard, Athaw.

Facing the opponent alone, Tatash indicates Taybrim and DeVeau should take Kelemkor out a separate doorway. Taking advantage, Kelemkor catches Taybrim by surprise, elbowing his face and causing the Commodore’s nose to bleed while pulling out a small, hidden painstick. In an attempt to lash out at DeVeau and distracted by the telepathic connection Taybrim still had on him, he fumbles and manages to knock himself over along with DeVeau. Lashing out once more, Kelemkor manages to strike DeVeau with the paintstick, but faithful Alistair, Bailey’s dog who had been entrusted to DeVeau, comes to the rescue and clamps down on the wrist that holds the stick. This gives DeVeau the opportunity to grab Kelemkor’s arm and put him into a lock. Because of his unwillingness to stand down, she breaks it. During all this, the Gorn and Klingon bodyguard battle and each deal out and receive massive blows. Eventually, Tatash rakes his claws over Athaw’s neck and leaves the Klingon on the floor, then turns to face Kelemkor. Meanwhile, the fight with Kelemkor and Alora continues. He slams his head into hers, sending her reeling, and raises a dagger with his good arm in order to kill her. Taybrim, who had picked up a disruptor, shoots Kelemkor in the back. Tatash picks him up with his good arm and the three make their way out of the waiting room. On their way through the corridors, they are met by Imperial guards, but it’s not the Starfleet officers they want - rather, it’s Kelemkor they’re after. The guards take possession of the Rodulan hybrid and subject him to Klingon justice. Deveau starts to call for a transport to the ship, but Taybrim tells her to request a shuttle and she complies. The trio leave the building and come to a clearing where the shuttle lands. Once Tatash and Taybrim are safely on board, DeVeau leaves with Alistair to return to the High Council building in order to safeguard Bailey and Maxwell, who she does not realise are already safely aboard the Serenity, as well as Janul in order to bring them home.

Dramatis Personae

Dramatis Personae
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Kelemkor Klingon/Rodulan Dead Sal Taybrim Exceedingly beautiful, manipulative telepath.
Athaw Klingon Unknown Status Alora DeVeau Loyal to Kelemkor, the brawn to Kelemkor's brains.
J’kaw Vro’che Klingon Dead Ashley Yael Cruel guard
Klix Vraj Klingon Free, unknown location Prudence Blackwell Morally grey pirate who sought to defeat the Cult of Molor.
Jiposo Xalmuz Klingon Dead Alora DeVeau Imperial magistrate who, when push came to shove, sided and fought for the Empire. He was wounded in battle and later succumbed to his injuries.
Li'otha Klingon Alive Sal Taybrim Defense attorney, dedicated to the Empire. After her assistance in bringing the cult's deeds to light, she was tapped by Firaqu to replace him as Imperial Judge.
Duktak Firaqu Klingon Alive Alora DeVeau Served many years not only as a warrior but as a magistrate. He was placed as the Imperial judge and served for twenty years. After dealing with the cult, he stepped down, tapped Li'otha to replace him, and is now Vice Chancellor.
General G'Gur Klingon Alive Sal Taybrim Although loyal to the empire, Kelemkor's controlled G'Gur's mind, forcing him to do despicable deeds for the Cult of Molor. It was out of love for his daughter that was both psychically imprisoned and eventually able to resist.
Kaskis Ril Klingon Alive Taelon Huntress and captain, she provided the Narendra with a battered but briefly usable cloaking device that gave them an advantage when fighting the Cult.

Participating Crew

Participating Crew
Name Position Notes
Sal Taybrim Commanding Officer
Alora DeVeau First Officer
Arturo Maxwell Chief Tactical Officer
Isaiah Andrews Security Officer
Drevas Matthel Security Officer
Prudence Blackwell Comm/Op Officer
Talas Beck Helm Officer
Sheila Bailey Chief Medical Officer
Ashley Yael Counselor
German Galven Science Officer
Taelon Science Officer Joined halfway through
Anthony Meeks Delta Company CO Went LOA
Tatash Marine Intelligence Officer
Solaris McLaren Intelligence Officer
Borq Crewman First Class Played by German Galven
Zel Rohan Helm Officer Played by Sal Taybrim
Parvana Science Officer Played by Alora DeVeau
Ishreth Dal Marine Liaison Officer Played by Sal Taybrim
Janul Security Officer Played by Arturo Maxwell

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