SB118Ops Mission Logs/Sal Taybrim/Shadows of the Syndicate

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Season 1: Shadows of the Syndicate

Delicious, deadly Gold Dew

Mission I: "Never Mix Your Drinks"

StarBase 118 Ops gets a call to investigate the explosion and loss of the Federation freighter SS Annabelle's Lament. What starts out as a favor to another command officer turns into a big intrigue as clues are uncovered that make it clear the freighter suffered more than simple engine failure...

The Cheyenne Class USS Stormcrow on the path towards war

Mission II: "Dish Served Cold"

As Captain Leo Handley-Page extends his Sabbatical, the crew of StarBase 118 Ops is called out on an emergency mission to prevent an act of war. Commander Sal Taybrim launches the USS Albion to intercept Captain Haz Arrhimen and the USS Stormcrow who are bent on revenge for his murdered brother...

No tribble at all...

Mission III: "Tribbles and Strife"

When StarBase 118 Ops is chosen to host the galaxy's largest Tribble Convention, what could possibly go wrong?

Pollution and crime reign on Tilanna V

Mission IV: "All Time High"

  • Location: Tilanna V
  • Stardates: 239302.02 - 239303.07
  • Commanding Officer: Commander Sal Taybrim
  • Mission Summary:

When the creator of the weaponized tribbles is found dead on an independent world, Starfleet suspects a bigger criminal involvement than a simple case of tribble breeding revenge. The crew of Ops launches on the USS Aegis to investigate and finds themselves embroiled in the corruption of Tilanna V.

The bridge of the holoprogram USS Armstrong

Mission V: "Once More With Feeling"

What starts out as a simple crew bonding experience in the holodeck is about to go horribly wrong...

What will they find in the darkened Below?

Mission VI: "Way Down Below"

Orion pirate Chennel decides to expand her criminal empire into the halls of Starbase 118 by breaking into a forgotten hidden level of the station. When Starfleet crew follow her operatives down there they find much more than they bargained for.

Is this Diva Lady Shadonna's last show?

Mission VII: "The Show Must Go On"

StarBase 118 is set to host a high-profile concert by the diva Lady Shadonna; but when the diva's shuttle experiences engine failure it's the beginning of a wild ride to save the concert...

Haz Arrhimen is out for revenge

Mission VIII: "Dig Two Graves"

Haz Arrhimen rears his ugly head once again as Starfleet Intel reveals he has stolen a D'deridex class warbird and is attacking Klingon border colonies. Now the USS Albion and the USS Avalon must fight against terrible odds to prevent all-out war

The embassy of Raskor I

Mission IX: "Rendezvous at Raskor"

Following the destruction of the USS Albion the crew of StarBase 118 Ops travels to Raskor I to confront Commodore Allan Kinney and take him to task for setting them on a suicide mission.

Everything gets revealed at the finish line

Mission X: "Terminal Velocity"

A cascade effect of sabotage parts send the Ops crew deep undercover. They must find the culprit selling the dangerous parts as well as stay alive in a deadly race. But that’s not all, it is soon discovered their ongoing nemesis, the Orion Syndicate is behind it all. Now they must cut the head of the operation off to keep the sector safe, but will they be able to without getting bit?

The blue woman returns with a vengeance

Mission XI: "Edge of Glory"

Captain Taybrim and Major Tatash are called to a tribunal on Raskor to answer questions about illegal activities conducted by the Orion Syndicate. Meanwhile Starbase 118 Ops is evacuated to avoid a dangerous neutrino storm. But while the base is empty an old friend comes to call. The criminal Chennel sets her sights on Starbase 118 with the intention of conquest

Dominicus VI, Dilithium mines

Mission XII: "One Last Gasp"

In the days following the Chennel incident, Ops found themselves struggling to regain normalcy, something that continued to elude them when they are given a new Captain. Captain Taybrim is forced into a different role, one left to clean up after Captain Bomba. Meanwhile, those no longer under the command of Chennel rise up, taking back their ship along with some of Ops' crew! Those left on the station must go after them to take back their people

Mission XIII: "Mask of Kahless "

  • Location: StarBase 118 Ops
  • Stardates: 239702.09 - 239703.30
  • Commanding Officer: Commander Sal Taybrim
  • Mission Summary: The crew of Starbase 118 divide and conquer to begin their offensive against the Cult of Molor. Fleet Captain leads diplomats to meet the Klingon delegate in order to assure their help, while a team of scientists work to find a way to counter the Death Fog.