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Once More With Feeling.jpg

Flynn: I'm not sure I would have thought of that...::He lifted his head and smiled confidently.:: Not to worry! We will use our wit, personality and charm! What could go wrong....? ::He decided not to ponder too much on that.::

FNS Headlines

Mission Summary

Act I: Blast From The Past

"Abruptly, the ship lurched wildly; Taelon caught himself on the side of the science console’s viewfinder, teetering at the edge of his chair. The old style of chair certainly didn’t have as many stops to it as the current ones did, he reflected. Now he knew why armrests were all the rage these days…" -Ensign Taelon
The USS Armstrong-A a proud ship that lives on in holonovels

Following a wonderful awards ceremony the Crew of StarBase 118 Ops is invited to partake in a holoprogram called Piracy on the High Stars, an event planned to both celebrate Lt Commander Baylen Anders birthday, and allow the crew to have some well deserved relaxation. Suiting up in historical red uniforms, they board the holodeck and the holographic Constitution class USS Armstrong-A. As the program starts the Armstrong is hurtling towards the Klingon neutral zone, sabotaged by players in the game. It's a race to figure out who the traitors are before the ship is captured or destroyed by Klingons!

The holo-game set 3 saboteurs: Theo Whittaker, Kaitlyn Falcon, and Freya Andersen. All three were known to one another, and all had the group mission of stealing a Klingon cloaking device.

The crew is able to stop the warp drive on the runaway ship, but not before the Armstrong enters the neutral zone. Quickly the ship finds themselves face to face with Commander Kothos of the IKS Hk'Ger, demanding to know why they have violated the neutral zone. Dissatisfied with the crew's response Kothos kidnaps Commanding Officer Baylen Anders from the bridge, leaving the crew in turmoil.

However, unbeknownst to the players this game is suddenly getting a lot more dangerous as an intoxicant leaks into the ventilation systems, causing the next parts of the program to go seriously awry...

Act II: Punch Drunk

Computer: Musical mode engaged. ::No sooner than it finished speaking did the introduction to Pirates of Penzance begin to play.::

Greyson: ::Quietly.:: ...Oops... ::and then busted up laughing maniacally for about 8 seconds.:: No, honest! I didn't sabotage anyth...::Hiccup!::..anything.

When musical mode is engaged, things start to get crazy

As the airborne intoxicant enters the holodeck the crew starts to act very drunkenly. When Ensign Carter Greyson engages the computer into musical mode the program starts to get very crazy. With musical numbers bursting our across the ship and singing Klingons, the crew on board the Armstrong drastically lose track of time. This raises suspicions outside the holodeck when Theo Whittaker's mother Captain Madeline Whittaker realizes that Theo is over two hours late. She enlists the help of Counselor Zinna to investigate and they soon find that Marine Captain Quintus Lucius Raisillius and Major Ishreth Dal are also looking into the strange disappearance of the senior staff.

They quickly find the airborne intoxicant and do a complete clearing of the ventilation system. This helps clear the heads of the crew inside the holodeck and they start to come to their senses. But when Commander Whittaker tries to exit the program the holodeck refuses to comply and the crew find themselves trapped! They work to access the holoprogram and manage to get a message out to the Ops hub; which is enough to have Major Tatash mobilize an extraction unit.

Through some quick thinking and crafty engineering the crew manages to shut down "Piracy on the High Stars" but the holodeck doors refuse to open!

Act III: The Villain Reveals Herself

Chennel: If all of your crew are this idiotic, I'm going to have some fun with them Sal- I can call you Sal... can't I? :: waving the thought away, before looking across the room, taking in everybody with a dangerous and beady eye. :: Listen to me *very* carefully because I'm not the sort of woman to say things more than once: Don't. Cross. Me. If you do, you will not live long enough to regret it. :: beat :: Things are going to be changing around here. If I were in your- quite frankly, ugly- shoes, I would start looking for a transfer.
Bolian pirate queen Chennel

As the program fades to the familiar black and yellow grid, the image of the Bolian pirate queen Chennel appears. Chennel taunts the crew, saying that while they have been detained she has taken the opportunity to use StarBase 118 for her own criminal schemes. Her image fades as Major Tatash and his marines blow the doors open; but she leaves the senior staff with many questions to be answered. Not the least of which is who in the Ops hub is a mole since there was obviously inside coordination and sabotage to allow these malfunctions to happen.

Worse, as marines and medical are clearing out the holodeck they find that with the safeties off Commander Anders has collapsed and that Lieutenant Vondaryan is missing! While Anders can be easily treated in sickbay, Vondaryan is caught in a 'phase shift' from coming into contact with the phased subspace energy fields powering Chennel's holo-projection. The crew breaks apart to focus on shutting down Chennel's operation and rescuing Lieutenant Vondaryan. Commander Whittaker, Major Tatash, Lieutenant Ezo and Ensign Greyson enlist the help of consultant Arden Cain to free Vondaryan from the phased dimension; but not before the intel agent has the opportunity to do some snooping around the Below. When he is released he informs the crew that Oma-Saan, proprietor of Harkin's Den is involved in Chennel's plot just before collapsing and being taken to sickbay.

The crew regroups to mobilize against Chennel and the Jenatris confederation...

Dramatis Personae

Once More With Feeling Characters
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Madeline Whittaker Human Starfleet Captain Theo Whittaker Madeline Whittaker is Theo Whittaker's headstrong mother
Chennel Bolian Pirate Queen Theo Whittaker Chennel is a vain and flamboyant murderer and humanoid trafficker who has a history with the crew of StarBase 118 Ops
Oma-Saan Orion Incarcerated Trellis Vondaryan Oma-Saan was the proprietor of Harkin's Den, a criminal establishment in SB118's 'Dungeon' level

Crew Participating in the Mission

Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position Notes
Sal Taybrim Commanding Officer
Theo Whittaker First Officer
Baylen Anders Mission Specialist LOA on 239304.18
Kaitlyn Falcon Chief of Helm/Comm/Ops
Antero Flynn CAG Officer
Tatash Marine Commander
Freya Andersen Assistant Chief Security Officer
Tyler Kelly Chief Tactical Officer LOA: 239303.25-239308.01
Carter Greyson Engineering Officer
Mirra Ezo Chief Medical Officer
Zinna Head Counselor
Taelon Science Officer Joined 239303.15
Trel'lis Diplomatic Officer
Trellis Vondaryan Chief Intelligence Officer
Bas Nadia Yeoman
Arden Cain Civilian Consultant

Gallery and Quotes

::Reaching into his pocket, Antero pulled out a bag of Rainbow Riddles he had been hanging onto in case of an outbreak of sweet tooth. He was glad Mirra wasn't here to give him a hard time about always having food in his pocket. Who didn't like Rainbow Riddles though? Fun colorful little pieces of candy, and they all had a riddle on the inside of the wrapper. :: ~Antero Flynn
Targs just wanna Taste the Rainbow...

Musical Numbers

Whittaker: I ssssshould totally become a prof- prof- profiterole! :: he began cackling when he realised he had gotten the word wrong :: No! Not profiterole! Professional! I should become a professional singer!