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"Rixx. A Rodulan crimelord, and a smooth operator in the Orion Syndicate. Notorious for living by the rules of profit and murder. He was supposedly killed when the Syndicate was targeted by Starfleet years ago. But the body was never found, and Rixx was never confirmed as arrested or dead."

Act I: It's Never a Simple Drink

The SS Annabelle's Lament

After a series of harrowing missions, the crew of StarBase 118 enjoys an extended shore leave while Captain Leo Handley-Page takes a sabbatical to look into the bizarre mutations affecting his family and Byzallian friends. Executive officer Lt. Commander Sal Taybrim is relaxing off duty in Keal's Pub with Lt Commander Kaitlyn Falcon and Lieutenant JG Rocko Stevens when they are introduced to Gold Dew - an unusual and expensive new liquor that has the unique property of enhancing any flavor it is paired with. The bartender at the pub says that the liquor is a hot commodity and it's hard for him to get shipments in because so many people are buying it up.

What starts as a simple drink becomes a major conspiracy when the Federation freighter SS Annabelle's Lament explodes just out of the Miranda VII Spaceport killing all 65 passengers and crew onboard. It was carrying a full shipment of Gold Dew, as well as various terraforming chemicals.