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FNS Headlines

Mission Summary

Act I: Divide and Conquer

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The crew of Starbase 118 returned safely after their trip to Earth. And after an extended shoreleave, are eager to return to work. They know the Cult, the Follows of Molor, are still too active for them to take things easy.

Starfleet intelligence reported a missing officer after the attack on Earth. An informant claimed to have seen her on a shady outpost, Starport Miranda VII. Fleet Captain Taybrim sent out his first officer and a team to find and return the officer for questioning. It is uncertain what she might know, why she ran or what part in all this she played. Which was why her capture was such a high priority.

LtCmdr Nijil took with him LtCmdr McLaren, Lt Malko, Lt JGs Bailey and Owens and Ensign Zel. They made plans to leave 118 on the MTF Maximum Thrusters with only what could be carried easily. Enroute they made a plan of action. They would divide into 3 teams of two to cover more ground while also seeing what they could uncover about the major factors in the area. Information that might prove vital in their fight against the cult.

Meanwhile LtCmdr Galven leads a team of scientists to help the Klingon Empire with a deadly issue. The Followers of Molor have a nasty nack for bio-warfare. Their latest endeavor, Silicone Platinochloride, has proven to be the worst so far. He leads a team with Lt Standhal, Ensign Kteer, an x-officer Taelon and Ensign T’Pam. They, too, divide into two teams. One works on an antidote while the other focussed on distribution. But they have to be careful, Silicone Platinochloride has adverse effects on more then just the Klingons.

Fleet Captain Taybrim gathered together his remaining staff, those who could be called smooth talkers. A group of Klingons except an invitation to sit down with the crew and discuss a mutual growing threat. Lts Termine and Blackwell and LtJG Williams team up to come up with the best way to prove and convince Councilor Odex and Captain Kregael that the Followers of Molor are a very real threat. And hopefully find a way to get them to take action.

Act II: Fighting for Dominance

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Each team delved into their work, task and mission with full vigor. LtCmdr Nijil and his team arrived at Spaceport Miranda VII ready in teams of 2. LtCmdr McLaren and Ensign Zel headed towards the lower ring. LtCmdr Nijil and Lt Malko made their way to the inner promenade for intel on where someone might go if they were trying to get away. Before they could investigate further, a small team from the spaceport headed off talking about the MTF. Concerned, the two men started their way towards the ship. Without the ship, they wouldn’t have a safe way home. Meanwhile, Lady Luck was on LtJGs Owens and Baileys side. As they meandered through the busy upper levels of the station, a woman matching the description of Ms Lawrens, ex-Starfleet Officer, stubbles our into the open in a fight.

Meanwhile the science groups work on finding a counter agent for the deadly drug and a way to mass distribute it. Now civilian, Taelon, worked on a small pump designed to mist over any persons infected or to prevent infection. LtCmdr Galven and Lt Stendhal worked from different angles to find the best way to learn more about the chemical compound and how to ensure the safety of others. In a risky move, LtCmdr Galven beamed himself and the Silicone Platinochloride into a protected room and attempted to infect himself with it in order to see what else they could learn. Despite it going against a commanding officer's intention, Lt Stendhal had the transporters destroy the chemical compound in order to prevent any infection. Instead she chose to rely on what their sensors could pick up.

Chaos in the conference room, no doubt about it. Hot heads and cool tempers of both sides of the table. Fleet Captain Taybrim informed everyone that there had been a breach, and contact with the syndicate had been made without their knowledge. Councilor Odex requests this be verified by his people. Klingon Captain Kregael soon reveals knowledge of both the syndicate and the followers of Molor. Suspicion and mistrust cause the volume in the room to increase and spiral nearly out of control. It’s up to the diplomats to reign it all in and talk.

Act III: New Allies

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The diplomats work to settle their differences in the conference room. As Councilor Odex sends his Lieutenant and his Terran/Klingon hybrid assistant to verify important details with his ships intel, Klingon Captain Kregael demands a hunt through the station. She is determined to find the location of a transmission that was sent to the Orion syndicate. Without a pinpoint location, Kregael, Lts Termine and Williams search through the Klingon district. Meanwhile, Councilor Odex, Flt Cpt Taybrim and Lt Blackwell remain in the conference room. This is when evidence is brought to light; communiques, codes documents, and locations.

Flt Cpt Taybrim is pulled away to handle important talks with his science-medical teams and to have Starfleet inform him of their newest crew member, Ensign Casparian. During this time Kregael, Termine and Williams all return to the conference room, none looking pleased with their unsuccessful hunt.

The away team faces their own problems. Lt Malko and LtJG Owens were sent up ahead to secure the MTF. Upon their arrival, LtJG Owens was rendered unconscious by one of the station's security, the one left handcuffed outside the shuttle. Malko is able to talk his way out of the touchy situation and make it onboard, though he is out of his depth at the helm and must call for backup.

LtCmdr Nijil and Lt Bailey made slow progress to the ship, between carrying Ms Lawrens and Lt Bailey’s physical condition. But at long last they made it to the dock at doors. It was then that Ms Lawrens made her daring escape to get away from the two officers. LtCommander McLaren and Ensign Zel arrived just in time for a shootout between LtCommander Nijil, Lieutenant Bailey and a pair of Rixx’s thugs - ex-Starfleet officer Mathias Ford and an unnamed Nausicaan. Each side was fighting over the capture of Sarah Lawrens. Which caused her attempted escape to fail.

Back on the station, chief of science Ltcmdr Galven is learning what it means to work with ex-chief of Science, Taelon. It means a lot of robotics and AIs. Which for their purpose, are the best option for ensuring the eradication of Silicon Plantichloride. And saving lives, both near and far.

Councillor Odex, Fleet Captain Taybrim and Lieutenant Blackwell begin to make some good headway. As they sift through data and filter out interference, several recurring words become a noticeable tread. Archanis, a K-class world on the far side of the Azure Nebula. And Krala, a known Klingon General. How everything is involved with one another has yet to be seen. But the Empire and Starfleet have at least begun to gain enough to go on the offensive.

The science team - led by LtCommander Galven - informs Fleet Captain Taybrim that their work is nearing completion, putting Taybrim in the spotlight, as he explains why they are handing illegal gases. Odex is skeptical, agreeing to the necessity of it. It's their intention to share the antidote and means to distribute in friendship and to further strengthen their alliance against the cult and the Syndicate.

Dramatis Personae

Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Sarah Lawrens Human Capture by Starfleet Sal Taybrim An X-Starfleet officer who fled her post and Earth shortly after the attack on the embassy. She was on the run from Rixx, a power megalomaniac of the Orion syndicate.
Kregael Klingon Captain of IKS O’griss German Galven A proud, older Klingon. She questions everything about Starfleet, but can see they have similar goals.
Odex Klingon Councilor, newest ally Nijil An old Klingon, with a loyalty to old Klingon ways. He is trusted by the inner-most circle of the high command, and many others.
Kelas Klingon Lieutenant Karen Stendhal A loyal beast of a woman, who keeps the company of Councilor Odex. She would follow him wherever he went. She is a powerful ally.
Lenessi Shult Terran/Klingon Hybrid Prudence Blackwell Councilor Odex’s personal consultant.

Crew Participating in the Mission

Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position Notes
Sal Taybrim Commanding Office
Nijil First Officer
Prudence Blackwell Comm/Ops Officer
Dar Toral Ops Officer Transferred to Constitution
Rebecca Owens Security Officer LOA 3-8-20
Wallace Williams Security
Icara Ghell Security Arrived 03-30-20
T'Pam Engineering Officer LoA 2-17-20
Romyana Casparian Engineering Officer Arrived 3-11-20
Kudon Engineering Officer Arrived 3-30-20
German Galven Chief Science Officer Second Officer
Kteer Science Officer LOA 3-8-20
Karen Stendhal Medical Officer
Sheila Bailey Medical Officer
Malko Counselor
Dante Termine Head Diplomatic Officer
Solaris McLaren Chief Intelligence Officer

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