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Talas: So this thing we need a cure for, would that explain why I have a strong urge to kiss you both right now?

Foster: I mean I’m always up for kisses ::He wagged his brows and antennae in unison.:: But only when off duty.

FNS Headlines

Mission Summary

Act I: Love and Gratitude

It was time for the annual Gratitude Festival, and the Bajoran population had been eagerly anticipating the day! Captain Taybrim, First Officer Niji and the senior staff were invited to attend as guests of honour for this event. The group gathered on the grounds before the actual beginning of the Festival, awaiting the arrival of Prylars Durial Manas and Hanak Lami. Upon their arrival, the staff were separated into two groups, those who would ring bells led by Prylar Durial, those who would wave flags led by Prylar Hanak. After the ceremonial greeting, Vedek Lova Pali offered a toast to “release our irrational anger and wish for peace and tranquility.”

Once the initial opening ceremony was concluded, the officers and festival goers went about enjoying aspects of the event. Little groups converged together, some speaking to the Prylars, others breaking off into smaller groups to explore together. Pleasantries abound, and the Bajoran hospitality could not be denied. Among the activities was the traditional Renewal Scroll. Quite a few tables were set up with piles of parchment and pens which allowed anyone who wished to do so to fill out a scroll. Braziers stood nearby, alight with flames for those scrolls to be burned, a symbolic burning of the burdens, fears, and concerns written upon them. Around the entire grounds, various congregational members of the temple carried trays, upon which sat food and drinks available for anyone to take, as well as taking back any dishes that had been emptied.

As crew members and civilians alike enjoyed partaking the various drinks available to those at the festival, certain unusual effects began to occur. Some found themselves fawning after those they found physically attractive, while others had heightened senses of anxiety. Some felt emotions of love and romance, while others seemed to exhibit not just attraction toward others, but a sense of protectiveness.

Act II: Tainted Love

As things began to get heated, some crew members noticed the strange behaviour of others. Cadet Kherys Harper alerted First officer Nijil, who immediately attempted to find the captain. While doing so, he was waylaid by Ensign Ashley Yael. By that time, Doctor Shar’wyn Foster had been alerted by Lieutenant Commander Prudence Blackwell that something wasn’t right. He showed up just in time to witness some of the rather odd behaviour, particularly on the part of First Lieutenant Anthony Meeks.

Commander McLaren, Lieutenant Nalni, and Cadet Kherys Harper were tasked with checking internal sensors to see if they could find anything. On the way, they were met by Lieutenant Meeks who tried to deter them from their mission. Lieutenant Nalni elected to distract him while McLaren and Harper made their way up to the sensor array.

Commander Foster managed to get an emergency transport to Sickbay, taking with him Ensign Yael and Ensign Amaase after Ensign Yael tried to put the moves on Nijil, then suddenly started going into hibernation two months too soon. Intent on finding the Captain, Nijil did his best to balance greeting not one but two recently graduated cadets, Ensign Jake Eriica and Ensign Tolko Dastrup, while dealing with the affected company. Nijil commands Eriica, Dastrup, and Ensign Pepper O’Grady, who had guided Eriica to the FO, to gather samples and take them to Sickbay. Meanwhile, he stalks off in search of the Captain, only to be distracted by a fight.

Lieutenant Sheila Bailey found herself in the company of Ensign Talas Beck and Dalin Lukin Zorkal. The three began to feel rather strange, Luking declaring himself the protector of Bailey, while Talas became joyful and began to ask for hugs. Sheila then proceeded to kiss both of them. Talas became angry that Zorkal received more affection than he, and attacked the Cardassian. Fending off the punches for some time, Zorkal finally became angry enough to ignore Bailey’s wishes for kindness and punched the Bajoran in return. By that time, Nijil has arrived and restrained the Bajoran from attacking again. Suddenly, Doctor Bailey began to cry out, commandeering Zorkal’s attention while Talas suddenly collapsed. Immediately, Nijil initiated an emergency transport for the trio to be sent to an isolated room in Sickbay.

As things continued to get worse, Lieutenant Commander Ishani Kasun, Lieutenant Prudence Blackwell, and recent arrival, Ithri Sh’shelor, dealt with some rather overt advances on the part of Meeks and the Galvens have noted that things seem rather strange. The thought that it could be in the drinks since Blackwell was affected spurred Sh’shelor to procure a tray of drinks to use as ‘samples’. Thus obtained, the three made their way to Sickbay where they then went to the diagnostic room where Foster is trying to help Counselor Yael with the assistance of Counselor Amaase.

After finding nothing using the sensors, Cadet Harper suggested to Commander McLaren they bring people to Sickbay to have tests run. Meeting back with Lieutenants Meeks and Nalni, they made their way there. During attempts to run the tests, Meeks managed to catch Harper by surprise twice and kissed her. While Harper was explaining that the limbic system seemed to be overactive, Nalni, irritated by Meeks’ advances toward Harper, attacked him. Nalni somehow managed to get a lock on the Marine and held a hypospray she grabbed, threatening to inject him with it. Meeks simply passed out due to everything in his system, and McLaren forced Nalni to give up the hypospray.

By that time, Harper called security and two officers came and took up position to keep her under close watch. McLaren suggested Harper and Nalni go get samples while she herself checked surveillance, but the cadet caught sight of Sh’shelor who had just entered sickbay with a tray full of samples. She proceeded to follow the Andorian woman to the diagnostic room. There, she joined Doctor Foster and reported to him what has happened with her patients. Commander Kasun was asked to join Nijil and provide backup, along with Andorian Ithri Sh’shelor. Foster then steered both Ensign Amaase and Lieutenant Blackwell into a room to themselves while he and Harper discussed a plan of action.

Ensign Yael had remained in the room with both Foster and Harper, then suddenly began to cry out about spiders crawling all over the room and the two doctors. When attempting to calm him, Yael lashed out, punching Harper, then attempted to flee, but tripped over the young cadet. Harper managed to restrain him somewhat while Doctor Foster put together a hypospray with a sedative to calm the irrational Denobulan. Once his fit was quelled, the two got him back onto a biobed and set about taking care of their patients as best they could.

Foster joined Ensign Talas, Doctor Bailey, and Dalin Zorkal in the isolation room. There, he set about tending to his patients as best he could without knowing what was causing the strange reactions.

During the course of the festival, Andrea Munger and Penelope Roox had been enjoying the event along with just spending time together. After a few drinks, however, Penelope claimed she was pregnant with Andrea’s child and the two met Dr. Taisa Ayala at Sickbay in order to have her checked. Finding nothing, Ayala told the couple that Roox was not pregnant, news that the young Bajoran woman refused to believe. During this time, Dr. Ayala discovered what was happening elsewhere and realised that Roox was affected. The two were released from Sickbay.

Act III: Curing Love-sickness

Back in the science labs, Dastrup, Eriica, and O’Grady ran scans on the samples and found some were contaminated with THC, though it seemed that such an additive wouldn’t cause such strange behaviours from those who consumed it. Another substance was found, something akin to pheromones, and Dastrup programmed a tricorder to be able to pick it up. At that moment, Harper, who had reconnected with her patients, contacted them in the hopes that they had some useful information.

Information was sent to Cadet Harper in Sickbay who immediately got her and some other Medical Officers working on the problem. Hours passed as more people came into Sickbay with signs of having consumed the contaminated drinks. After hours of pouring over various options, Harper finally found an antidote. She immediately dosed both Nalni and Lieutenant Meeks, then sent them out to round up affected people to bring them to Sickbay. That done, Harper started creating the antidote in bulk and getting Sickbay organised to start the process of dosing the affected. Then she made her way to an isolation room, dosed Counselor Yael and immediately put him to work helping in the assembly line for treatment.

In another isolation room, Foster tended to Bailey, Talas, and Zorkal. After helping Bailey by lowering the gravity level, he set about investigating the cause of the distress. As he was with them, the notice came through that Harper had found an antidote. Immediately, Foster replicated it and administered it to his patients.

Set on their way, Nalni and Meeks made contact with Nijil who suggested they set up a treatment area at the Temple in order to help prevent Sickbay from being overrun. During that time, McLaren had met up with him and the two set out in search of Captain Taybrim. They found him along with Arturo Maxwell and Veradis Fai, taking note that Maxwell and the Captain seemed in an unusually huggy mood. Once given the antidote, the Captain came to his senses and the entire base set about trying to get back to normal.

Dramatis Personae

Dramatis Personae
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Captain Finch Human Alive/Free Arturo Maxwell
Bree Ferengi Alive/Free/Bar Owner Nijil Bree is co-owner of "My Favourite Bar" and has good ears for business.
Freg Ferengi Alive/Free/Bar Owner Alora DeVeau Freg co-owns "My Favourite Bar" with Bree. He is rather progressive for a Ferengi, taking a more modern view of women and very supportive of his partner. He is also in love with Bree.
Haip Ferengi Alive/Free Alora DeVeau Haip is Freg's slightly older brother. While he doesn't seem like it at first glance, he's quite intelligent - he just isn't interested in business. This is blasphemous to his family and he's spent most of his life trying to cater to his families' wishes, keep the peace, and yet somehow pursue his dream of becoming a published author.

Crew Participating in the Mission

Participating Crew
Name Position Notes
Sal Taybrim Commanding Officer
Nijil First Officer
Prudence Blackwell Comm/Op Officer
Arturo Maxwell Chief Tactical Officer
Ishani Kasun Chief Security Officer
Talas Beck Helm Officer
Nalni Engineering Officer
Toklo Dastrup Engineering Officer
Sheila Bailey Chief medical Officer
Ashley Yael Counselor
Ariana Amaase Counselor
Alora DeVeau Chief Science Officer
Taelon Science Officer Went LOA Halfway through
Anthony Meeks Delta Company CO
Solaris McLaren Intelligence Officer

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