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Kinney: ::Darkly:: Yes.  ::He pushed a PADD across the desk that had a bland summary of Arrhimen's statement:: I think I just sent an aging ship of children into a lion's den.

Sarin::arched a perfect Vulcan brow. He never favored human turns of phrase, and many metaphors simply escaped him.:: The Albion is perfectly serviceable, and last I checked all officers and crew were well above the age of majority.  ::He deadpanned.::

Kinney: ::Waving a hand in the air:: Technicalities. An old ship, a new commander and new officers in key areas is a recipe for disaster.  ::he frowned:: I sent those kids out on an expedited launch with little warning and no planning time because I thought this would be a cakewalk. Beat Arrhimen there, talk him down. Simple.  ::He leaned back, his countenance going dark:: This is no longer simple.

FNS Headlines

Mission Summary

Act I:

"No Commanding officer got a crew readied at this hour and in this space of time, without good reason. And that's what concerned Freya. She did wondered what they were going into - but they would all know soon enough." -Freya Andersen, Security

Haz Arrhimen, Starfleet renegade
With Captain Leo Handley-Page still on the roster but on sabbatical to Byzallium to tend to the monstrous transformations that afflicted his sister and best friends, Commander Sal Taybrim stepped up to Starfleet's call when the Cheyenne class USS Stormcrow went missing from repair dock at DS85.

With an expedited launch at 0500 hours, the crew of the USS Albion had to wake up and hustle to get the old girl warping off to the Valdis colony in time. Fortunately the crew gets some breathing room shortly after launch, enough time for Acting Captain Taybrim to introduce two new crew members: Chief Engineer Lieutenant Theo Whittaker and Tactical officer Lieutenant Tatash. Once the Albion is safely at warp, the crew gathers for an early morning briefing. At least there's fresh coffee and pastries! (Something which cements the pastry addiction of the acting commanding officer in the minds of his crew.)

The crew finds out that their mission is to intercept the USS Stormcrow before it gets to Romulan space. Starfleet believes that the Stormcrow will attack the defenseless Romulan Valdis colony in an act of war. As the crew express shock and dismay at this, Commander Taybrim goes on to explain that the Captain of the Stormcrow is Haz Arrhimen, the same Haz Arrhimen that insisted they investigate the destruction of the SS Annabelle's Lament and the death of his younger brother. Since Arrhimen left spacedock he's refusing to answer hails and looks intent on committing an act of war.

As the Albion speeds towards the Valdis colony, they receive a call from Lt Commander James Thorn of the USS Tribal, a fast frigate on patrol of the Romulan neutral zone. Thorn and his crew have received Arrhimen's declaration of war over subspace and the Tribal is close enough to the Valdis colony to lend aid to the Albion, an offer which Commander Taybrim is happy to accept. However, unknown to either one of them Captain Arrhimen has intercepted their communication and moves to engage the Tribal. About an hour after the conversation between the Tribal and the Albion, the Stormcrow attacks, badly damaging the USS Tribal.

Thorn sends out a distress call, and while the Albion cannot spare the ship to assist her, they do launch a medical and marine contingent to lend aid with a trio of arrow class shuttles. Meanwhile Starfleet Command in the trinity sector gets word on just how violently serious Haz Arrhimen is, prompting Commodore Allan Kinney to question how wise it was to launch an old ship with a new crew into a dangerous battle.

Act II:

"Well I say to you, here is the new revolution. Me and my crew of the Stormcrow are those Patriots who will fight, and we will water the tree of liberty with green blood of the tyrants." -Haz Arrhimen

The USS Albion fights a tense battle
The Albion reached the Valdis colony shortly before the Stormcrow, and immediately started to search for the missing starship. Haz Arrhimen, already aware of the Albion's presence from the communication with the USS Tribal approached the Valdis system using the Valdis nebula as cover. The Stormcrow ambushed the Albion from inside the nebula and advanced.

The two ships engaged in a vicious firefight which led to the crippling of the Stormcrow, and major damage to the Albion. The majority of the Stormcrow's skeleton crew launched on life boats which were intercepted by the Albion, but over a dozen Stormcrow officers were left onboard. The Albion sent a search and rescue party to the Stormcrow, to retrieve injured crew and retrieve information from the Stormcrows computer banks before the ship's life support completely failed. Ensign Freya Andersen was successful in convincing the Stormcrow's science officer Tara Whittings to help them. The security teams were successful in rescuing the rest of the survivors, but when they tried to access the computer core they set off a trap that Captain Arrhimen set in the core system, triggering a self destruct. Lieutenant JG Rocko Stevens stayed on board to help push the Stormcrow away from the Albion while he ordered the rest of his team to beam back to the Albion. Through the careful maneuvering of Lt Commander Kaitlyn Falcon the Albion was able to get to a safe distance and beam Lieutenant Stevens back before the Stormcrow exploded. In the end the Albion crew only gleaned a small amount of what secrets Arrhimen may have held.

However, on board the Albion the survivors were kept in the brig but Haz Arrhimen demanded to speak to the Albion's Commanding officer. When Taybrim agreed to meet with him, Arrhimen uncovered that he wasn't going to attack the Valdis colony with phasers and torpedos; but with a biochemical agent that was already released on the planet. In his madness, Arrhimen claimed that he had brought the bioweapon on board the Albion with him and that the entire crew was now infected.

Act III:

I am a black belt in Starship Jujitsu, and don’t you dunderheads ever forget it! -Lt Commander Kaitlyn Falcon

The lives of the Valdis colony hang in the balance
In the Captain's read room, Haz Arrhimen makes the bold claim that there is a cloaked Romulan warbird in the nebula, and it was the Romulans who fired the killing blow into the USS Stormcrow, not the Albion. This claim does line up with the fact that the Stormcrow apparently sustained much more damage than the Albion was capable of delivering in a single torpedo shot; as well as the reason for Arrhimen setting the remnants of his ship to self destruct. However Commander Taybrim, Counselor Anastasha Broi and Lieutenant Trel'lis all suspect that Arrhimen is lying somehow.

Medical and scientific teams led by Doctor Jen Malcolm quickly discover that while Arrhimen has brought strains of a bioweapon virus on board, the crew is at little risk. The bioweapon specifically targets Romulan physiology. Dr. Malcolm is able to quickly produce a serum that will safeguard the Albion's Vulcan crew members from any ill effects; but cracking the bioweapon and finding a cure for the Valdis colony is much more difficult. The Albion decides to offer clemency to the Stormcrow's science officer Tara Whittings in exchange for assistance in creating a cure for the bioweapon. Thankfully, she agrees.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Whittaker and Lieutenant JG Peters are investigating the power surge that happened directly before the Albion fired upon the Stormcrow; only to find that there is an overload in one of the torpedo tubes! Lt. Commander Anders rushes down to engineering to lend aid as the resulting explosion could end up destroying the Albion in its weakened state. He ends up working in close quarters in a life-or-death situation with Lieutenant Whittaker - a fateful situation that would start off a long term romance between the two officers.

With a cure for the bioweapon well underway, Haz Arrhimen's lies are wearing thin. Commander Taybrim decides to call Arrhimen's bluff by sending out a deflector pulse which should show a sensor ghost of any cloaked ships. As the pulse is deployed Taybrim is ready to send Arrhimen back to the brig when a Romulan warbird decloaks off the port bow of the USS Albion. The already frazzled bridge crew is startled by this, and tension rises as the Romulans do not open fire - but they stand their ground as if trying to stare the Albion down. As Commander Taybrim goes to try to talk to the Romulans Captain Arrhimen activates a covert communications device and is beamed off the Albion. It is unclear whether the Romulans beamed him off either as an ally or to dispense justice to him - or whether Arrhimem beamed elsewhere. The Albion was left with many questions as the warbird re-cloaked and left the Valdis system at high warp.

The rest of Arrhimen's crew were secured and the Albion was able to synthesize an antidote to the weapon used against the Valdis colony and offered both the antidote and the formula for synthesizing more to the planetary governor; thus preventing an act of war. The Albion returned to the USS Tribal, retrieved all teams and offered full medical aid to all Starfleet officers. Both ships rendezvoused with the USS Avalon which towed the tribal and escorted the Albion back to StarBase 118.

Dramatis Personae

Dramatis Personae
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Commodore Allan Kinney Human Starfleet headquarters - Trinity Sector Sal Taybrim Commodore Kinney is stationed on Raskor I in the trinity sector, and is one of the overseeing flag officers for the area. He is not fond of the change in COs onboard Starbase 118.
Haz Arrhimen Antaran Starfleet Traitor Baylen Anders Haz Arrhimen was the Captain of the USS Stormcrow. He tried to destroy the USS Albion and crew while launching bio weapons onto Romulan Space.
Tara Whittings Human Dishonorably Discharged Sal Taybrim Lieutenant Tara Whittings created the bioweapon used against the Valdis colony. She was having a romantic relationship with Haz Arrhimen. She is now serving time in a Federation rehabilitation facility.
Torian Rhivu Romulan Governor of the Valdis Colony Sal Taybrim Torian Rhuvu is the Governor of the Valdis colony. He accepted aid from the Federation to prevent the Stormcrow's bioweapon from destroying the colony.
Ships and Locations
Name Class/Type Status Commanded By
USS Stormcrow Cheyenne Class Cruiser Destroyed Haz Arrhimen
The USS Stormcrow was hijacked by Captain Arrhimen during shore leave at DS85, and taken to the Valdis Colony to commit an act of war with the Romulans. Arrhimen fought a vicious battle with the USS Albion resulting in the Stormcrow's destruction.
USS Tribal Aegian Class Fast Frigate Active Lt Commander James Thorn
The USS Tribal attempted to intercept the USS Stormcrow before the Stormcrow entered Romulan space. The Tribal was badly damaged in the firefight and left for dead. The USS Albion sent aid to the downed ship and the Tribal was towed to StarBase 118 for repairs.
USS Avalon Cutlass Class Carrier Active Captain Nol Besaid
The USS Avalon lent aid to the USS Tribal and USS Albion after war was averted and the USS Stormcrow's crew was apprehended. The Avalon escorted the damaged Albion back to StarBase 118, while towing the USS Tribal.
Valdis I Romulan Colony Active Governor Torian Rhivu
Valdis I was recently colonized by the Romulans. It has a small, struggling colony of civilians - mainly researchers, scientists and agricultural specialists. It holds no strategic value.

Participating Crew

Participating Crew
Name Position Notes
Leo Handley-Page Commanding Officer On Sabbatical to Earth
Sal Taybrim Acting Commander Promoted to Commanding Officer 239212.12
Baylen Anders Mission Specialist PC Switch from Ian West 239210.29
Kaitlyn Falcon Chief of Helm/Comm/Ops
Freya Andersen Security Officer
Rocko Stevens Security Officer Transferred from Comm/Ops to Security 239210.30
Tatash Tactical Officer Transferred from the USS Avandar 239211.14; Moved to Marine Captain and Marine Liason 239212.20
Theo Whittaker Chief Engineering Officer Transferred from the USS Columbia 239211.16; Promoted to Lt Commander and ExO 239212.20
Cadfael Peters Engineering Officer
Jen Malcolm Medical Officer Joined 239210.29
Zinna Medical Officer Transferred from the USS Apollo-A 239211.10
Nira Science Officer Joined 239211.16, AWOL 239212.06
Anastasha Broi Counselor
Trel'lis Diplomatic Officer
Trellis Vondaryan Intelligence Officer

Gallery and Quotes

::They had been waiting, ready to catch the Albion in the most limited position possible. Mines to the left of her, jokers to the right... stuck in the middle was not a good position.::