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"I do not know what Gods you worship, but should we fail, you and your crew will be welcomed to Sto'vo'kor as Warriors and the bond between our great Empires will be reforged in iron by blood. Today is a good day to die, Captain." -Councillor Dempok

FNS Headlines

Mission Summary

Act I: A Menace Returns

::Brilliant. Sal's dark eyes narrowed at the viewscreen where the Avalon was picked up on long range sensors. There she was, just sitting there like a big, pregnant, naive cat with a belly full of angry kittens.
Still, kittens verses a massive bird of prey usually lost, no matter how angry they were.::
The Klingon colony Thosis is the next target for the IRW Sienov
A rogue Romulan warbid is attacking Klingon border colonies. The Romulans deny any connection to the attacks, and the Klingons are actively hostile, seeing this as an act of war. In the middle of this tense standoff Captain Sal Taybrim gets a call from Commodore Allan Kinney. Kinney reveals that and old friend, Haz Arrhimen, has commandeered the D'deridex class IRW Sienov and he is the one behind these attacks.

Kinney's orders are firm, placing Captain Taybrim and the USS Albion firmly under the direction of Captain L'Trena and the USS Avalon. Taybrim privately expresses deep concern as to this set up, believing Captain L'Trena to be inexperienced in ship combat and an unwise choice to face a Romulan Warbird, especially since both the Albion and the Avalon lack the firepower to win a straight up fight with the Sienov.

Captain Taybrim quickly mobilizes the USS Albion and they enact an expedited launch with full battle preparations. Teams across the ship prepare for battle, while Lieutenant Taelon, Major Tatash and Lieutenant Beyett start preparing some creative solutions to deal with the Sienov to compensate for the lacking Armaments on both the Albion and the Avalon. Major Tatash proposes that everyone be aware that they need to use lethal force to take Arrhimen down, something Captain Taybrim agrees with; but which causes pain to Doctor Ezo and Counselor Zinna.

Before they can rendezvous with the USS Avalon, Captain Taybrim takes a coded message from Councillor Dempok of the Klingon Empire. Dempok has his Vor'Cha class cruiser the IKS S’Tarahk cloaked and on standby to engage the Sienov. The two share information and strike an alliance to fight the Sienov together.

As the Albion nears the rendezvous point with the Avalon, they hail Captain L'Trena who tells the Albion that he intends to break cover and send some fighters to investigate a disturbance. Captain Taybrim implores L'Trena to not break cover and wait for them to arrive, but Captain L'Trena brushes him off and closes the commline. The Albion speeds towards the rendezvous with an increasing sense of dread.

Act II: A Grave Error In Judgement

::Phrik nearly exploded, it took almost all of his self-control to not shout the medic into a perforated ear-drum:: Forgive my lack of Engineering knowledge, but aren’t the engines usually the most EXPLOSIVE part of a ship?! ::He let out a long rattling breath and shook his head. This wasn’t worth the effort:: Just tell me where on this Godsforsaken death trap I need to be to do my damn job without dying.
Starfleet Officers uncover the horrible past of The Below

Act 2 summary

Act III: The Ultimate Sacrifice

::The Negh'var continued to float around the Albion like a guardian angel before she turned, belching out a string of torpedo's into the Sienov which twisted in response, explosions covering part of the swept wing and main body leaving her looking like she was literally wincing in pain. A solid, painful hit that took out one of her green engines, breaches pockmarking the formally invulnerable surface.
She turned, limping back towards the purpleish cloud she'd emerged from like an angry spider heading back to it's web.::
A shot fired in the darkness
Act 3 summary

Dramatis Personae

Rendezvous at Raskor Characters
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Allan Kinney Human Dishonorably discharged Sal Taybrim Former Commodore Allan Kinney was the sector commander for the Trinity Sector. He was removed from duty and stripped of rank following the discovery of his ties to the Orion Syndicate
Dreva Nan Angoian Augment Deceased Sal Taybrim Dreva Nan was an Orion Syndicate assassin sent to silence Commodore Kinney and the crew of StarBase 118 Ops

Crew Participating in the Mission

Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position Notes
Sal Taybrim Commanding Officer
Theo Whittaker First Officer
Antero Flynn Chief of Helm/Comm/Ops
Tatash Marine Commander
Ishani Kasun Asst. Chief of Security Crisis Response
Tyler Kelly Security Officer
Ziron Antraydin Engineering Officer
Mirra Ezo Chief Medical Officer
Quexit Phrik Medical Officer
Taelon Chief Science Officer
Valdar Sorna Science Officer
Trel'lis Head Diplomatic Officer
Aitas Chief Intelligence Officer