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On 239302.05 the USS Aegis Launches under the Command of Commander Sal Taybrim and Lt. Commander Theo Whittaker to investigate the drug and lend aid to the Government. After and uprising and bad crime rampage Lt. JG Mirra Ezo and Lt. Commander Baylen Anders beam down with Major Dal and a Mobile Sickbay in hopes of delivering Medical Aide. Lt. JG Antero Flynn picked out an impounded shuttle and ground craft ship to use as a transport. Lt. Commander Theo Whittaker will be leading an away team to Tilanni.


Following a short shore leave, SB118 Ops received word from the independent planet Tilanna V that their authorities found Boris Malinov murdered. Tilanna V is a border world, unclaimed by any particular authority. Commander Taybrim agreed to investigate and they prepared the USS Aegis for launch.

En route to Tilanna V the Aegis found that there was more than met the eye to the situation because once Starfleet involvement was made public on Tilanna, the criminal elements attacked and rioted on the Governor's offices and political institutions in the capitol city Anjunaar. It became clear that the criminals were holding the government hostage so the Aegis prepared a focused Marine SWAT team under the command of Major Tatash to break up the situation before deploying a mobile sickbay to lend aid to the injured.

Both the riots and Malinov's murder made it clear that Tilanna V was being held in the vicious grips a criminal organization calling itself "The Jenatris Confederation." The Jenatris Confederation is responsible for spreading a dangerous street drug called All Time High (ATH) throughout Tilanna. Many of the rioters were on the drug when they attacked the capitol, and when treated many did not remember what happened in the attacks.

With the government hostage situation cleared the Aegis sent down several teams: A medical team to help treat those addicted to ATH - liaising with the Aegis to find a cure for the deadly drug; an intel team to investigate Malinov's murder and a security team led by Lt Commander Theo Whittaker investigating the Jenatris Confederation. The intel team found that Malinov was murdered by someone on the police force and that there was terrible corruption in the Anjunaar government and law enforcement. Whittaker's team found that the head of the Jenatris confederation was a criminal named Janker who had connections to Nacien Rixx (the man who sold explosive to the Romulan terrorists that blew up the Annabelle's Lament) and back to a suspected criminal merchant who set up shop on SB118!

Meanwhile as the crew of the USS Aegis work to sift through information and put the pieces together, they are hailed by a Klingon Vor'cha class cruiser and find out that Al'Akir, governor of Tilanna V has petitioned the Klingon Empire for membership. Fortunately the communication between the Aegis and the Klingons is productive - the Federation was not looking to admit Tilanna, and both sides can benefit from sharing information about ATH and the Jenatris Confederation. The Aegis is able to forge an alliance with Ambassador Dempok of the Klingon Empire in the interest of eliminating the Jenatris Confederation (an organization which is looking more and more like the Orion Syndicate...)

On the planet Theo Whittaker's away team is attacked while uncovering the whereabouts of Janker, and the other teams run to his aid...