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Taybrim: I must let you all know that the information we are about to discuss is sensitive and classified. It is to remain confidential between those in this room and only others who are on a need to know basis. If anyone has any objection to this please let me know, now and I will make sure you are safely reassigned to non-critical duties.

Maxwell: My turn tae stay behind and make the tea, aye?

Stendhal: I can help with the tea, I’m quite good and I love tea!

FNS Headlines

Mission Summary

Act I: First Steps Forward

What. Getting them mad enough to shoot themselves in their attempts to shoot us is a perfectly legitimate strategy. Especially if we’re outnumbered. -Marine Captain Luthas

The crew of the infamous Starbase 118 Ops wrapped up their much needed shoreleave on a high note one last grand social gathering. Fleet Captain Taybrim has the honors of offering his crew many well deserved ribbons and even a few new titles for some of the crew. One of which was the rise in responsibility and title of Lt Bailey, who was given the title assistant chief medical officer.

Though the celebration was fun and lighthearted, each member of the staff knew what awaited them the following days. For all their information gathering and ally-forming day were to be put to use against the treacherous Cult of Molor - a continued thorn in their side.

The USS Narendra set sailed after a brief briefing with few hours to spare. A Klingon High Councilmen informed Fleet Captain Taybrim of a ship and her crew that recently went missing. To add to the seriousness of the mission, the crew were also informed that a location in question - the Azure Nebula - has reports of suspicious activities that coincide with Cult movement. It was where all the chemicals needed to fabricate “Death Fog” were being shipped.

The crew didn’t hesitate to leap into action. Divided up into three teams, they set out to make the most of their first true offensive strike. The Nebula was home to a planet called Vankoth II, where the captured Klingon ship and its crew were believed to be held and a large stockpile of Death Fog. There was an old Klingon base still planet side, which was likely being used by the cult. The Nebula provided them with cover but also limited sensor and reacting abilities themselves. It simply would have to do.

LtCommander Galven led the scientist team, tasked with the responsibility of destroying the Death Fog gasses and rendering the facility useless for future manufacturing. Thanks to recently re-enlisted Ensign Taelon and his robotic breathers - they stood a good chance to contain all the deadly gases. Which meant the team would also be safe from accidental - or intentional - exposure.

LtCommanders Nijil and McLaren took lead of the rescue side of the mission. Their focus set to save the Captured Klingon crew. Though additional intel seemed to come naturally for the duo - as one of them is the department head of Intelligence. The rest of their team is more than willing to put in the extra effort.

Meanwhile, Fleet Captain Taybrim held back on the Narendra, ready to provide aerial support and an emergency rescue if needed.

Upon their arrival to Vankoth II, the two away teams prepped and boarded a Klingon shuttle the IKS Loq’nom, manned by Lieutenant JG Zel. It was the quickest and most undetected ship they could find to get the away teams planet side. The not so young pilot managed to do just that, hiding from sensor sweeps with seconds to spare while getting both teams beamed down. From there it would be up the crew, however, to get inside the base. And more importantly - out.

For too long, have the Followers of Molor seem to be one step ahead of Ops and her crew. But they never gave up, working long hours and missions to continue to gather support and intel on the inner workings of the Cult.

At last time came to begin taking the offensive. The crew gathered together - new officers included - for an intense debriefing. With the combination of new intel on a Cult stronghold and an informant within the Klingon Empire, the crew made plans for a daring rescue and sabotage. A family member of a high ranking Klingon within the Empire, Lofsha, and her crew were taken prisoner by the cult. And as luck would have it - it was believed they were being held in the Azure Nebula

Act II: Out of the Fire

Bailey: Asoq, slow your honorable butt down!

The arrival of the USS Narendra in the Azure Nebula, throws a massive wrench into the Cult of Molor's plans to lay waste to a number of Klingon and Federation worlds. Hidden within the nebula, Fleet Captain Taybrim is able to send away teams to Vankoth II undetected. He settled in with the remaining members of his senior staff, and prepares for a battle he feels they will have on their hands.

LtCmdr Galven and his team were the first drop offs. Instantly met with resistance and hardships, as well as an unexpected ally from within, a Klingon named Asoq, a cult member. LtCmdr Galven went to see if the man was dead before entering the production facility of the base. As a result, the commander was shot down. It damaged him severely and slowed the team's progress. Ensign Kudon and Tealon went on ahead to try and gain much needed ground in order to install the "Breathers" - a robot breather to filter and render the Death Fog useless. Dr Bailey stayed behind to help both men.

Ltcmdrs Nijil and McLaren entered the base from another location, a mostly abandoned cargobay. they were quick and stealthy, but that soon changed. At a crossroad section of the base, they could hear the approach of a large group of Klingons as well as when the door in front of them opened to a pair of very large Klingons. With little choice and fast thinking the team overpowered the two Klingons and took refuge in a communications room, where LtCmdr McLaren went right to work. They decided to split into two smaller teams to keep their detection to a low and cover more ground. They needed to find the captured crew as quickly as possible. LtCmdr McLaren and Marine Captain Luthas took one way and LtCmdr Nijil, Ensign DeBarres, and Lt Stendhal took another.

Act III: Into the flames

=/\= Reactor containment failure. Reactor will reach critical point in 5-1̶̢̈́-̶̺̄̑3-̸̟͍̾12̸̨̂2̷͍̕-mi-d2̷̞̩̌67 . All personnel evacuate. All personnel evacuate. =/\=" says the eerie base computer. The metallic voice threatened all those planet side with death.

Mclaren and Luthas had a stroke of good luck, finding a very agitated but very alive Captain Lofsha, their target captain. While the other team had all the bad luck, getting separated even more. Lt Stendhal slipped past a mad scientist with a raygun and her band of angry-at-everyone cultists. She instead was faced with a very young girl with conflicting feelings about what they were doing at the base. LtCmdr Nijil and DeBarres ran into one group after another of cult members all out for blood. They took a bloodied beating while LtCmdr McLaren and her ever growing team made to take back the captured Klingon ship and face off against the base's leader, Commander Gach'ah and the most insane scientist who created ray guns and the DeathFog itself.

Ensign Kudon and Taelon instituted the programs needed into the bases' main system to begin their work against the Death Fog and ensure nothing there could get out or be used. But something went wrong! "

The Narendra didn't fare any better, even in the cover of the Nebula. Where once there was one Cult ship, there were suddenly three more. One of them commanded by one of FleetCpt own, Cmdr Janul. It was a powerful emotion, to see someone so loyal on the wrong side. They faced off, with hurt and a sense of betrayal, only made worse when Lt Frederickson made his escape from the Starfleet ship to the Klingon vessel. Planetside, it was a race to escape the explosion that promised to lay waste to everything that stood.

Dramatis Personae

Edge of Glory Characters
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Zoyua Dokkaran female Captured Luthas A returning Mad scientist. One responsible for the creation of the Death Fog and similar bio-weaons.
Gach'ah, son of Mamrut, former House of Martok Klingon Male Captured German Galven Former member of the Klingon High Command, turned cruel and hungry for power he could never gain. The leader of the Cult base on Vancoth II.
Korv Klingon Male Captured Romyana Casparian Klingon Cultist
Ulas Rusol Human Male Escaped Tobias Steiger An Ex-Starfleet Officer. His plan had been to infiltrate and exact revenge for the death of his family. But the Syndicate and Cult made him one of the brainwashed many.
Kelas Klingon Female Escaped to the Narendra Karen Stendhal A loyal officer to Klingon Councilor Odex, she was sent undercover to gain more intel on the Cult’s whereabouts and future plans.
Feechi Leyron Male Escaped Nijil Commander of the Vruk, he’s a paranoid member of the cult, one of the many not actually Klingon, yet mindlessly in full support. He captured Captain Lofsha, her ship and crew. He’s well known for his strategy but was easily sucked in due to the need of a leader.
Lofsha Klingon Female Rescued Sal Taybrim Captured by the Cult of Molor. She and her crew were held captive at Vancoth. Her family ranking members of the Klingon Empire, her capture was meant to further manipulate to their sway.
Tirya Klingon Female Turned from Molor Nijil A 19 year old Klingon Female who’s family are long time followers of Molor. She always felt something was off by the unpopular teachings.

Crew Participating in the Mission

Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position Notes
Sal Taybrim Commanding Office
Nijil First Officer
Prudence Blackwell Comm/Op Officer
Arturo Maxwell chief Tactical Officer
Drevas Matthel Tactical Officer 239706.15
Charlotte DeBarres Security Officer
Noah Glover Security Officer 239706.15
Romyana Casparian Engineering Officer
Kudon Engineering Officer
German Galven Chief Science Officer/SO
Tobias Steiger Science Officer LoA
Taelon Science Officer
Sheila Bailey Asst. Chief medical Officer
Karen Stendhal Counselor
Luthas Marine Officer
Anthony Meeks Marine Officer 239706.15
Aitas Chief Intelligence Officer

Gallery and Quotes

  • Gach’ah: You are not going anywhere, you filthy targ-headed ninney poos! ::hears the voices again, then turns and shoots::
  • Bailey: Asoq, slow your honorable butt down!
  • What. Getting them mad enough to shoot themselves in their attempts to shoot us is a perfectly legitimate strategy. Especially if we’re outnumbered. -Marine Captain Luthas
  • Stendhal: Hey hey my friend, is better if we keep a good and reasonable social distance for now, ok?
  • Luthas resisted the urge to sigh. Why did so many people miss his sarcasm? It was because he was a Vulcan wasn’t it.