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StarBase 118 Ops
Trojan-class SB118
Mission Logs

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Chapter 1 - The Festival

  • Stardate 238306.20

Following the return of the Columbia crew to their starship and subsequently StarBase 118, Captain Avatar was informed that he would be taking command of the starbase following their mission. The Columbia was badly damaged during their artificial wormhole test and the Phoenix was badly damaged during the retaking of the starbase from Romulan revolutionaries. This has left the starbase defended by just the Saber Class USS Arrow and the base's standard defenses. The change of command ceremony has just been completed as Captain Waltas handed over command to Captain Avatar. Following this ceremony a grand festival has been scheduled to help boost the starbase's economy and morale.

Chapter 2 - Murder!

  • Stardate 238308.03

At the tail end of the StarBase 118 festival, a murder took place, and not just a murder, but the murder of Community Leader Savron. Not much is know about Community Leader Savron, other than that he is an El-Aurian and well respected by the populace of StarBase 118. He was recently elected and Captain Avatar had hoped that he would ease the healing process following the Romulan insurgent occupation of the starbase. Avatar was present at the site of the murder. Someone shook hands with Savron and a virus was transmitted to him that caused his body to melt into a liquid substance. It was a horrible sight to see on the promenade of the starbase. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Commander T'Lea is leading an investigation in coordination with Doctor Franks and Lieutenant Alexander to get to the bottom of the murder.