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StarBase 118 Ops
Trojan-class SB118
Mission Logs

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Below is the archive of missions under Starbase Ops Commanding Officer, Commander Lily Ventu

Chapter One: A Plague O' Both Your Houses

Dramatis Personæ


  • Species: Klingon
  • Gender: Female
  • Physical Description:
  • Personal History: A Klingon Daughter of Councillor Ligah. Rumor has it that she will ascend to her father's position within the next few months. This is a surprise move, since Ligah's plan is to graciously retire from the High Council, which is not traditionally seen as an honourable way to end one's career; it is even more intriguing because of Fero's political leanings. While the High Council respects the Federation-Klingon Alliance, Fero is a strong voice in a new generation pushing for the Klingon Empire to become a full member of the Federation. Soon-to-be-Councilor Fero rejects the ideology that good fences make good neighbours.


  • Species: Klingon
  • Gender: Male
  • Physical Description:
  • Personal History: Klegog is a medical doctor and Lady Fero's attaché - the two seem to share a somewhat antagonistic relationship.


  • Species: Unknown
  • Gender: Female
  • Physical Description: Leather clad, bubblegum-popping head turner.
  • Personal History: Unknown - she is on the station at the behest of "Daddy", a member of the Orion Syndicate, to release the virus.

Places of Interest

USS Britannic

  • Classification: Adamant-class medical ship
  • Location: In Starbase 118 space (as of 238609.30)
  • Description: A hospital vessel with a full contingent of medical personnel, medical supplies, and medical students.
  • History: Britannic has a short mission history, but its crew complement is colored with experience.

Klingon Cruiser

  • Classification: Negh'var Class Capital Ship
  • Location: In orbit around Romakh (correct on 238609.29)
  • Description:
  • History:


  • Classification: Colony Moon
  • Location: Theta Eridani star system, within Klingon Space
  • Description: Currently under martial law, with General Katek in command.
  • History:


  • Classification: Colony World
  • Location: Within Klingon Space
  • Description: The most populous of the five colonies infected by the five index patients, Grekragh suffered massive loss of life after the initial infection, with most Klingons in residence now dead.
  • History:

Items of Interest

Klingon Virus

  • Classification: Disease
  • Location: Colonies and worlds throughout Klingon Empire, Starbase 118
  • Description: A highly pathogenic and mutable virus that is swiftly fatal to Klingons
  • History: The virus first appeared many months ago, its emergence tracked to five specific Index Patients on five Klingon worlds (Grekragh, Romakh, Morska, Dral, and Qa'Nan). Since then, it spread like wildfire throughout the Klingon Empire, though the High Council have denied the virus' existence to all outside governments. Early in the initial outbreaks, the Federation, specifically Starbase 118 Ops, developed a viable anti-virus, though the continued denials by the High Council means that the anti-virus has yet to be used on a mass scale within the Empire.

It has come to light that the virus originated within Federation territory, inside a biological research laboratory where scientists were working to discover a cure. It was stolen and deliberately altered to be even more deadly and mutable than the original virus. A vaccine has been made available to immunise the unaffected, but the anti-virals developed earlier in the course of the disease are proving to be ineffective against newer strains. The virus is highly contagious, but only during the incubation period and once symptoms develop an infected individual is no longer able to pass on the disease.



  • 238608.01: Mission briefing
  • 238608.09: Fero's ship begins its final approach to the Starbase.
  • 238608.14: Kala, an operative of the Orion Syndicate, begins to release the immature virus on Starbase 118.
  • 238608.15: After a conference with Commander Lily Ventu, Lieutenant Commander Quinn Reynolds, Ambadassaor Delinda Sharee and Doctor T'Reshik, Lady Fero's ship returns to Klingon Space. After her ship had left, the first suspected case of infection by the virus is detected aboard the station.
  • 238608.19: The Commercial Dome is sealed when the presence of the virus is confirmed. Additional security enters the Dome to keep order among the trapped civilian population.
  • 238608.21: A flotilla of ships arrives at the station and opens fire. Initially unconcerned, the situation rapidly changes when the station's shields are disabled from the inside.
  • 238608.23: The Starbase discovers that the flotilla is mostly under remote control, with only two of the ships possessing life signs.
  • 238608.29: The away team arrive at Romakh and find the colony heavily infected and under martial law.
  • 238608.30: The control ships of the flotilla are rounded up, one destroyed and the other disabled, and towed back to the station.