S'Sran Yendral

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  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Duty Post: Asst. Tactical Officer
  • Current Vessel: (retired)
    • Date Assigned: 238103.09
  • Species: Saurian
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 235912.09
  • Place of Birth: Sauria Prime


  • Hair Color: None
  • Eye Color: Yellow
  • Height: 6' 7

Family History

  • Mother: T'Ghan Yendral
  • Father: S'Rel Yendral
  • Siblings: 10 Brothers, 4 Sisters (S'Sran is the 4th oldest)
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None

Personal History

S'Sran was born into a family of Saurian Brandy dealers. His family had been in the business for decades. His father was the CEO and President and his Mother was the CFO.

Growing up, S'Sran travelled with his father, who was also the Chief Salesman for Yendral Brandy, to many remote corners of the galaxy. Earth, Cardassia, Ferenginar, etc. S'Sran became fascinated with space travel and wanted to do it for a living.

Since he knew he wouldn't likely inherit the family business, S'Sran stuck to school work. He excelled in mathematics and the sciences. Arts and Philosophy were less liked.

By the time he was old enough, S'Sran wanted to enter Starfleet. His parents and siblings encouraged and helped in any way they could. S'Sran's father talked to a local Federation amabassador to Sauria Prime about the situation. Since Saurians aren't members of the Federation, S'Sran would have to get reccomended by a Starfleet Command-level officer.

The Ambassador talked with several people at Starfleet and was able to get S'Sran an interview with a group of Captains who were on leave on Sauria.

S'Sran was incredibly nervous, but impressed enough of the Captains to get a reccomendation.

Professional History

After passing the entrace exam, S'Sran travelled to Earth and went through the Academy grind.

In his first two years, he bunked with Cadet Nathan Baker who was an upperclassman in a program designed to help new cadets adapt to life in the Academy. Nathan helped S'Sran through many difficult moments and they keep in touch regularly.

S'Sran chose to major is Tactical. He struggled with some of the material at first, but as time went on, he got the hang of it.

He graduated in 2381 with average grade points and marks.

Character Data

  • Previous Ships Served On: USS Paladin
  • Awards Received: none
  • Groups: On Leave

Rank Upgrades

  • Ensign: 238102.23
  • Lieutenant JG:
  • Lieutenant:
  • Lt. Commander:
  • Commander:
  • Captain:
  • Fleet Captain:
  • Commodore:
  • Rear Admiral:
  • Vice Admiral:
  • Admiral:
  • Fleet Admiral:


Physical Discription: S'Sran is a typical Saurian. Pink skin, large yellow eyes, hairless, four fingered hands, and tall. Many non-Saurians can't tell the difference between individual Saurians. Saurians can sense the smell of other Saurians' pheromones. Other Notes: 1. Saurians are able to breathe in multiple atmospheric conditions due to their amphibious nature. 2. Tends to talk with a small lisp. 3. Can be shy at first, but very friendly after he gets warmed up to people.