Rynch/Ard'is Technologies

Rynch/Ard'is Technologies is a massive umbrella corporation that manufactures an exceptionally wide range of vehicles and weapons. Originally Republic Ard'is Systems (RAS), Rynch/Ard'is Technologies provided numerous starships for the Valcarian Republic for many millennia.

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A short lived subsidiary, Ard'is Design Systems (ADS), produced weaponry found in Vodran fighters. Though they denied any involvement in the ship's design, ADS was forced to shut down due to intense scrutiny from the Directory. Shortly after the Emperor took control, the Directory ordered the dissolution of RAS. The Emperor quickly revived the company as Ard'is Fleet Systems (AFS) and placed it under the control of Romin Ard'is. AFS quickly became one of the largest and most prolific Imperial manufacturers. Later, Ard'is would form his Advanced Projects Laboratory (whose purpose was very similar to ADS).