Rylos (Elbannon II)
Stellar Cartography
Region Par'tha Expanse
Sector Lanaxa Province
System Elbannon system
Sun(s) Elbannon
Moon(s) 1: (Galaan)
Class M
Diameter 14982km
Atmosphere Nitrogen-oxygen with Carbon dioxide and trace argon; Earth-normal pressure
Hydrosphere 73% of the surface of Rylos is covered in water. Water is present in its solid, liquid and gaseous forms
Climate temparate climate, with standard geographical and seasonal variations, making its weather very similar to that of Earth
Gravity 1.0G
Points of interest Starforce Command Headquarters, Valir City (Capital City)
Length of Day 24h
Length of Year 360d
Native species Rylan
Population 6.5 billion
Technological Classification N
Major cities Valir City (Capital City)
Exports mining (both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial), fishing, agriculture
Affiliation subjugant of House Lanaxa, formerly Rylan Concordium of Planets
Government Representative Democracy
Elbannon system Star   I   II   III   IV   V   VI
  • Culture: An ancient race, the Rylans are devoted to the pursuit of Art, leisure, learning, and self-improvement, but with a strong drive for protection of all civilizations' rights and freedoms.
  • Ship Facilities: Due to the starfighter-based military of the Rylan Concordium of Planets, there are no space-based ship facilities.
  • Other Details: The Rylan culture and civilization has been around for roughly 40,000 years. Their predisposition towards art and architecture, knowledge and philosophy, has created a near Utopian society. The threat of harm coming to all that they have built is all that mars their culture.