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Starfleet Security

Every fibre of my being says this is a mistake. I can't explain it to myself, so I can't explain it to you. I only know that I'm right.

- Guinan, USS Enterprise

Personal Information
Fullname Ruq'orb
Date of Birth 213107.21
Age 268
Place of Birth Talaal, El-Auria
Race El-Aurian
Height 5'6"
Gender Male
Eyes Warming Dark Brown & Narrow
Hair Brown, Short & Spiky
Empathic Rating E6
Occupation Security Officer
Specialties Marksman
Rank Lieutenant, JG
Other Information

About The Writer

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List of Awards | Service Ribbons
1-year Member received 238912.24   3-year Member received 239112.24   Genesis Award received 239012.24   Pathfinder Award received 239212.21   Xalor Clan Xifilis Award received 239212.31
Badge-Fall Festival Team.png Badge-Excellence in Training.png Badge-Silver Excellence in Training.png Badge-Chief Statistician.png Badge-Statistician.png Badge-Publicity Team.png Badge-Donor.png Badge-Halloween Avatar Contest Winner.png Badge-Featured Bio of StarBase 118.png Badge-Featured Bio Nominee.png Badge-20th Annual Awards Attendee.png
Leftshuttle.png Personnel Brief Rightshuttle.png
Lieutenant, JG Ruq'orb ???.

Ruq'orb looks similar to a human, but since El-Aurian's age differently, to them, he appears much younger than he is. (For every 10 of his years is like 1 for normal humans.) He also has a larger brain capacity and mental awareness which was heightened with his contact with the Nexus. This allows him to detect temporal variances as well as the presence of Q’s near him due to there interference in the normal timeline. Ruq'orb has learnt to use his developing emphatic powers for many different tasks and reasons, though he can tell who is close to him and what they may feel it is not always right, as he is still developing the ability.

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Outer Life

  • Personality Traits: Natural Leader, Self-Confident
  • Strengths: Highly Imaginative, Emotional, Sympathetic, Persuasive, Passionate, Warm-Hearted, Cheerful, Loyal, Creative, Helpful & Willing to Help Others, Light Hearted & Relaxed, Listener, Excellent Communicator, Diplomatic, Organised, Charismatic
  • Weaknesses - Suspicious, Manipulative, Insecure, Stubborn, Erratic Memories
  • Habits: Normally found gazing into space when not on duty.
  • Hobbies and Activities: Theatre, Stargazing, Meditating, people Watching, Meals with Friends, Holo Adventures.
  • Likes: Art (Astronomical), Relaxing in or near Water, A Good Meal with Friends, Theatre, Travelling, Bright Colours, Fun with Friends
  • Dislikes: Any Criticism of Mum, Q (Meddling), Timestream Changes, Being Ignored, Alcohol (Including Fake Ones)
  • Lucky Numbers: 3, 10, 20
  • Favourite Day: Monday
  • Favourite Colour: White, Gold

Inner Life

  • Mental and Emotional States: ???
  • Attitudes, Opinions, and Values: ???
  • Ambitions, Desires, and Goals: ???
  • Secrets: ???
  • Religion or Belief System: ???

Life Goals

Personal Achievements and Disappointments

  • Achievements
    • Making a new life for himself and his mother.
  • Disappointments
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