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Homeworld: Rumaiy II


What little the Rumaiy have revealed about their history mainly has to do with the wars that were fought by the various noble houses. Now that they have established peaceful relations between all the noble houses they wish to help all races learn to live in harmony.

Strangely enough the more contact they have with other races the worse that world seems to function. Civil unrest, labour conflicts, treaty violations and many other problems seem to eventually crop up around them. They always offer to help but things usually seem to just get a lot worse.

One of the first races they had dealings with was the Dahri. It was the Rumaiy's idea to form a union with the Dahri for the express idea of provideing each other with support. It took a while but the end result was the Free Trade Union. For now the Dahri are a nessasary evil. Eventually when they have outlived their usefullness they will be given the honour or seveing the Rumaiy. Till then they have their use's.


They are controled by the 1,000 noble houses. Each house has it's own troops, ships and agendas. They are always competeing against and plotting against each other. Most off world activities are conducted by a single noble house.


These humanoids alway conceal their faces with a number of layers of iridescent gauze. They also wear gloves to hide their hands. They have worked extremely hard to maintain the secret of what they really look like. From what can be seen they have 4 fingers and a thumb. They have the same basic outline of most humanoids. They wear loose flowing clothes with many hidden pockets and other concealed pouch's.


They have never allowed any medic from any race to examine them. They all wear a scrambleing device that blocks and sends false readings to any and all scanning devices includeing medical scanners.


Many consider them to be not only shifty, sneaky and cunning but to also be extremely dangerous as well. They keep their secrets extremely well. No outsiders have ever been allowed to set foot on their world. Not and lived to tell about it.


They tell all off worlders that they believe in a god who controls every aspect of their world. It is because of these belief's that no off worlder is allowed to set foot on the planet. It would be in violation of their religion. This is also the reason why off worlders are never allowed to see or scan them.

This is false. They have no god, no religion and no belief's other than that they will one day control all the other races by any means nessassary.


They have none but tall other races that the myths and religious stories are forbidden to be told to out siders. They think it adds to the mystery that surrounds their race.


Every member of their race belongs to one of the 1,000 noble houses. Plotting against the other houses is a full time pastime only surpassed by plotting to overthrow and control all the other races around them.


They have never revealed any to off worlders.


They have never revealed any to off worlders.


They are of average tecnological ability except when it comes to small scrambleing devices and other very small devices such as bombs, poison dispencers, scanners, lock picks, lock deactivaters and data copiers. These devices and others of a similar nature are all of advanced design.


Every one of the 1,000 noble houses have their own warships, freighters, soldiers, agents and agendas. For the most part the ships are very similar regardless of which house owns them. The break down is as follows for warships, then freighters. Cruiser, destroyer, frigate and then large freighter, small freighter and a transport ship.

Infantry units are usually 1,000 strong.