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Gamma Crucis III

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Commanding Officer
  • Station: Orbital Research Station
  • Rank: Commander
  • Race: Romulan

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Commander Rulak was in charge of the Gamma Crucis III Orbital Research Station, he has an extensive if undistinguished military career

  • Full Name: Exten Rulak
  • Current Rank: Commanding Officer
  • Race: Romulan
  • Date of Birth: 233422.10
  • Age 65
  • Place of Birth: Remus
  • Gender:male
  • Telepathic status:none
  • Appearance
  • Height: 6'1
  • Height: 202 lbs.
  • Hair Color:dark brown with graying
  • Eye Color: black


  • Parents
  • Father: Giellun Rulak – deceased
  • Mother: Latta Rulak - deceased
  • Siblings: none


Enten Rulak was part of a proud and distinguished group of performers that would perform and entertain the elites of the Romulan society and military. As an only child, he worked with the parents while not at school. At the age of finishing primary school, he was encouraged to join the military. He graduated from the Imperial War College and started in to military, being assigned a plum assignment as an aide to Admiral, and quickly started up the chain of command, making sub-lieutenant in little time. He was then assigned as cloaking officer of the Warbird “Irress” which brought him to the rank of Centurion. He was then assigned to diplomatic branch and his future seemed extremely bright. He was getting his ‘ticket’ punched in all the right ventures, when his father after drinking too much made some off handed remarks about the Praetor and a powerful senator had him arrested as a traitor.

His father was quickly executed and his mother took her own life soon afterwards. He was detained and integrated for about 6 weeks. All of his friends vanished and he was considered basically, persona no grata by the entire society. After that he drew every hard or worthless posting in the military, going from one part of the Star Empire to the other. He was never assigned to any posting more than 2 years. Often he was assigned roles that were far below his rank, and under subordinate personnel. It took him almost twenty years to get to the full rank of Commander. In a strange twist of fate, he was named commanding officer of Gamma Crucis III Orbital Research Station, much to his surprise and shock.

With the new position, he was starting to think that his luck was starting to change, but than the attack on Orbital Research Station, by vessel/vessels with Federation weapons signatures. He has been ordered to cooperate with the Federation starship Vigilant-A and her crew. Probably the biggest thorn is having to deal with a Romulan Senator To'Pul, sent to help.

After the second attack by Andorian cruisers he was ordered to destroy the research station that was working on the phased cloak. He escaped at the very end in a shuttle craft, and plotted a course for the nearest Romulan outpost. While the mission was a complete disaster, he finally learned to get some self respect back and instead of just surviving he is now planning on living the remainder of any time left. Before leaving he sent a bottle of Romulan ale to the Captain of the Vigilant as a token of appreciation.