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  • Stardates 238603.?? - ??????.??

On it's way to a deep space rendevouz, The USS Constitution stumbles across a subspace disturbance. Diverting to investigate, the crew discover the disturbance is in fact a rift with a vessel caught inside. To make things even more interesting, the ship inside the rift is the USS Constitution...

An away team is dispatched to assist the trapped vessel, and finds that it originates from another reality, one where the Borg have overrun most of the Alpha and Beta quadrants. Carrying a subspace weapon of extreme power and unreliability, the ship opened the rift by accident destroying a group of Borg vessels in their own reality.

Whilst the away team goes about their business, various plans are hatched back on the original Conny about what to do with the rift, finally hitting upon modifying a torpedo to scatter temporal particles to stabilise the rift long enough for the Away Team to escape should things start going wrong. During all this, a Romulan warbird turns up to investigate as well - Capt. Assanti gets them to back off, but not without sending a cloaked shuttle of their own to poke about on the AU Conny for anything interesting (the Romulan team manages to sneak aboard, but quickly gets assimilated by the Borg drones running loose over there).

With the Romulans got rid of, Cura suffers an unexpected relapse due to recent psionic strain she's been under, and wis transported quickly to sickbay, leaving Jacen to take over on the Conny, as the XO was on the Away Team. Shortly after this, the USS Crazy Horse arrives, dropping off Admiral Rocar, who is currently keeping an eye on things...

Back on the AU Conny, it is discovered that the command staff were either dead or drunk, and John Fanel, Jacen Fanel's son in that reality, ends up having to try and keep things together. Down in engineering, the subspace superweapon was discovered, and the team soon learn that it is automatically recharging to fire again, and none of them know how to turn the darn thing off.

Another vessel comes through the rift, but any hopes of it being friendly are dashed when it is revealed to be a Borg cube. In the resulting firefight, the cube wis disabled, but the power surge on the AU Conny causes the superweapon to start overloading. With a certain amount of haste, the Away Team reassembles back at the shuttlebay, Della having picked up a young girl on the way who decided she was going with her.

Regretfully, the team boards their shuttle and departs, leaving the alternate reality counterparts they have met to deal with the situation as best they can. John fires off the weapon to frag the cube - at the same time as the modded torp is fired by the Conny. The shockwave from the weapon takes out the Borg ship, but also disables the shuttle, leaving them in need of rescue.