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Lieutenant Commander Rayne Rowax currently serves on the USS Wallace and Deep Space 17.


  • Full Name: Rayne Rowax
  • Date of Birth:237503.24 (Host)
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Trill (Joined)
  • Place of Birth: Trillius Prime
  • Hair: Jet Black, Cut Short
  • Eyes: Stormy Gray
  • Height: 5'10



Rzri Tio, the mother of two, and longtime wife of her husband, Rzri spends most of her time writing holonovels, and caring for her boys, or at least she had until they moved out. Now she resides on Trill...a lonely aging woman.


Jebri Tio, now deceased, lived to father two handsome sons. Throughout his life Jebri trained potential hosts for joining. Although he was not joined himself, for he had been passed by for selection. At a fairly young age he contracted a rare disease.


Younger brother named Tiythan. Tiythan attends school on Earth...he travelled about the same time his brother did. The two were only a year apart, and never parted a day of their lives. Tiythan looks up to Rayne very much. Has green eyes and blonde hair.


None. Romantic interest is Drew Kelly.



Previous Hosts to the Rowax Symbiont


  • Gender: Female
  • Age When Joined: 23
  • Age When Died: 46

Isi Tansi a skilled diplomat to the Vulcan's from the planet of Trill. Was one of the first joined Trill's to set foot on Earth. Isi later became an Ambassador to the Romulans from the Federation. Due to problems caused by the transporters, Isi died of radiation poisoning at an early age. With her death, and the death of many other joined Trill's, improvements were implemented on the transporters.


  • Gender: Male
  • Age When Joined: 25
  • Age When Died: 83

Eiwan a very talented athelete, absolutely refused to set foot on a space-ship, or even leave the planet of Trill. At the age of 36, however, his wife who was with child contracted a rare disease. The disease which at the time could not be cured, could however be treated at the Vulcan Institue of Science. Memories of the sandy planet were stirred up in Rowax, and Eiwan accompained his wife. Although the situation ended horribly, with both the death of his wife and unborn child Eiwan remained on Vulcan where he felt at peace. Several years later, as an aged man, Eiwan died in an accident from a collapsed building brought on by a terrible sandstorm. Rowax was immetiately sent to Trill. The symbiont was barely living, due to injuries it had sustained.


  • Gender: Female
  • Age When Joined: 19
  • Age When Died: 60

Anila Wesk, an Alpha host, was joined with Rowax in an attempt to save the creature. At the moment of the botonist joining her personality was quickly overtaken by the domineering personality Rowax had aquired for its previous hosts. Rowax grew tired of Trill, and longed for something new and better. Memories of a distant, and new world sprang to mind, and Rowax soon found herself in the rainforests of Earth. With her adopted daughter and her Terran husband she continued her Botony studies. Ironically she discovered the cure to Eiwan's wife's disease, and a fresh wave of pain that boarderlined reassosciation was struck in Rowax. At age 60 Anila soon found Rowax beckoning her back to Trill. Anila never set foot on the planet as her her shuttle crashed into the countryside. The next host was sure in for a shock... and the Symbiosis Commision was quite aware of this.

Rayne (Personal History)

Before Rayne was joined he always was comfortable with himself, and his future. He knew that he wanted to be joined, and be a member of Starfleet. For years he trained for the joining, and for only a few years he studied general sciences to get his rank. After this the Ensign took two years of Starfleet Medical to become a certified medical officer. He'd always enjoyed helping people, and to him this was the only way he really could.

Although Rayne had an off-on again relationship with his boyhood girlfriend he wasn't really devoted to anyone. Right as he recieved his firt posting, which was on the USS Azbury, Rayne was contacted by the symbiosis commision. They had found what they believed a symbiont in which he could host. He struggled to put in a LOA, and get home in time. Feelings of fear and excitement filled him, and he couldn't wait. For most of his life he had been waiting for this, now it was actually happening.

Now six months later the 24 year old joined Trill is back in Starfleet, still struggling with the joining, but coping none the less, and ready to get back to his life...his life as he now knows it as Rowax.

Professional History

Attended Starfleet Academy after his secondary schooling on Trill. Graduated within the top 50 of his class. Went on to Starfleet Medical, but didn't complete all required courses. Took an assignment aboard the USS AZBURY, but quickly took a leave of absence to head to Trill for a joining.


  • Unique Characteristics and Marks: Very pale, the spots that are characteristic of most Trill, a scar across his chest from a surgery he recieved as a child.
  • Personality: Very quiet and reserved...keeps to himself. Loves one on one situations, but tenses up in social ones. All around caring guy, treats others with the upmost respect.