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Jay Ross, Bjani Male is Former First Officer, then Commanding Officer of the USS Wallace.

Jay Ross


  • Gender:Male
  • Position:Former Commanding Officer
  • Ship: USS Wallace
  • Rank: Captain
  • Race: Bjani
  • Spouse N/A

  • DoB: age 24
  • Weight:
  • Height:
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Fair

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  • Full Name: Jay Ross
  • Current Rank: Captain
  • Race: Bjani
  • Date of Birth: age 24
  • Place of Birth: Bjarn II
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: Some members of the Bjani race are able to go into a Bjani "pain trance". A Bjani pain trance is an effect caused by extreme pain which would cause most people to pass out, the Bjani brains higher functions are protected, they then act without awareness and are able to complete some fairly complex tasks.

There is however one draw back if a Bjani who enters a pain trance is being damaged they will not be aware of this and may die as a consequence.


  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Hair Color: Fair
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Build: Well built
  • Hobbies: Swimming, Tennis and Martial Arts


  • Spouse:
  • Children:
  • Parents Both parents are residing on Bjarn II
    • Father:
    • Mother:
  • Siblings:



Following a terible disaster that destroyed the Bjani homeworld some two hundred years ago, the Bjani became a nomadic people for over a hundred years until they colonised their new home Bjarn II some eighty years ago. Bjarn II is a member of the federation.

Personal History

This is Jay Ross's second career in Starfleet he originally graduated at the age of twenty where he was assigned to the USSHercules. The Hercules was sent to a Federation colony near the Cardassian border, which was reportedly under attack, when the Hercules got there the colony had been hit hard yet there were no signs of the Cardassian ship. The Hercules then received another distress call from another colony.

The ship beamed down a security attachment and medical officers and then proceeded to the next colony.

The security detachments orders were clear defend the colonists and medical staff, in case of any undetected Cardassians. The ship would pick them up in four days.

Five hours later the Cardassian ship returned(the other distress call had been faked), a distress call was sent but was jammed.

The Cardassian war ship beamed down 30 soldiers to deal with the security attachment of six, the fighting was over in a matter of minutes, the Starfleet officers were completely overrun(but not before the medical staff and colonists fled to the safety of the large network of caves a few miles outside the town), four of the officers were killed the remaining officer and Ensign Ross were taken prisoner. The Cardassians tortured the two officers for three days, but neither would give any information.

In the end the Hercules rescued the two officers (after crippling the war ship) although one eventually died of his wounds. The other Ensign Ross, who was left mentally scared and who was to be given a honorable discharged from the service, however virtually the whole of the senior staff aboard the Hercules objected, and thanks to this a compromise was reached.

Ensign Ross would leave the service, if however after two years he was judged mentally fit for service he would be allowed to resubmit to Starfleet again.