Roshanara Shandres

For the prime universe character, see Roshanara Rahman.

Roshanara Shandres is a 44-year-old Kriosian who lives in an alternate universe where the Federation lost the Dominion War.

Roshanara Shandres


Born Roshanara Rahman, she attended Starfleet Academy during the early years of the war, training to become an engineer, but she never graduated. After the Dominion reinforcements through the wormhole arrived in the Alpha Quadrant, they continued on their way to Earth in 2374. As she was attending the academy's Beta Ursae Minor II campus, her life was spared along with her academy sweetheart Ki Shandres, whom she imprinted on as an empathic metamorph, but her adoptive parents back on Earth didn't make it out of the Sol system in time.

Ki and Roshanara subsequently married and had a daughter, Tasnim Shandres, born in 2377 before Ki left to defend Betazed from the Dominion, where he was subsequently presumed killed.

The loss of Ki, Earth, family, friends, and her dream to reach the stars as a Starfleet engineer has left her a bitter person. She knows Captain Saveron and the rebel forces and thinks they're all fighting a lost cause. All she cares about now is surviving and making sure her daughter can find some happiness among the few free worlds remaining out there.

Additional info

Unlike her prime counterpart, Roshanara Shandres is a PNPC written for by Tony, the writer for Aron Kells.

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