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Tristam Core

A Rodulan engineer.

RAHMAN: If you have something else to say, then just say it!

CORE: I don't need to say anything. ::kisses her::

RAHMAN: son of a bitch.

Tristam and Roshanara share their first kiss.
"Confounding Factors" - SD 239110.07
Tristam had been serving on the Pioneer for a couple of years already when Roshanara came aboard after the conclusion of her medical LOA and doctoral studies. She returned to starship duty as an R&D engineer, and the two engineers found themselves working over the next several months on various projects. One of those projects, however, resulted in tragedy when multiple explosions in the Pioneer's Engineering department erupted. Tristam was severely injured, losing his natural telepathic abilities and almost his left leg at the same time. He was placed on a medical leave of absence for 11 months to recover.
Tristam eventually returned to duty as an operations officer at Deep Space 17. When his first tour of duty was finished, Roshanara, who was now chief engineer of the USS Garuda, put in a request for his assignment to her department in the hopes of giving him a chance to serve as a starship engineer again. Unfortunately, Starfleet Operations had already sent him to another ship, and so he was forced to make a second trip back across two quadrants, and when he realized Roshanara's involvement in his assignment to the Garuda, he was less than overjoyed at their reunion.

Ki Shandres

A Betazoid Starfleet officer and Beta Ursae Minor II alum.

SHANDRES: Nice shot, Rahman.

RAHMAN: Thanks. [...] It uses a micro broad-spectrum image scanner based on those used in pattern enhancement theory and is coupled directly to the original targeting system of the rifle to refine calibration by 35%, albeit with a 10% increase in power cell consumption.

SHANDRES: You sure like your numbers...

Roshanara shows off a new toy for Ki.
"Fortune Favors the Bold" - 2374
Ki was a security/tactical cadet and a year ahead of Roshanara at the Starfleet Academy Beta Ursae Minor II campus. Both attended the Academy while the Dominion War raged on across the quadrants, and Ki took a more pragmatic (and perhaps cynical) view of interstellar politics and the chance to explore "strange new worlds" and meet "fascinating new cultures," especially when Betazed itself fell to the Dominion.
Roshanara developed a crush on Ki after they met in Physics 101 during her first semester in 2374. The two became study partners, though Roshanara more often than not served as tutor. They began a relationship soon after. Her grades subsequently began slipping towards the end of her first year, with the notable exception of Elementary Betazoid.

Javed Dogar

A human civilian.
Javed Dogar

DOGAR: This isn't real life! Don't you get it?

RAHMAN: What are you talking about?

DOGAR: I mean this! You and me, talking through a screen. It's like having a relationship through a window.

RAHMAN: We knew it was going to be hard-

DOGAR: No, you knew it was going to be this way. And I... I was foolish for going along with it instead of having us move on with our lives as we should have.

The distance proves too great for Javed.
"Real Life" - 2382
Roshanara met Javed in 2380 as she was finishing her master's degree at the Starfleet Academy annex on Beta Ursae Minor II. The two began dating and decided to continue the relationship after Roshanara was assigned to the Shanghai. The long-distance relationship lasted for another two years, with the couple reuniting three to four times a year when the Shanghai returned to the sector.
At their final reunion, they spent an intimate holiday on Casperia Prime, where they grew closer to one another. A few months later when they were to meet again, Roshanara was excited to tell Javed of her recent promotion to lieutenant junior grade and an offer to sign aboard the Tempest, a more advanced ship that offered further career opportunities for her. Truthfully, though, she was seriously considering remaining on the Shanghai as she was now eligible to bring family aboard with her promotion, and she hoped that Javed would consider moving their relationship towards those steps.
Yet while Javed indeed had grown closer to Roshanara, he reacted very differently to this newfound intimacy. He had always missed her, but now, he felt that the physical separation was finally too great for him. He was frustrated with dates over subspace and socializing with other couples without his own companion. The future he saw of being separated from her for an unknown number of years further down the line frightened him, and he broke off their relationship in a letter. Shortly thereafter, Roshanara accepted the offer from the Tempest.


Niccolò del Vedova

A human medical officer.

RAHMAN: You have to be one of the most stubborn people I've met. What's that they say about doctors making the worst patients?

DEL VEDOVA: Only thing worse is engineers.

Pot and kettle meet again.
"End of the Thought" - SD 238910.29
Some people admire doctors while others abhor them. Roshanara doesn't fall into either group, but after her time spent with many doctors during her long recovery, she has grown wary of their intentions, especially those who seem overtly "caring."
In contrast, Dr. Del Vedova, or "Del" as she calls him, surprised her by both his morbid sense of humor and his blunt bedside manner. Still, he seemed genuinely interested in knowing more about her beyond what was in her medical file, and with those first seeds of trust planted, Roshanara felt comfortable opening up to him, and the two developed a natural dynamic.

Aron Kells

The human commanding officer of the Mercury and Garuda.

RAHMAN: I decided to do what an engineer would do if she had a faulty component in a system: take it out.

KELLS: And replace it with what? You aren't a power converter to be produced by a replicator en masse when you burn out, all right? You -- you're a person. With a-- a problem, maybe. But not *faulty*, not *broken*. All right?

An old captain tries to look after a long lost shipmate.
"Reunion" - In the year 2404 that Kells remembers
While not close, Roshanara had developed a polite relationship with Kells since arriving aboard the Mercury on SD 238909. However, Kells—already a victim of a temporal transformation that aged him into his 35-year-old self—experienced another transformation on SD 239005.03, aging him to his 60-year-old self, complete with the accompanying memories of the years he had seen in an alternate future.
While duty-bound by the Temporal Prime Directive, what Kells remembered in regards to Roshanara's fate, as well as that of their mutual friend Del Vedova, over the next 25 years pushed him to intervene now that he was given a second chance. The intervention, though, tests Roshanara's friendship with Del Vedova, and whether or not she can escape the fate Kells witnessed—or if she is destined for a worser fate—remains to be seen.

Evan Delano

Former chief of security aboard USS Invicta, later first officer of the USS Veritas.
Delano and Roshanara first worked together aboard the Garuda, developing a mutual respect and budding friendship over such interesting experiences as a pantomime production of Peter Pan (Delano playing the titular character, facing off against Roshanara's Captain Hook) and the Kubarey's hostile takeover of the Galaxy class ship. However, their relationship was severely strained when Roshanara was forced to prosecute Delano on charges of misconduct during an interrogation of a prisoner, Harrison Ross.
Though Delano considered transferring from the Invicta, he decided to remain on board, taking on a new position, and he and Roshanara attempted to move on together after the entire ordeal. However, Delano ultimately left both the Invicta and Starfleet. He began working for Federation Security, sent as an undercover operative to find the settlement of the Reya-Laialara, a group of Vulcans and other followers of their alternative teachings that embraced emotion. When Captain Rosa Carrero of the USS Veritas was killed in an attack, suspected to have been perpetrated by members of the group, Roshanara was reassigned to command the Veritas and find Delano.


Captain of the USS Astraeus, former first officer of the USS Veritas
Roshanara first met Mei'konda when he graduated from Starfleet Academy and was assigned to the USS Mercury. She served with him for much of his early career, watching him advance through the ranks. The two shared a professional relationship built on mutual respect and trust, and the Caitian continued to support her when she had been implicated in the crimes of Harrison Ross. They later served together aboard the USS Garuda and the USS Invicta. Mei'konda found the transition to Invicta more difficult given the ship's radically different mission, and he subsequently left for another posting. Roshanara never discussed personal matters that much with the Caitian, but some part of her worries that his decision to leave may also have been influenced by her part in the court martial of his significant other Evan Delano, who had left the Invicta only a few days earlier. When Mei'konda learned that Roshanara had been tasked with finding Delano in the Shoals, he sought reassignment to her new command, the USS Veritas.

Alora DeVeau

The cheerful human Chief Science Officer of the Garuda.

These [ribbons] are a nice gesture from command to recognize what we've been through, but they offer little comfort for the pain. You don't have to decide anything right away, but since you wanted to know how I do it, there’s your answer: I don’t try to do it alone.

Roshanara gives some advice to Alora when the young lieutenant is still shaken in the wake of their ordeal on Nygel II.
"How do you do it?" - SD 239101.03
Alora and Roshanara were amicable colleagues, but their friendship was truly forged through their survival of having been captured by the Orion captain of the FTS Treasure Sprite Pasht-Nos on Nygel II during the Gateway Crisis of 2390. Alora initially had difficulty coping with her experience, and Roshanara tried to share her insight. Later in 2391, when Roshanara herself was facing criminal charges for alleged sabotage and treason, Alora offered to assist in anyway possible. Roshanara simply told her to be careful of whom she trusted.
Interestingly enough, Roshanara has so far managed to avoid accepting one of Alora's "gifts" of a plant. The Kriosian finds the science officer's eagerness to spread her plants around the ship... suspicious.

IVANOVA: You're telling me you're going to just sit there and read about your dumb antiprotons while the mother of one of your shipmates dies in a mockery of justice?"'

RAHMAN: You know it's not that simple...

IVANOVA: Yes, it is. And if I weren't so far away, I'd come over right now to your quarters and slap the $#@% out of you.

Lidia chides her friend for being lame, SD 239002.20
  • Lidia Ivanova: A human security officer who later served as chief of security of the Pioneer.
Roshanara met Lidia after the security officer came aboard the Pioneer. Despite their differences in personality, with Lidia being more extroverted (and somewhat crass), the two discovered that their behaviors and attitudes complemented each other, and they became close friends.
Roshanara first met Jolara aboard the Garuda, although it wasn't until Jolara returned to the Invicta that the two women got to know each other better. They particularly bonded over their shared experiences of deeply personal issues being discussed by others. Having had her own autonomy taken away from her during her crisis with her developing metamorphic abilities, Roshanara felt it extremely important that Jolara be given her own self-determination about her life, whether related to her medical issues such as her pregnancy, her personal life, or her career.
  • Reez: A Denobulan engineering petty officer.
Reez was severely injured during the same accident aboard the Tempest. Blinded by plasma coolant, his life was saved by Roshanara after they had both been left to die by their department chief, Lieutenant Commander Montanez.

Other Colleagues

Geoffrey Teller

Former chief engineer of the USS Veritas, currently XO of the USS Thor
Geoffrey Teller, with Sky Blake and Roshanara at his farewell party, 2397
Teller's tattoo, after Roshanara modified it

TELLER: Uh….what exactly did you have in mind here, Skipper?

RAHMAN: Well, as I said, I’m a firm believer in living with your life lessons.

She gestured to her own scarred face and gave an evil grin. Teller gulped nervously.

TELLER: oO I should’ve taken the damn thing off with a plasma torch when I had the chance. Oo

Roshanara prepares to modify Teller's tattoo to be a bit more appropriate
"Indelible Ink" - SD 239602.24
A bright and talented young officer, Teller has also been the source of Roshanara's vexation due to some of his more questionable choices such as allowing himself to be shot by Jansen Orrey during a weapons test of a modified Romulan disrupter. During a drunken shore leave, he also infamously acquired a "personal body modification" in the form of a tattoo on his arm that featured the captain herself riding on top of a stylized illustration of the USS Veritas. When the captain discovered the tattoo while the two were working closely on repairs to the ship during shore leave, a horrified Teller attempted to tender his resignation, but Roshanara instead modified the design to be a bit classier (namely the addition of a uniform) and rejected Teller's resignation, instead trusting him to learn from the incident and appreciate second chances.
Since then, he has become one of her most trusted and adept officers, and in 2396, during the Battle of Gamma Camelopardalis, she gave Teller the conn when she and Delano were off the bridge. When the two senior officers were out of reach due to a turbolift malfunction, Teller subsequently commanded Veritas in a brief skirmish with the Tholians before negotiating a ceasefire so that the two sides could unite in their efforts against the Menthar AI Sentinel. For his actions, Roshanara awarded him the Silver Star.

In 2397, Teller was offered the XO position at the Embassy of Duronis II, and Roshanara was proud to have seen him accomplish so much before he left Veritas to take on the next challenge of his career.

Roshanara's initial first officer when she took command of Veritas in late 2393, Blake's no nonsense attitude when it came to rules and regulations suited her well when she eventually moved on to serve as an independently operating Starfleet Ranger in the Shoals. She returned to the ship and served as second officer before Roshanara requested her to resume her duties as XO following Commander Evan Delano's reassignment in late 2396.
Coming to Veritas straight from the academy, Ukinix has since demonstrated his skill and aptitude as an engineer during his career thus far, most notably when the Veritas crew were left stranded on the moon Limbo for six months in late 2395, and Ukinix and Teller came up with a plan for the crew to escape their predicament. As Teller's right hand man, Ukinix has a few times been roped into Teller's antics, but Roshanara has been proud to see the young Human/Betazoid hybrid come into his own as a capable officer.
Having briefly served as Roshanara's first officer aboard the USS Invicta and USS Syracuse, Kinan's talents were served better in her role as a fleet admin officer. Still, that hasn't prevented her from being tossed into an unexpected adventure with Roshanara again, the latest when the two suddenly found themselves along with Geoffrey Teller in the next chapter of the Silas Finley pirate saga.

Harrison Ross

The human former first officer of the Mercury and Garuda.

RAHMAN: You know, we didn't get the chance to say goodbye the last time you left.

ROSS: That does sound like me.

RAHMAN: Whatever you're planning this time, it's not-

ROSS: My dear Roshanara, what makes you think you haven't already done what I wanted… again?

Harry and Roshanara cross paths again over the comline on Astrofori One
"Hide..." - SD 239205.13
Commander Harrison "Harry" Ross had originally been assigned as first officer aboard the Mercury and later the Garuda. When Captain Kells was relieved of command temporarily while answering questions about what had happened on 83 Leonis II, Ross was made acting captain and Roshanara served as his acting first officer. She had greatly admired the man and respected his compassion that he showed towards his crew and the recognition of their needs in such times of uncertainty with their captain effectively on trial through his organization of a holodeck retreat in the form of a "Stardust Fair." Truthfully, she had thought Ross had shown more kindness and camaraderie in his brief stint as their captain than the temporally-displaced elder Kells had.
But that was before Ross had betrayed them, and before he had used her to do it. A victim of sleeper personality embedded within him, he somehow learned of Roshanara's medical "condition" as an empathic metamorph and used that to his advantage, manipulating her into disabling vital security systems that allowed him to plan his escape. On a mission to save the residents of Pleethion from an impending mud dome eruption, he kidnapped the director of intelligence Captain Quinn Reynolds and left the other members of his away team to die. He then attempted to trigger multiple explosives aboard the Garuda which were fortunately foiled by Evan Delano's quick thinking.
Meanwhile, Roshanara's involvement was discovered, and she was relieved of her post as chief engineer and placed under investigation. She was formally arrested on SD 239108.03 on charges of sabotage and treason. The results of the investigation ultimately resulted in the dropping of all charges against her on SD 239110.07, but because she was found to be particularly susceptible to the influence of others around her, she was deemed a security risk and declared unfit for duty.

Quinn Reynolds

The director of intelligence aboard the Garuda.

RAHMAN: I think you should leave.

REYNOLDS: Probably. Do you just not… care? That you helped him torture me? That you helped him to do things that are quite literally unspeakable to me?

RAHMAN: Do you really think I would have helped him if I knew what he had planned to do to you? To this ship? Do you really think I'm that kind of a monster?

REYNOLDS: A little while ago, no. But, you know. Then I was kidnapped and tortured by someone I was suppose to be able to trust, so now… I just don't know.

Quinn visits Roshanara in her quarters and demands answers the Kriosian is unable to give.
"Explanations, Or the Absence Thereof" - SD 239107.26
Quinn Reynolds and Roshanara were both betrayed by Harrison Ross, but Ross used Roshanara to not only escape but kidnap Quinn, whom he later tortured before the Garuda crew were able to rescue her. Needless to say, the relationship between the two women is strained, and only more so after Aron Kells selected Roshanara to serve as his first officer when he was given command of the Garuda in April 2392.

The two moved along with the rest of the Garuda crew to the newly-commissioned USS Invicta before eventually going their separate ways. They met again over a year later, now both starship captains, when Roshanara needed to ask for Quinn's assistance regarding how possibly to reunite Tasnim Shandres with her mother from an alternate universe that Quinn's ship, the USS Gorkon, had been trapped in for a year. Though perhaps their relationship hasn't (and may never) heal completely, they left Mars bonded by their experiences together as former shipmates and now as fellow starship captains.

RAHMAN: I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused you. I won’t bother you further. I just… I had to ask you for that scared teenage girl trying to find a way back to her mother.

REYNOLDS: You shouldn't apologise. You were used, I know that. You and Harry.

Quinn and Roshanara reunite at the Utopia Planitia Shipyards when Roshanara needs Quinn's help.
"Passing Ships" - SD 239311.12

Isaac Bale

An intense Betazoid intelligence officer.

Do me a favor. Don't ever put on a black collar.

Isaac dispenses some career advice to Roshanara.
"Not This Time" - SD 239010.27
Bale first made himself known to Roshanara when he programed the ship's computer to perform a series of legally—if not morally—questionable actions to help him deal with a couple of assassins that were traveling aboard the Mercury. However, he was also the first person to respond to her call for help immediately after the bombing in main engineering on SD 238910.22, and although she isn't quite sure what to make of him, he seems like a man with a sense of duty, albeit a duty he defines for himself.

Having both been assigned to the Mercury at the same time, Roshanara and Danielle met while waiting for the ship's arrival to StarBase 118. Seldom seen without her trademark smile, Danielle shares Roshanara's propensity to tinker with anything that has a circuit, and for Danielle particularly, anything that can fly. The junior engineering officer is assigned to shuttlebay ops, in charge of maintaining the Mercury's complement of auxiliary craft. Though she's been through her share of precarious situations while previously aboard the USS Independence-A and USS Tiger-A, Danielle still can be a little unsure of herself at times. Roshanara hopes to build the young woman's confidence, even if that means pushing her to the plate a little more forcefully than just a nudge.
Confident, persistent, and shameless, Chaun finished his previous assignment aboard a ship with a nearly all-Vulcan crew and was looking forward to serving aboard the Mercury and particularly with the female members of the crew. He eavesdropped on Roshanara and Danielle Vistain's conversation at StarBase 118 and introduced himself to his new shipmates but was unsuccessful at getting them to spend some time with him in a holosuite adventure. Still, he's not one to give up that easily, much to Roshanara's annoyance.
Rawden's made a good impression on Roshanara, although she hopes he can remember to stop calling her "sir" eventually. With his "can do" spirit and eagerness to be helpful, the young man reminds her of what she was like a decade or so ago, which only makes her more determined to ensure he doesn't have to learn about the dangers of being a Starfleet engineer and officer the hard way as she did.
During the accident, Montanez was forced to eject the warp core, effectively subjecting Reez and Roshanara, who were trapped within the isolated core compartment, to painful, horrific deaths once the actively feeding plasma coolant system ruptured. Fortunately, Roshanara's quick thinking protected the two engineers from the subsequent flood of plasma coolant. After the accident, Montanez received a commendation for his decisive action that saved the lives of over 300 people aboard the Tempest, with no casualties incurred among his engineering crew. He last spoke to Roshanara one month after the accident during her long-term recovery at Medical Starbase 253.
Thomas served as part of Roshanara's staff when she first arrived on the Mercury on SD 238909. After the deaths of assistant chief engineer Graham MacNeil and other senior engineers in a horrific bombing on her first day as chief, she relied on then-Ensign Thomas to help rebuild the department in the aftermath of the devastation. A workaholic with a tendency to worry about the little things, Thomas soon discovered that his new chief appreciated his attention to detail and wouldn't turn down his offer to put in extra hours, even during shore leave. Before the Mercury was to depart on her next mission in December 2389, Roshanara was informed by Thomas that he had been reassigned suddenly to the newly-commissioned USS Vigilant. While she was sad to see him go so soon, she had no doubt he'd soon make a name for himself as an excellent chief engineer.
A veteran of the fleet, Breeman worked with Roshanara and Thomas in late 2389 while the Mercury was docked for repairs at StarBase 118 to find a solution to the Efili "problem" that had been the source of a cascade of computer glitches aboard the ship. Efili was actually a sentient AI, and with Breeman's experience with such rogue programs, the engineers successfully transferred the AI to a contained environment for further joint study.
Roshanara knew of Dr. Sampi and was seen by him a few times, but beyond what Lidia would tell her about him (and his crush on Lidia at the time), the engineer and physician maintained only an amicable, professional relationship.
Other Colleagues
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