Roshanara Rahman/Garuda

Aboard the USS Garuda

After being reassigned with most of the Mercury crew to the Galaxy class USS Garuda, Roshanara and her shipmates were sent out on their first mission to make first contact with the Kubarey, one of the more advanced races known in the Menthar Corridor, rivaling even the Federation in technological achievement.

The mission proved a near disaster. Whether due to miscommunication or ill-intent, the Kubarey viewed the Garuda's arrival to their territory as a provocative act. After an away team from the Garuda beamed down to the surface of Rho Aurigae IV, the Kubarey launched an all-out assault on the Garuda, quickly disabling the vessel and beginning the transport of hundreds of Starfleet crewmembers to one of the planet's remote islands.

Roshanara had been placed in command of the Garuda with Leo Handley-Page as her second-in-command while both Captain Cassandra Egan Manno and first officer Harrison Ross had beamed down to the surface. The bridge managed to evade capture, and working with Evan Delano, Trel'lis, and the others left aboard, the Starfleet officers managed to retake control of their vessel, but not before nearly the entire crew complement had been transported to the planet.

Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Tristam Core and Roshanara were reunited after four years since the accident aboard the Pioneer that took away Tristam's telepathy.

The Garuda's next mission was to help mediate a dispute between two unusual races: the Community and the Myr Luuk. During this mission, Tristam Core joined the engineering crew. His assignment to the Garuda was personally requested by Roshanara, although Tristam ended up taking a detour by way of a short stint on the USS Vigilant-A before getting to the Menthar Corridor, much to the Rodulan's displeasure. The two had previously served together aboard the USS Pioneer, and their reunion was tense to say the least. Still, by the Garuda's next mission to help with the evacuation efforts of a city threatened by a mud dome, Tristam had begun adjusting to his new assignment and working under Roshanara again.


Unfortunately, during the mission, the Garuda's first officer suddenly betrayed the crew, kidnapping Quinn Reynolds and setting off several explosives left aboard the Garuda to ensure his escape. The damage could have been worse had the crew not discovered the first set of explosives shortly before they went off. The remaining systems were taken off line until they could be sure the rest of the sabotage left by Ross was clear.

Captain Egan Manno in her captain's yacht and a small shuttle fleet took after Ross and eventually recovered Captain Reynolds, tortured at the hands of Ross but still alive. Roshanara meanwhile had stayed aboard the Garuda in charge to finish the relief efforts with the mud dome as well as begin investigating Ross's sabotage aboard the ship.

While Alora DeVeau and Kotir Arith found evidence connecting both Ross and Reynolds to a device that had been found in one of the Jefferies tubes, it was Tristam who managed to find an intact security camera in the area of the explosion. Working with the ship's security chief Jade Shryker, the two officers ran the recovered footage back only to witness Roshanara herself entering into frame and disabling the security systems in the area, thus allowing Ross to set his traps and explosives.

Fall from Grace

Roshanara, arrested on SD 239108.03 for sabotage and treason.

With the footage in hand, Tristam and security confronted Roshanara about her actions. To their surprise, she immediately confessed to her actions. She was subsequently removed from her post and placed in the brig until Captain Egan Manno returned. The captain showed mercy to Roshanara, unsure exactly why Roshanara had done what she did, and permitted the former chief engineer to non-vital areas of the ship, but Roshanara elected to remain in her quarters as the ship returned to DSX.

JAG officers from StarBase 118 subsequently arrived to investigate the entire affair surrounding Ross's betrayal, and Lieutenant Sean Naughton was assigned specifically to look into the extent of Roshanara's actions. With the footage and her confession, Roshanara was formally arrested on SD 239108.03.

  • Noteworthy SIM
    • "Metamorphosis" - SD 239107.31 (Following her removal from her post, Tristam goes to visit Roshanara, intended to convince her to see Del Vedova regarding the "neurodegenerative disease" he had recently learned Roshanara had been afflicted with. Although furious at Tristam for his intrusion into her privacy, Roshanara eventually reveals to Tristam the truth about what really happened.)

Unfit for Duty

The results of the investigation by JAG officer Sean Naughton ultimately resulted in the dropping of all charges against her on SD 239110.07. However, the investigation also revealed her previously confidential status as a Kriosian empathic metamorph, which had been exploited by Harrison Ross to betray his shipmates and Starfleet. Because Roshanara had never learned how to control her empathic abilities (and in fact had only discovered that she was a metamorph one year prior), she was particularly susceptible to the influence of others around her. She was deemed a security risk and declared unfit for duty. She subsequently took a leave of absence, returning to Earth.

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