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The Counseling Logs of Lieutenant JG Mandany Rose, Counselor USS Excalibur-A

Starbase 118

Dany, standing.jpg

Mandany Rose


  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Counselor
  • Ship: USS Excalibur-A
  • Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade


Personnel File

Personal Log

Counselor's Log

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Cuthbert, Alden


I hereby pronounce Ensign Alden Cuthbert, Security Officer fit for duty to serve on Starbase 118. Signed Ensign Mandany Rose, 239008.03

Skyfire, Chythar D.

Notes as of current counseling session 239008.18:

  • Ensign Skyfire has the appearance of an individual who is in control of who he is and what he is about. Seemingly a self proclaimed "workaholic" he has professed to be uncomfortable and stressed when work cuts into his free time. This provides a conundrum: does he really throw himself into his work and prefer it above other activities, or does he say that because he feels he should to impress those around him?

  • Has expressed desire to separate professional from personal, which is impossible (in the opinion of this humble counselor of course.)

  • Exhibits tendencies for self defeating behavior which manifests as frustration. This frustration lashes out and nearby sensitives such as empaths, telepaths, and those sensitive to such energies feel the brunt of it. Has expressed a desire to control his emotions for this reason.

  • NOTE: Feels he has gotten on Dr. MacLaren's bad side. Will keep an eye on the situation for any developments.

Walker, Benjamin J.

Notes as of most recent counseling session:

  • Blames himself for almost getting Lt. Livingston and Dr. MacLaren killed in the recent mission to Odyssey Station.
  • Is frustrated at me, will attempt to rectify. Though the feeling is mutual.
  • Session was interrupted by emergency.

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