Ronin Transporter Rooms

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The Transporter Room is usually manned by the Transporter Chief, an Engineer who would be trained in Transporters and able to operate them in any situation.


Number of Systems: 12

Personnel Transporters: 4 (Transporter Rooms 1-4)

Max Payload Mass: 900kg (1,763 lbs)

Max Range: 40,000 km

Max Beam Up/Out Rate: Approx. 100 persons per hour per Transporter

Cargo Transporters: 4

Max Payload Mass: 800 metric tons. Standard operation is molecular resolution (Non-Lifeform).

Set for quantum (lifeform) resolution: 1 metric ton

Max Beam Up/Out Rate (Quantum Setting): Approx. 100 persons per hour per Transporter

Emergency Transporters: 4

Max Range: 15,000 km (send only) [range depends on available power]

Max Beam Out Rate: 200 persons per hour per Transporter (800 persons per hour with 4 Emergency Transports)

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