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The Armoury is spread over two decks (14-15 section's A-D) its location is a restricted area and is under constant guard. The room is sealed with a level 10 forcefield and can only be accessed by personnel with Alpha 3 security clearance. Access can be gained from both decks, once inside the armory movement between decks can be achieved by a staircase on the left hand side or a lift used for anitgrav carts. Primarily the lower deck is for maintance and repair of weapons and equipment, along with storage for spare parts or indeed spare weapons and ammunition, however multipule personal weapons lockers can be found here for the crew's personal weapons as well as visitors. The top deck contains the standard storage facilities for general weapons. The Armoury is run by the Master-at-Arms or the Senior Armoury Officer, who inturn reports to the Chief of Security.

The current Master-at-Arms is:

Equipment Manifest

  • 5 x AntiGrav Cart
  • 50 x Armband Tricorder
  • 100 x Biodamper Armbands
  • 200 x Portable Personal Weapons Case
  • 100 x Large Weapons Container
  • 10 x Federation Head Mounted Camera
  • 200 x Mark VI Tricorder
  • 200 x Mark VII Tricorder
  • 4 x Portable Emergency Transmitter
  • 20 x Forcefield Generator
  • 20 x Transport Inhibitor


The Akira Class carries enough type-I and type-II phasers to arm the entire crew. Type-III phaser rifle and the new compression phaser rifles are available as well, but only in enough numbers to arm approximately 1/3 of the crew. Heavy ordinance is available in limited numbers. Crew memebers are allowed personal weapons but they must be registered with the Amroury, it is an offense not too.

Weapons Manifest

  • 500 x Type-I Phaser
  • 500 x Type-II Phaser
  • 170 x Type-III Phaser Rifle
  • 170 x Compression Phaser Rifle
  • 25 x Isomagnetic Disintegrator
  • 80 x Modified Polaron Emitter

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