Romulan/Food and Beverages

Memory 118
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Listed below are examples of Romulan dishes and drinks.


  • Aesollh: A Romulan tea, famed for its spicy, nutty flavour and relatively common within replicator data banks.


Raw Produce

  • ch'Rihan Fig Tree: A fig tree native to Romulus.[1]
  • Daedra: A seed that often appears as a flavouring in desserts and other sweet treats, as well as hot drinks. It has been described as a cross between cocoa and juniper.[2]

Cooked Food

  • Hlai'vna: Wild hlai (a large, flightless Romulan bird farmed for it's meat; similar to the Terran ostrich) tradiationally served during Eitreih'hveinn, the farmer's festival. [3]
  • Aemarau turnovers: A baked good with a filling that is vaguely reminiscent of coconut. [4]