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Roland Weston

Current Assignment

USS Eagle

USS Eagle

Full Article: In the Fleet: The USS Eagle
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Duty Post: Diplomatic Liaison
  • Commanding Officer: Quinn Reynolds
  • Stardates: 238711.21 to present

Previous Assignments

Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Academy

Full Article: Weston, Roland: Academy Transcript
  • Rank: Cadet
  • Major: Diplomacy
  • Minor: Intelligence
  • Stardates: 238003.28 to 238401.27

Service and Conduct

Promotion History

Promotion History
Insignia Rank Posting Commanding Officer Stardate
DS9style-ens red.png Ensign Starfleet Academy Academy Commandant 238711.21

Awards and Commendations

No awards or commendations on record.

Disciplinary Log

No disciplinary actions on record.

Medical Records

Sickbay Log

  • 238710.15: Final Academy Physical Summary - Final physical exam by Academy physician, Lieutenant Frel. Roland is a healthy, fit man. No known allergies or genetic concerns. Roland is more receptive to visits to medical facilities than his brother, but not by much.

Counselling Log

  • 238710.18: Final Academy Counselling Summary - Cadet Weston is a friendly, outgoing individual with some issues pertaining to self-evaluation and self-esteem. His co-dependance on his brother is a the result of a close up-bringing and may be a cause for concern in the future, but nothing indicates that he will have any problems that will affect his ability to serve Starfleet.