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Crew of the USS Victory
Rocar Drawoh


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Notable Relationships
Walter Brunsig   ·   Gwen Hilzarie.   ·   Cyrus Webb

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Commanding Officer
  • Rank: Rear Admiral
  • Race: Ktarian
  • Spouse: None (separated)
  • Family:
    • Hilzarie, Cheliz (daughter)
    • Hilzarie, Xan (son)

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Medical Records

  • Admiral Rocar is well-built and in sound health for his age, though prescribed a diet to curb his Ktarian appetite.

Medical History

  • Tall, Strong and well built, Rocar is physically fit for a Ktarian of his age and build, despite his gluttonous gastronomy. His regular workouts in both the gym and Holodecks ensure that he maintains is physique and strength. Despite this, he is slowly starting to show his age as his hair begins to grey and wrinkles begin to appear.
  • Omni-dextrous
  • Near Total Insomniac (though sleeps more than he used to), however his body has adapted and copes.
  • Suffered from the Naeveus Virus in 2379, shortly after arriving on Starbase 118. Cured.
  • A Corbarian Punishment Chip was inserted to Rocar's neck in 2380. This connected itself to his spinal chord and enforces 2 hours worth of painful images each day. However, due to treatment from neurosurgeons on Betazed (who inserted a second device,) Rocar can control when he wants to take the dosage of punishment each day. The Chip also prevents its victim from practising Medicine.
  • The Corbarian Punishment Chip de-activated itself in early 2381 following an incident when Rocar's mind was removed from his body (by telepathic beings,) and his biological-self was detected as having died by the small chip. The Corbarians would be keen to reactivate the chip, should they catch up with Rocar.
  • In 2383~2383 Rocar started self-prescribing himself a medicine without his C.M.O's knowledge to cover up slight shakes in his arm.
  • In Mid- 2384 Captain Rocar collapsed on the deck of a shuttlebay on Starbase 118. Early indications are that this was the result of his Corbarian Punishment Chip reactivating itself.
  • In Mid- 2385 Fleet Captain Rocar franctures his right leg when it is caught under a fallen bulkhead during a shuttle crash on the planet SQ313.
  • Rear Admiral Rocar breaks 4 ribs when the USS Eagle crashes on an unknown planet on Stardate 238606.03

Psychological Profile

Rocar is an unusual case. On the one hand he has many deep rooted psychological issues, ranging from unexplained insomnia to a distrust of combining machinery with biological life. Spanning from this is a fear of the Borg. It is suspected that the young Rocar developed these issues after witnessing his mother treat the victims of Wolf 359.

Another issue is Rocar's transporter psychosis. Though a few officers are aware of Rocar having this condition he tries not to let it hinder his duties. Although he prefers to walk through airlocks and use shuttles, when necessary he will succumb to using a transporter, which he manages to do without too many people noticing his discomfort. However he will always tenses up before the beam and takes a moment to adjust in the new location as he overcomes the initial panic. This phobia is explainable since Rocar has researched and is well informed of the dangers of having your atoms scattered when the transporter malfunctions.

In addition, the Corbarian punishment chip means that Rocar is tortured by painful and difficult images each night for two hours when off duty. Although they just resemble vivid nightmares, these are still difficult things to cope with. Though this is no longer an issue following the incident in which his mind became the starship. This incident also wizened the Ktarian as his mind came away with lots of knowledge acquired from being one with the ship's library computer.

Despite these deep rooted problems, on the other hand Rocar is of very strong and sound mind. Having grown up on Vulcan he received training on basic mind control. When faced with a problem his thinking can be structured and logical and his problem solving skills are very fine tuned. He also has the ability to hide his true emotions, which he uses to his own advantage when necessary rather than constantly as a Vulcan would. Instead Rocar prefers to be an optimist, constantly laughing and appearing to be jolly. An intellectual with a background in both the sciences and the arts. Rocar's relationship with Counsellor Gwen Hilzarie has helped him overcome and further control many of his psychological problems and he is fit for duty.

Rocar has had to deal with and repress anger and feelings of betrayal when his former C.O. and crewmates committed treason and betrayed the United Federation of Planets. Rocar took it personally. He later had a strained relationship with his son who had been named after his former C.O. and friend and whose name was a painful reminder. As Rocar's marriage fell apart due to his career his relationship with his children strained, for a while being long-distance only with the kids blaming him for their mother's unhappiness and for leaving them. This relationship was temporailly improved when Rocar's ex-wife was seriously injured in the line of duty and the twins had to come live with their father aboard Starbase 118.

Admiral Rocar felt a considerable amount of guilt and anger at himself following the lives lost when the USS Eagle crashed on an unknown planet on stardate 238606.03. The Ktarian felt deeply responsible.

Telepathic Status

As a Ktarian, Rocar is neither an empath capable or reading others' emotions nor a telepath capable of reading others'thoughts. However, following some mind control training on Vulcan Rocar can manage to block his mind from certain telepaths, placing him somewhere between 0 (Extra Sensory Perception) and -1 (Non-readable entity.) Although not married, Gwendalyn Hilzarie has referred to Rocar as her Imzadi, as a Betazoid she is able to sense all his thoughts and feelings and Rocar in turn can hear the thoughts that she chooses to project into his mind (thus allowing them to communicate without speaking if necessary.)

Points of Note

In early 2381, Rocar came into contact with a set of telepathic beings which fed off the souls of other sentient beings. He was rescued from consummation by two betazoids (Gwen Hilzarie and Cura Assanti,) and continued with his journeys. However, having only been half consumed the Ktarian then fell under the control of the telepathic beings. Attracted to dilithium energy, the ship's engineering staff trapped the telepathic beings inside the warp core reactor, but the creatures escaped this prison and spread throughout the ship by taking the memories of the ship's bio-neural gel packs. They then ceased the Ktarian's mind, his body was trapped in the command chair and died as his psychological self and mind became one with the USS DOMINANCE. Controlling all ship's systems with a single thought, the Ktarian was at one with the starship and his presence was everywhere, yet his actions were under the control of the telepathic beings. Rocar managed to break free by sacrificing himself to save Ensign Yladro, taking energy creature form to save her from a phaser blast his psyche was then knocked into the bulkhead and by random chance re-entered his biological corpse.