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Rocar Drawoh/Family and Friends

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  • Number of children: Two.

Cheliz Hilzarie

Xan Hilzarie

Romantic Relationships

Close Friends


  • Mother:
  • Father:


Family Tree


Family Members

  • Marital Status: Seperated/Divorced
  • Place of Marriage: Betazed

Image Relation Details
Ex-Wife Lt.Cmdr. Gwen Hilzarie Betazoid
Son Xan Hilzarie (Ywin with Che)
Daughter Cheliz Hilzarie (Twin with Xan)

Close Friends

Image Relation Details
Friend since Starfleet Academy Cmdr. Jan T'Yai Vulcan
Friend since Starfleet Academy Lt.Cmdr. Aiowyn Shartara Vulcan
Friend since Starfleet Academy

Further Family

Image Relation Details
Father Ambassador Drawoh Trebla Ktarian Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets and council member. Reknowned for negotiating Federation appeasement after the Ktraian Game incident of 2368
Mother Doctor Uocap Seluj, medical practitioner and surgeon, now resident on Ktaria VII.
Siblings Kapalar Drawoh (24) Ettol Drawoh (18) Nosli Drawoh (27)Eduj Uocap (26)Narf Uocap (24)Rehpo Drawoh (19)Ettolrahc Uocap (15)Nawro Uocap (13)Tirch Drawoh (11)
Father in Law Altigan Hilzarie President University of Betazed Deceased
Mother in Law Namoi Hilzarie Head of Psyhcology at University of Betazed Currently Regent of the 7th House.
Sister in Law Kayleigh Hilzarie age 18.
Sister in Law Nondi Hilzarie age 9 (Kayleigh is an artist)