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Rear Admiral Rocar Drawoh is the diplomatic corps' current special envoy to the Ithassa Region where he is based aboard the area's Starfleet flagship USS Tiger-A under the command of Fleet Captain Sidney Riley. Prior to accepting his new Ambassadorial assignment Rocar had been living in retirement in a secluded mountainous area on Ktaria VII. During his earlier career in Starfleet, Rocar has been Commanding Officer of the USS Victory (2387), USS Eagle (2386~2387), Starbase 118 Operations (2384~2386), USS Constitution (2383~2384), and, also, Federation Ambassador to Duronis II (2381~2383).

Biographic Information

Rocar's place of birth on Ktaria VII
  • Full Name: Rocar Drawoh (commonly addressed using only his first name: "Rocar" as Drawoh is actually his father's name) (before seperation from his wife: Rocar Drawoh-Hilzarie)
  • Species: Ktarian
  • Date of Birth: 234508.13
  • Place of Birth: Glatzin glacial plateau, Ktaria VII
  • Age: In his 40s (although as a Ktarian has, arguably, experienced more by this age as they grow at twice the rate of terran children)
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: 0
  • Current Rank: Rear Admiral
  • Current Assignment & Position: USS Tiger, Federation Ambassador


Rocar's appearance & physical build
  • Height: 7'1"
  • Weight: 159 kg (350 lb)
  • Hair Colour: Long / Black with hints of canon grey starting to show with age
  • Hair Length & Style: Long, slightly dreadlocked and tied back.
  • Eye Color: Greeny yellow, Feline (Catlike)
  • Skin Tone: Tanned
  • Build: Large, imposing and muscular
  • Birthmarks, Scars: Slight nip scar on back of neck where a Corbarian punishment chip was once implanted.
  • Face: Ridges on forehead, fun loving and caring face. Has a charming smile.
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: None.
  • Carriage: Very charismatic, walks with assertiveness and confidence. A dominating figure in both physical size and presence.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Loose, collarless white shirt and trousers.
  • Voice: Deep and reassuring. What resembles a British accent.
  • Handedness: Omni-dextrous


Pastimes & Hobbies

Rocar Rock Climbing in the Holodeck

Rocar enjoys all forms of Skiing; particularly on the slopes of his homeworld of Ktaria VII. This was a hobby the Rocar practiced a lot when he was stationed at the Federation Embassy on the planet Duronis II.

Rocar has long been an avid rock climber. Even as a teenager when he got in to trouble for climbing a forbidden mountain on Vulcan. (see Rocar's teenage years article).Over the years he has continued to climb on away missions and for fun. Rocar was once taken to an American Football match in the holodeck by Lt.Cmdr. John Sheriden, but the Ktarian did not understand much about the terran's favourite sport. He is, however, always intrigued and eager to learn about alien culture's sporting practices.

At the Academy and as a junior officer Rocar was known to play racket ball, however, he has not played in recent years due to not having someone to play against. Rocar sometimes practices boxing and hand-to-hand combat with his Chief of Security Cyrus Webb. More regularly, however, he can be found working out (particularly on the weights) in the officer's gym between 16 hundred and 18 hundred hours every weekday; and can be found Rock Climbing on the holodeck every Saturday morning. When he meets up with the crew of the USS Constitution-B he always goes climbing with his former Historian & Archaelogical Officer Lt.Cmdr. T'Lea.

Musical Interests

Rocar is a brilliant concert pianist. He has a Ktarian grand piano which he's kept in his quarters on all of his assignments and has won prizes at Ktarian music festivals, though he never boasts of his musical ability. Playing the Ktarian Grand Piano is difficult since it has brown keys inserted between the black and white keys to play demi-semitones. Interestingly, he also has a small upright piano in the corner of his office which he uses to unwind between meetings. He also interprets old folk songs from around the Federation on an acoustic folk Guitar from Ktaria VII (with 9 Strings), something he started during his days as a medical student.

Cooking, Food & Gardening
Rocar's Homemade Chocolate Puff Dessert

One of Rocar's main hobbies is Cooking. His speciality being Ktarian Chocolate Puff with 17 different varieties of Chocolate which he makes from his maternal grandmother's family recipe. Rocar has had a corner of his personal quarters converted into a kitchen area with special utensils. Most evenings. Rocar tends to avoid using the replicator: Instead, when he was stationed on Starbase 118 he used to enjoy a trip to the Starbase’s promenade where he likes to purchase genuine fresh food ingredients from the many alien traders. To Rocar this was one of the principal advantages to being assigned to a Starbase over a starship although when on a Starship he enjoys collecting unique ingredients from the planets they visit. When Rocar was assigned to Starbase 118 as Commanding Officer, Rocar has requested and procured a small allotment space in one of the Starbase's natural areas. Although he had never had any experience in gardening, he learnt to try growing fresh vegetables (with which to cook) on his lot. The Ktarian secretly used the allotment space as a quiet a peacful place which he would use to escape from the stresses and hassle of busy life (and his job) on the Starbase. When Rocar retired he settled on a small farmstead in the mountains on Ktaria VII where he kept a variety of animals and a vast allotment of home grown vegetables.

Scientific Interests

Before joining Starfleet Rocar was a junior bio-medical scientist on both Earth (under Dr. Mizan) and at the Vulcan Science academy under Prof. Solvak. Rocar's research interests began in inter-species compatibility and in the early years of his career tried to develop a Genesis Device Mark 2 which failed in the early stages of experimentation.

During the Dominion War Rocar was assigned to work on the Zerentares project at a penal colony near Betazed. The repercussions of which still haunt Rocar today. Several officers under Rocar's command have been suspicious or had raised interest given the Ktarian's reluctance to talk about what went on during the Zerentares project and it is clear to many that the Starfleet Captain still feels guilty today.

As an Ensign, Rocar helped find a cure for a Naeveus virus epidemic and as a Lt.Jg. on Starbase 118 Rocar discovered and experimented on an unusual substance known as Jytzell Fluid

Likes and Dislikes


  • Using Transporter Beams (Phobia)
  • Combining Technology with Biological beings (i.e. the Borg)
  • When people refuse to enjoy themselves or laugh.

Ambitions and Goals

Personal Achievements and Disappointments

Living Quarters


Rocar's Ex-Wife, LtCmdr Gwen Hilzarie

Rocar has been married once (to Gwen Hilzarie), though he is now divorced, and is a father of two.


  • Marital Status: Single (separated)
Rocar's son at birth



  • Mother: Doctor Uocap Seluj (Ktarian) medical practitioner and surgeon, now resident on Ktaria VII.
  • Father: Ambassador Drawoh Trebla, (Ktarian) Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets and council member. Reknowned for negotiating Federation appeasement after the “Ktraian Game” incident of 2368, convincing the Federation to remove sanctions and eventually negotiate entry into the Federation.
  • Paternal Grandfather: Trebla


  • Brothers: (5) Kapalar Drawoh; Ettol Drawoh; Nosli Drawoh; Rehpo Drawoh; and, Tirch Drawoh.
  • Sisters: (4) Eduj Uocap; Narf Uocap; Ettolrahc Uocap; and, Nawro Uocap;

Personal History


See full article: Rocar Drawoh's Personal History

Time Line

  • 2345: Born on Ktaria VII
  • 2358: Moves to Cardassia
  • 2360: Moves to Vulcan
  • 2363: Studies Medicine at the Vulcan Science Academy
  • 2367: Sees survivors of Wolf 359; Decides to Join Starfleet. Becomes an insomniac.
  • 2368: Moves to Earth. Works as a Junior Diplomat for the Ktarians
  • 2371: Parents divorce, Mother leaves for Ktaria and Father for Vulcan. Now members of the Federation, Rocar returns to medicine and joins Starfleet Academy.
  • 2373-2375: Still a cadet, Rocar serves as a Field medic in the Dominion Wars.
  • 2376: First meets his Antican Fiancee who dies latter that year. Graduates from the Academy.
  • 2377: Ensign Rocar is assigned to the Diplomatic Corps where he works as a Starfleet Diplomat for the next two years.
  • 2379: Posted to STARBASE 118 and becomes romantically involved with Gwen Hilzarie.
  • 2380: re-assigned to the USS Constitution. Gets engaged to Gwen Hilzarie.
  • 2381: Posted to the USS DOMINANCE, whilst the USS Constitution undergoes major repairs following her neigh total destruction. Gwen announces she is pregnant with Rocar's twins and on 238107.02 they get married on Betazed. Xan and Cheliz born.
  • 2382: Rocar is promoted to Captain and once again reassigned to the Diplomatic Corps -this time heading up a Starfleet staff at the Duronis II Embassy.
  • 2383: In late 2383, Rocar is given command of the USS Constitution and assigned to a mission of space exploration.
  • 2384: In early 2384, Rocar is reassigned to his former home: Starbase 118. At this time he and Gwen Hilzarie seperate permanently. His two children go with their mother.
  • 2385: At the start of 2385 Rocar is promoted to Fleet Captain. Later that year he becomes a single parent as his twin children come to live with him after their mother is in an accident in an away mission to the planet SQ313
  • 2386: Rocar is promoted to Rear Admiral. He later accepts a special assignment on the USS Eagle.
  • 2387: Rocar briefly commands the USS Victory before going MIA on a mission with Starfleet intelligence. The Rear Admial retires from Starfleet Command shortly after and takes up a quiet life pursuing his hobbies on a small farmstead on Ktaria VII.
  • 2388: Following a lot of upheaval in the Ithassa Region (including a war with the Vaadwaur and a Romulan settlement, a lot of colonies that don't necessarily get along and the Gorn, Tholians, Grendellai, Free Trade Union, Tzenkethi, Constellationites) the Federation Diplomatic corps asked the retired Admiral to temporally give up his retirement and take on the role of Diplomatic Envoy to the volatile region. Rocar initially declined but was leaned on heavily to accept the assignment due to his past experience as an Ambassador in dangerous areas of space. Rocar eventually agreed, ironically, to get some peace from the bureaucrats who kept turning up on his farm and interrupting his hermitary lifestyle.

Professional History

Rocar has had a full career; an accomplished scientist before enrolling in Starfleet, he has also served as a diplomat.

Starfleet Assessments and Records

See full article: Rocar's Professional History


  • Date Graduated from Academy:
  • Current Rank: Rear Admiral
  • Current Assignment: USS Tiger
  • Duty Post: Federation Ambassador

Decorations & Commendations

See full article: Rocar's Awards & Commendations

  • Strange Medallion(2380)
  • Neelix Award (2380)
  • The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement: First Class (TOSMA I) (2381)
  • James T. Kirk Cross (2382)
  • Sarek Star (2383)
  • Christopher Pike Pendant (2386)
  • Picard Award (2386)

Working Areas

Rocar's Office

On many starships, a small office located directly adjacent to the bridge, where the commanding officer could work undisturbed. On an Intrepid Class starship, the door from the bridge lies between the Engineering station and the Tactical station. Standard features are a desk, a desktop viewer, a couch, and a food replicator terminal. Often the commanding officer will decorate their ready room with personal items to reflect their tastes. Secondary access opens to a short corridor which leads to a head and a turbolift elevator.


  • 2363 09.07 Enters Vulcan Science Academy and studys medicine
  • 2367 06.22 Graduates MB BS. Doctor at Hospital on Vulcan
  • 2368 - 2371 Ktarian Diplomat to the Federation. (till Ktarian Entry)
  • 2372 09.14 Joins Starfleet Academy; already a qualified medical doctor, he studies to become an officer, and...
  • 2372 06.20 Does a PhD in Xenobiology with specialised research into interspecies breeding at Starfleet medical with fellow Ktarian, Dr. Mizan, a specialist on interspecies mating practices. (Whilst at Starfleet Academy)
    • During this time, Cadet Rocar was drafted as a Field Medic in the Dominion Wars late 2373 - late 2375. With a group of other doctors, Rocar tries turning telepaths in penal colonies into a weapon against the Dominion. This has dire results.
  • 2376 Graduated Starfleet Academy.
  • 2376 - 2379Disenchanted with what he saw as a Cadet, Rocar refuses mainstream active service and joins Starfleet Diplomatic Corps
  • 2379 06.18 Ready to change back to mainstream Starfleet, Rocar is posted to STARBASE 118 (Assistant Medical Officer)
  • 2379 12.02 Temporarily assigned to the U.S.S. DOMINANCE as Chief Medical Officer
  • 2380 02.05 Returns to his duties as a Medical Officer on Starbase 118. Researching the newly discovered Jytzell fluid which comes from an insectoid race in the Delta quadrent.
  • 2380 03.16 Promoted to full Lt.
  • 2380 04.12 Once again returns to the USS DOMINANCE as Chief Medical Officer during a three month exploratory and diplomatic mission through a wormhole to the Delta quadrent.
  • 2380 06.01 Following Prof.Hilzarie's funeral on Betazed, the USS BRAVEHEART transports Rocar and Gwen Hilzarie to the USS Constitution where they help to complete the mission on Daris II.
  • 238007.30 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander by Fleet Captain Hebron and made Chief Science Officer onboard the USS Constitution.
  • 238009.09 With Captain Y'Shirad being called back to Starfleet Command; Rocar is made First Officer of the USS Constitution.
  • 238012.20 Awarded the Neelix Award (for services to his crew) and the Strange Medallion (for his work as a First Officer)
  • 238102.10 Promoted to Full Commander.
  • 238111.31 Awarded The Order of Merrit Award 1 (TOSMA 1) for services to Starfleet.
  • 238112.27 Made Federation Ambassador to Duronis II, given command USS RESOLUTION
  • 238203.21 Promoted to Captain
  • 238212.25 Awarded the James T. Kirk Cross (for command)
  • 238310.09 Reassigned. Given command of USS Constitution.
  • 238312.30 Awarded the Sarek Star (for diplomacy)
  • 238403.27 Reassigned. Accepts command of Starbase 118.
  • 238406.28 Launches Captain Taboo and the crew of USS Eagle
  • 238502.11 Promoted to Fleet Captain
  • 238507.19 Launches Captain Assanti and the crew of USS Constitution
  • 238601.13 Promoted to Rear Admiral
  • 238609.25 Reassigned. Accepts command of USS Eagle for a special assignment
  • 238612.17 Launches Captain Perkins aboard the crew of USS Constitution
  • 238701.21 Awarded the Christopher Pike Pendant
  • 238701.21 Awarded the Picard Award
  • 238705.30 Launches Captain Frazier aboard the crew of USS Challenger
  • 238706.18 Launches Commander Reynolds aboard the USS Eagle and assumes command of the USS Victory
  • 238710.01 goes MIA on a mission with Starfleet Intelligence.. Retires from active service upon his return to Federation space and settles on a small farmstead in the mountains on Ktaria VII. In retirement Rocar passes his days growing vegetables and keeping animals, playing music, cooking and enjoying relaxing walks and climbs in the mountains.
  • 238811.23 Comes out of retirement to serve as a diplomatic envoy to the Ithassa region following heightened turmoils in that region.


In addition to his regular Starfleet duties; Rocar has also served as First Officer and Commanding Officer in holodeck cadet training programmes on Starbase 118`s Academy facilities for graduating cadets on their final training assignment.


Personal History

All about Rocar's personal life...

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  • Hobbies & Interests: Learn about Rocar's off-duty passtimes.
  • Family & Friends: Despite his seperation in 2383, family is something that Rocar, like many Ktarians takes very seriously. Over the years he has also aquired a multitude of close friends. Learn about Captain Rocar's Family & Friends.
  • Rocar Drawoh's Clothing: Rocar has worn a variety of clothing in different situations over the years. Find out what he wears on and off-duty.
  • Rocar's Quarters: Find out about Rocar's Living Quarters.
  • Rocar Drawoh's Medical Record: Rocar is well-built and in sound health for his age, though prescribed a diet to curb his Ktarian appetite! Read is full medical profile here.

Professional Points

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