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Robin Hopper
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The following are sims written from Hopper's perspective (or Joint Posts including Hopper's POV), arranged in rough IC chronological order.

Life Before Amity

Early Life, Theta VII

Hopper grew up on her parents' farm estate on Theta VII, a somewhat rough-and-tumble "old frontier" mining, agricultural, and trade port colony. There are no sims set during Hopper's adolescence on Theta VII (yet).

UC Berkeley Campus

University of California, Berkeley

Hopper travelled to Earth for the first time, earning a Bachelors and Masters Degree at the University of California's Berkeley campus.

There are no sims set during Hopper's time as a student at UC Berkeley (yet).

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco

After completing her Master's at UC Berkeley, Hopper was (pleasantly) surprised to have her application to Starfleet Academy accepted and relocated to San Francisco to complete her PhD.

Family History (Flashback)

Hopper decides to reconnect with her estranged sister, Keri, after a silence of over two years - but the memory of their last interaction still gives her brain freeze...

USS Wall Street

Aboard the USS Wall Street

Hopper's first assignment after graduating from Starfleet Academy, holding the rank of Lt. JG, was to the Oracle Class deep space science vessel, USS Wall Street.

There are no sims set aboard the Wall Street (yet).

Arrival on Amity Outpost

Lt. Robin Hopper arrives on Amity Outpost, transferring from her posting on the USS Wall Street, to take on the role of Chief Science Officer. During these first weeks, she meets Ambassador Rivi Vataix and her husband, Tidrid, runs into an old friend (Ikaia Wong), and meets some of her other colleagues - forging her first relationships aboard the space station.

Trivia: For fun, all the initial sims written during this 'introductory' period for Robin are named after ABBA songs, in reference to Hopper's love for the Swedish Disco/Pop Group.

Shore Leave (239907-239909)

Rivi Vataix

Meeting the Vataixs
Hopper's first encounter aboard Amity is with Tidrid Vataix - Ambassador Rivi's husband. A chance meeting in the park (which could have gone far worse) leads to an impromptu dinner invitation and the start of a very bubbly friendship...

Ikaia Wong

Ikaia Wong - Old Friend, New Place
Having first met back at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, Hopper is overjoyed to have a pre-existing connection in Amity's Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Ikaia Wong...

Cassian Iovianus
Bec Iko

Security Clearance
Hopper runs into Bec Iko while seeking her clearances from Chief Security Officer, Cassian Iovianus - a man whom she is convinced has amazing stories to share with anyone who can get through his armor...

Lt. Kivik - Passing the Torch

As the newly-promoted Lt. Kivik leaves Amity to take a posting aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, which will be touring within the Delta Quadrant, the J'naii Science Officer helps orient Hopper within the station's massive Science & Research Center...

Discussing Two Ukinixs
Some preliminary discussion between Ikaia Wong, Scotty Reade, and Hopper regarding Lt. Cmdr. Wil Ukinixs transporter incident, during which he was split into two men - one fully-Human, the other fully-Betazoid...

Nathan Richards

Ensign Richards & The Targhee
Asked to help Ensign Nathan Richards with his personal project / 'therapy' (restoring an old shuttle to working condition using cobbled-together parts), Hopper puts her LCARs programming knowledge to work - and also discovers an unexpected friendship that may lead to something more...

Dinner Party w/ Rivi, Tidrid, Wong, & Richards
Much to her surprise (after her gaff meeting Tidrid), Hopper is invited to dinner at the Vataix residence - along with her old pal Ikaia Wong and her new pal, Nathan Richards...

2399 Missions & Shore Leave (Amity)

Hopper's tour aboard Amity began in July of 2399. During her first calendar year aboard the station, she participated in two missions and one shore leave.

Mission: Protocols (239909-239910)

Wil Ukinix

Act 1
Hopper's first mission as Amity's Chief Science Officer pairs her with Lt. Commander Wil Ukinix, fresh Ensign S'Raga, and whiny Betazoid Noble (Lohani Vananth-Polgonz) as they explore an island region of the planet Idrustix in hope of helping with colonisation efforts. But they're not alone...

Act 2
After S'Raga is attacked by a mysterious Drone, Hopper is forced to take on duties outside the normal scope of her position. Within a day, she must play Medic, Security, and Diplomat...

Act 3

Trenvonn Scientist
To avoid extermination, the crew on Idrustix's surface must find a solution to break through the imposed Trenvonn forcefield netting the planet and make it back to the Kitty Hawk - but first, they need to survive long enough...

Shore Leave (239911-239912)

Scotty Reade

Apartment Hunting
Hopper enlists the help of her new HCO friend, S'Raga, to help locate a suitable apartment in Amity's Habitat Ring. Once they find the perfect place, a special request will see Amity's Acting Chief of Operations, Reade, and Engineer, Richards, joining them for some work and relaxation...

John Carter

Counselling Session
Hopper meets Counsellor John Carter and finds him remarkably easy to talk to. Almost too easy...

Annamae Barberra

Holodeck Training Simulation
Requested by Lt. Commander Ukinix, Hopper joins Iovianus, Wong, Reade, Iko, Richards, and S'Raga in an effort to support the assessment of the unusual Crewman Annamae Barberra... To chaotic result...

Date With Nathan Richards
Their time spent working together on the Targhee shuttle has brought Robin and Nathan closer together - close enough that they decide to take a plunge and agree to a date. Is it a match made in heaven or will they go down in flames?

Peace Park Stroll & Garden Plotting
While enjoying a stroll through Peace Park, Hopper finds Iko up a tree and the two discuss the possibility of a community garden space in the park's Mackinac biome...

Keehani Ukinix

Meeting Keehani Ukinix
As part of her ongoing efforts to connect with Amity's senior staff (Starfleet and FDC), Hopper arranges a brief get-to-know-you with First Secretary Keehani Ukinix...


Welcoming Sirn
Hopper welcomes a new civilian warp theory scientist, Sirn, whose affiliation with the Vulcan Science Academy and Starfleet make him a logical candidate...

Firearms Training
Hopper drags along Wong for some unconventional firearms training in the Security Center, overseen by Iovianus and assisted by Richards...

Evelyn Beake

Unexpected Lunch Date
While dropping off a 'thank you' gift for Reade, Hopper gets caught up in an unexpected lunch date with Reade's partner, Evelyn Beake, and S'Raga...

Completion of the Targhee
With their work now complete on the Targhee shuttle, Hopper and Richards find it hard to part ways - but providing Carter with a tour gives them the opportunity...

Amity Pub Crawl
Joining Wong, Iko, S'Raga, and Richards for an impromptu pub crawl around Amity's numerous bars and taverns makes Robin spill the beans about a private matter...


Welcoming Nadeshiko
Amity's newest civilian scientist is Nadeshiko, an Android Woman with superior intellect and analyticial skills - and a killer wardrobe...

Mission: Nostalgia (239912)

A party to celebrate Wil Ukini's promotion to Commander gets waylaid by an ill-intentioned temporal agent, and only Hopper and Vataix can stop it...

Act 1
Realizing what has happened, Hopper and Vataix struggle to find a solution and restore the timeline...

Act 2
Can the timeline be restored, and the time-napped former Veritas crewmembers returned safely?

2400 Missions & Shore Leave (Amity)

Continuing as Amity Outpost's Chief Science Officer, Hopper entered 2400 full of her typical optimism and enthusiasm.

Shore Leave (240001-240002)

Vaje Kizat

Robin Hopper, Muse
Hopper, ditched by her date for the evening, winds up across the table from Vaje Kizat - diplomat, artist, and romantic...

Kerilyn Hopper

Family History
Hopper decides to reconnect with her estranged sister, Keri, after a silence of over two years - but the memory of their last interaction still gives her brain freeze...

New Year, New Century
Hopper's attempts to organize a New Years Eve party to ring in the new century are mostly successful, but an errant beverage selection puts her friendship with Richards to the test...

Geoff Teller

On a brief swing by the Beta Quadrant for a conference on new uniform designs, Hopper meets Geoffrey Teller and the two swap stories over "blooze"...

High Stakes Poker
The gang gets together for a friendly game of cards - and some of Hopper's past is revealed...

Alpha Quadrant Report
After winding up a volleyball game with her SRC colleagues, Hopper meets up with S'Raga, who's just returned from a trip to the Alpha Quadrant, to catch up...

Ribbons Ceremony
Winding up the end of the 2300s with ribbons and awards...

Mission: Worthy Prey (240001-240002)

Alpha Ravarj
Cara Veers

Act 1
The Hirogen are up to something - and Ambassador Vataix and her crew aren't leaving their fate to chance. It's time for an olive branch...

David Flint
Act 2

Following a guided tour of Amity Outpost, and a dinner held in their honour, the Hirogen Tribes agree to participate in "war games" along with the Federation...

Act 3
Having achieved victory in the first round of the "War Games" (a rescue mission), Blue Team is pitted against Red in a full-on simulated battle...

Shore Leave (240003-240004)

Addison MacKenzie
Career Counseling
Following her stint at Acting First Officer aboard the Jemison, Hopper turns to an idol - Commander Addison MacKenzie - seeking career advice. What she gets may prove to be advice to live by...

Food Court Checkup
While they first met at the Academy, Hopper and Wong haven't had much time to reconnect aboard Amity. Time to change that!

The Prodigious Ensign Veers
Stationed aboard the Kitty Hawk during their mission, Ensign Veers' efforts were lauded by their Chief Science Officer, Kivik. Hopper's glad to have the chance to follow up with the new Ensign and get to know her better...

Capitalism Is Fun
"Betazoid Bob" and "Orion Olivia" - two used yacht salesfolk - won't know what hit 'em when Hopper proves unusually receptive to their sales pitch...

Mother Iovianus
When Cassian Iovianus' mother, Governor Aurora Iovianus, arrives unexpectedly on the station, Robin unintentionally winds up in her Magna Roman's interrogation crosshairs...

Poster, World Beyond Zero
At the Drive-In w/ Nathan Richards
Hopper shares an important holodeck program with her bestie - and they both try to work out what, if any, lingering feelings they have for each other...

An Ounce of Prevention
Feeling overwhelmed with the stress of work - and the pressure of a letter from her sister weighing on her mind - Hopper distracts herself with a visit to the doctor...

Mind Games
A little post-workout tête-à-tête with Hopper's nemesis Acting XO counselor and friend, John Carter, turns out to be an invigorating and fun experience...

Stranger Than Fiction
Robin and Keehani Ukinix take some time to get to know each other and, in the process, discover a shared interest in "agressive diplomacy"...
Talos Dakora
Noble Indiscretions
When a mysterious stranger winds up on Amity Outpost, Hopper finds herself drawn to the man known only as "Talos", blissfully unaware of the 'higher purpose' that has called him there...

Girls' Night Out

Robin runs into Keehani at the office and the two decide to do hit the town, where things take a surprising turn...

This shore leave is still ongoing...