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Nathan Richards

  • Character Page
  • Relationship: Dating, Close Friends
  • Nickname(s): Nate, Lover Boy

As in most great relationships, Robin and Nate first connected over coffee and legacy computer operating systems. Working together on the "franken-shuttle" Targhee project, the attraction between the two was immediate and it didn't take long before they tried their luck on a date - however, they quickly determined that their relationship goals were incompatible. Over the following year, the two of them agreed to cool things down and and remain friends. During that time of immense struggle, Robin still found Nathan to be an honest, reliable, and genuine friend - and the two of them would come to each others' aid repeatedly, both during missions and throughout their personal lives.

Working and playing together, their commitment to remaining 'just friends' was tested over and over as they did their best to enjoy mutual distractions. Following a desperate kiss during a particularly harrowing experience in the Mirror Universe, Robin and Nate talked things over and decided to, once again, explore their mutual romantic interest more openly and are currently trying to keep their "situationship" on the down-low (with somewhat dubious success).

Ikaia Wong

Despite their mutual disinterest in violence, Ikaia and Robin met buddying up during a Small Weapons Combat class at the Academy - at the recommendation of their mutual friend, Alieth. While they were never quite as close with each other as they were with their Vulcan compatriot, the two still enjoyed each others' company. Robin was thrilled when she learned that he too had been posted to Amity Outpost when her transfer was confirmed, and she made certain to visit him in the station's Medical Center shortly after her arrival. Since they've begun working together, the two have spent more time getting to know each other and they've become quite close.


Robin and Alieth could hardly be more different people - but that didn't stop them from becoming fast friends while attending Starfleet Academy together in San Francisco. While Alieth majored in Medicine and Robin in Physics, the two had numerous overlapping science-based classes. Rather than clashing, despite their apparent differences, they managed to find compliment and compromise, and Robin remains fond of Alieth to this day (though they haven't kept up contact as well as she'd like!)

Keehani Ukinix

Meeting after Robin's transfer to Amity Outpost, the two women at first had a pleasant, yet wholly-professional relationship - each respecting the others' enthusiasm and work ethic. Over time, it became apparent they shared a few common interests (including mystery literature) and the two decided to spend more time getting to know each other socially and found they had an easy chemistry. At first, Keehani was - unbeknownst to Robin - slightly smitten, but when it became clear that she wasn't Robin's type, she easily moved on from the notion and the two have continued to enjoy each others' platonic company.

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Rivi Vataix

While they may have met under unusual circumstances, the two have hit it off straight away and Robin looks forward to getting to know her CO better! After attending dinner at the Vataix residence, Robin was convinced to find an apartment in the Beijing District - a fortuitous turn of events. Not long after, both Rivi and Robin were the only two unaffected by a malicious alteration to the timeline and, from an alternate reality, were able to restore the timeline to its prior state.

Wil Ukinix

The two met and served together during a tense mission to Idrustix. A bit confused about the fact that there were two Wil Ukinix's aboard when she came to Amity, Robin nonetheless has found the man to be a solid and personable leader. She looks forward to getting to know him better and see what she can learn from him.

John Carter

John is Robin's Counselor and the two of them hit it off during their first session (which Robin describes as more of a friendly 'chat'). While she doesn't know him well yet, they've discussed the possibility of meeting up for a workout and Robin intends to invite him to her eventual housewarming party.

Cassian Iovianus

While Robin doesn't know the mysterious Magna Roman well yet, she wants to - as she's convinced he must be the most interesting person on Amity Outpost. Iovianus also oversaw a firearms/weapon training session that Robin requested.

Bec Iko

While the two haven't spent much time working together yet, Robin instantly liked Bec's open and in-your-face personality. Spending some time together in Peace Park, Robin was reminded of her sister, Keri - which she swear she means in the most complimentary way possible! She looks forward to getting to know the young Security Officer better.

Scotty Reade

While the two haven't spent much time working together yet, Robin is very grateful for Scotty's assistance installing holo-emitters in her apartment (a special request) and appreciates his focused work ethic. She looks forward to getting to know him, and his partner, Evelyn, better as time goes on.

Vaje Kizat

Meeting entirely unexpectedly at a bar after her date was cancelled last-minute, Robin spotted Vaje sketching her from across the bar and the two of them hit it off immediately.


Kivik, now the Chief Science Officer aboard the Kitty Hawk, was Robin's predecessor on Amity. The two of them worked together briefly during the transition period. The two Science Officers also served together during an ill-fated mission on Idrustix, during which Robin appreciated Kivik's cool head.

Talos Dakora


Tidrid Vataix



Andorian Captain of the USS Wall Street who Robin described as "running a tight ship".

Trisha Montgomery

Robin's described Trisha - the Chief Science Officer on the USS Wall Street - as a mentor figure and friend.

Egan Retel

A Betazoid Ops Officer whom Robin dated briefly. She described him as sweet, sensitive, and rather timid.

Addison MacKenzie