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Lt. Commander Robin Hopper is a Human/Centauran woman serving as Chief Science Officer and Second Officer aboard Amity Outpost.

Born and raised on the 'old frontier' world, Theta VII, Hopper grew up on her parents' hydroponic farm estate. She also lived on Earth while attending a Masters program at UC Berkeley and, subsequently, Starfleet Academy in San Francisco where she earned her doctorate in Physics. Her first posting was aboard the the Oracle-Class deep space science vessel, USS Wall Street, where she served as a Science Officer and as Assistant Chief Science Officer before transferring to Amity Outpost in 2399.

Character Details

Character Basics & Identity

  • Name: Robin Hopper (she/they)
  • Preferred Nicknames: Hops, Kino (private)
    • Other Nicknames: Robbie Hops, Hoppy, Birdie, Half-Human Hopper, Banana Face
  • Born: 237112.29, Theta VII, Beta Quadrant
  • Species: Human (Thetan) / Centauran

Appearance & Traits

  • Portrayal: Alison Brie (actor)
  • Biological Sex: Female (cis)
  • Height / Weight: 1.67 m (5'6") / 60 kg (132 lbs), Average Build
  • Hair / Eyes: Chestnut brown hair, shoulder length / Blue eyes
  • Handedness: Right-handed
  • Conditions: Prosthetic left leg since childhood, (resulting from a genetic blood-clotting condition)

Interests, Hobbies, & Favourites

  • General Interests: Science, Programming, Art, Vintage Films & Books, Music, and Gardening
    • Favourite Films: Back to the Future and World Beyond Zero (Ironically)
    • Favourite Authors: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle & Agatha Christie
    • Favourite Music: Disco - especially ABBA - and 1960s-2030’s Pop; Soft spot for Country
    • Exercise: Aerobics / Dance
  • Diet: Vegetarian (as are most on Theta VII)
    • Favourite Foods: Pineapple and curly fries (but never together!)
    • Drink of Choice: Moscow Mule (beer makes her sick)

Fashion & Style

  • Uniform: Prefers a Skant (easier to wear, given her prosthetic leg)
  • Off-Duty Dress: Prefers skirts & dresses to pants (easier to wear)
    • Like many from Theta VII, Robin grew up with a fondness for the bold retro aesthetic of the 2260s - still relatively popular on the "old frontier" world which was founded during that time of bold exploration and equally bold fashion. As such, many of her off-duty outfits reflect the unique fashion sense of the 2260's.
  • Quarters: Bright and casual with a mid-century modern aesthetic (see also Hopper's Apartment)
    • Prized Posession: A genuine 20th century record player
  • Favourite Colors: Raspberry, Seafoam, Azure

Family & Relationships

For more information on Hopper's relationships, check out her dedicated Relationships Page.

Family Members

  • Parents:
    • Melissa Hopper, birth mother (Human)
    • Ansyra Hopper (nee Keox), mother (Centauran)
  • Siblings:
    • Kerilyn Hopper, younger sister
  • Other:
    • Phoenyra Keox, grandmother (Centauran)
    • Robin Hopper, deceased uncle (Human)

Closest Relationships

Other Notable Relationships

  • Talos Dakora, romantic interest
  • Trisha Montgomery, mentor & former superior officer
  • Egan Retel, ex-boyfriend

Personal History

Early Life, Theta VII (2371 - 2389)

Growing up on the “old frontier” world of Theta VII, Robin always felt like she had ‘the best of both worlds’ in her reach. New discoveries were still being made and visitors from exciting new civilizations still traveled through the ports of Theta with regularity – yet, as an established colony, they also boasted the developed infrastructure, technology, and resources that characterized life in The Federation.

Robin’s parents, a Human FDC representative and a Centauran terraforming consultant, had met on Velestus (Alpha Centauri IV), but opted to settle down on Theta VII - a world that neither of them called ‘home’, where they felt they could make a fresh start. There, they took over the management of a state-of-the-art hydroponic farming estate from its retiree owners.

This environment fostered Robin’s interest in Science from a young age – though she never dreamt of joining Starfleet or becoming a career scientist. Throughout her youth, Robin was certain she would become an artist. Her love of art and media (including modern holostories as well as vintage films and books) led her to undertaking an internship with Encrer Livre – an Earth-based publishing company – in her late teens.

It was during this internship that she first discovered her interest in holo-programming (and realized she had a knack for it). Exploring further, she quickly discovered an unexpected love for programming and computer science – finding the near-endless creative possibilities and practicability of the skill exciting. As she neared the end of her schooling, Robin realized she wanted to better understand the underlying principles that advanced computing and hologram technology were built on.

University of California, Berkeley (2389 - 2393)

To continue her studies, following her newly-developed interest in STEM subjects, Robin traveled to Earth for better educational prospects. While she found being far from home challenging for the first year, she quickly grew to appreciate the opportunities that studying - and living - on Earth afforded. She completed her Masters graduate studies at UC Berkeley, then went on to complete her PhD in Physics at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco.

During her time studying at Berkeley, Robin first experienced disco music and the band ABBA, which quickly became favourites of hers. This was also when she discovered her intolerance for the grain 'hops', as her first time trying beer led to a brief hospitalization. Hopper also played volleyball for her University team, and still has a UC Berkeley tank top, which she proudly wears during workouts.

Professional History

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco (2393 - 2397)

  • Cadet, 4th Class (239305.03 - 239404.18)
  • Cadet, 3rd Class (239405.02 - 239504.24)
  • Cadet, 2nd Class (239505.08 - 239604.22)
  • Cadet, 1st Class (239605.06 - 239704.25)

After six years studying physics in California, it was hard to ignore the call of Starfleet. She applied for the Academy on a whim, submitting an application to complete her PhD studies that she never expected to be accepted. According to Hopper's own account, she submitted her Academy Application on a dare after drinking eight shots of tequila while celebrating the completion of her Master's thesis. Much to her surprise, she was accepted. As a Starfleet Cadet, she earned her doctorate in four years and was able to further expand her knowledge of programming through a few elective Engineering courses. This time at the Academy also allowed her to round out her Scientific knowledge, attaining a wider set of skills that would make her a formidable Science Officer upon graduation. As a result of her exceptional studies, Robin graduated Starfleet Academy with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

USS Wall Street (2397 - 2399)

  • Lieutenant JG (239704.28 - 239811.03)
  • Lieutenant (239811.03 - 239907.02)

Robin’s first posting was aboard the Oracle Class USS Wall Street under the command of Captain Sh'Torn. There, she learned quickly amidst a crew of dedicated scientific minds. Her outgoing personality and enthusiasm earned her a spot on the ship’s coveted ‘day shift’ where she would be able to work closely with the vessel’s Chief Science Officer, Trisha Montgomery. Initially splitting her time between Physics and Computer Science project, with Montgomery's guidance Hopper eventually achieved the rank of Lieutenant and took on a role as Assistant Chief Science Officer.

Given her background and ongoing work in Computer Science, Robin's work often overlapped with the Engineering and Operations divisions. Not only was this interdepartmental work crucial to her eventual move into the Assistant CSO role - offering her experience coordinating and working with a wider number of crewmembers - it is also how she met Ensign Egan Retel. The two worked on several projects together and eventually became romantically-involved.

When news of Amity Outpost’s establishment in the Delta Quadrant reached Robin’s ears, she felt immediately drawn to the distant and exciting deep space station. Already used to an extended mission far from home, the prospect of traveling months away from Federation space seemed totally worth it in exchange for an opportunity to work in such an advanced and resourced Science and Research Center – not to mention the chance to meet denizens of the Delta Quadrant. She had also long been intrigued by the story of Voyager, following it closely as a child, which only enhanced the draw of the new Outpost.

Excited at the prospect, and with Chief Science Officer Montgomery’s recommendation on her file, Robin requested a transfer to Amity Outpost in mid-2399 and decided to end her relationship with Retel, then a Lieutenant JG, as she didn't put much faith in long-distance relationships.

Amity Outpost (2399 - Present)

  • Lieutenant (239907.26 - 240008.14)
  • Lieutenant Commander (240008.15 - Present)

Once her transfer was approved, Robin spent her remaining time aboard the Wall Street tying up loose ends and finishing off projects, as well as training her replacement. She left many of her personal belongings behind, bringing only what she could fit in her duffel bag, a portal transporter buffer, and her prized Stromanthe Triostar plant. Arriving in late July, 2399, Robin quickly became acquainted with her new colleagues and received a briefing in the station's extensive Science and Research Center (or SRC) from Science Officer Lieutenant Kivik.

Kivik also requested Hopper's assistance in supporting an injured crewmember with a personal project; Nathan Richards was building a shuttle - later named the Targhee - from various component pieces and needed assistance getting the various parts' computer systems working together. The two became fast friends and, after initially admitting mutual attraction, went on one date before deciding that they were better off keeping things platonic.

Mission - Protocols (239909 - 239910)

The crew of Amity was assigned to support the efforts of several noble representatives from various Houses of Betazed in their joint effort to establish colony sites on the recently-discovered world, Idrustix. While aware that the planet was home to a uniquely-telepathic bacterium, none knew of the organisms' origins. Shortly after landing, the crew became trapped under a radioactive net which surrounded the planet. The Trenvonn announced their presence, and their intentions to purify the planet of their dangerous experimental bacteria by eradicating all life on the surface - including the unfortunate Starfleet Officers and Betazoid Nobles.
Robin, serving on a team with Wil Ukinix and Lohani Vananth-Polgonz, was forced to step outside her role as Science Officer - performing lifesaving combat medicine in order to halt the dangerous effects of a Trenvonn Drone and, later, engaging and destroying one such drone. Fortunately, Captain Rahman and the remaining staff and crew in orbit aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, were eventually able to work out a diplomatic solution with the Trenvonn before everyone on the surface were killed.

Mini Mission - Nostalgia (239912)

While the crew of Amity Outpost, along with several honoured guests, celebrated Wil Ukinix's successful completion of his Command Practical and subsequent promotion to Commander, a rogue Temporal Integrity Commission agent attempted to change the past - stranding Ukinix, Captain Rahman, and the other VIP guests, on a remote world from their past. Shielded by their proximity to the 'time bubble' effect - Rivi Vataix and Robin were the only two people aware of the sudden change to the timeline. As they put together the pieces of what happened, they were able to work with the crew of Amity Outpost to undo the TIC's meddling and restore the timeline to its proper order.

Mission - Worthy Prey (240001-240002)

Following an unprovoked attack on Ambassador Vataix in unmarked Hirogen hunting grounds by the traditionalist provocateur, Ravarj, Amity Outpost played host to several prominent Hirogen Tribes in an attempt to establish a revitalized diplomatic relationship with the Delta Quadrant hunters. The peace talks began with group tours of Amity's facilities, demonstrating the technological advancements made by the Federation since their last contact with the Hirogen approximately thirty years prior.
Making unprecedented use of several Starfleet ships sent (with skeleton crews) to reinforce Amity's defenses, Vataix arranged for a joint operation with the Hirogen - including a simulated "War Games". Hopper was temporarily assigned as the First Officer aboard the Intrepid Class USS Jemison, along with Acting CO Wil Ukinix, Acting Chief Engineer Nathan Richards, and the civilian science analyst Nadeshiko. The Jemison, along with the USS Halsey, under Commander Addison MacKenzie, and several other Starfleet and Hirogen vessels, led "Blue Team" to victory over the Kitty Hawk-led "Red Team"[1].

Mission - Dark Roses (240005 - 240008)

During a mission to an alternate universe (the Mirror Universe) that remains classified under the Parallax Protocol, Hopper participated in the rescue of several FDC, Starfleet, and Betazoid Noble personnel (including Rivi Vataix, Cara Veers, Tri'lea Polgonz, and Nathan Richards) who had been captured by the Betazoid Empire (Unified Houses of Betazed). The mission, which greatly affected many of the Officers that participated in it, definitely shook Hopper and she will likely be processing and attempting to work through the 'dark reality' she witnessed there for some time. Shortly after returning to Amity Outpost, Robin was presented with a promotion to Lieutenant Commander[2].

Mission - It's Always Sunny in the Delta Quadrant (240009 - 24011)

An unusual radio pulsar drew Amity's First Officer, Wil Ukinix, and Chief Science Officer, Robin Hopper on a routine expedition to investigate the astral phenomenon. When they arrived, however, they were surprised to detect a faint warp signature. A fateful decision was made by Ukinix to investigate the nearby planet for signs of advanced life, however the 'pulsar' suddenly seemed to react to their presence, disabling their shuttle and forcing an emergency 'landing'. Both officers were quickly greeted by the local populace, however due to unforeseen shortcomings with the Universal Translator's ability to process the Paak's unique language, they wound up accidentally gravely insulting the Paak's leader and people.
The pair awaited trial in prison and, when a prospective rescue operation began, were dismayed to find that their rescuers had also been apprehended and now all were awaiting trial. Eventually, the decision was reached that several of the crew would face penalties for their actions, which primarily took the form of 'educational experiences'. Following this mission, Robin was offered the position of Second Officer.

Mission - Toxicity (240012 - 240101)

A runaway Malon antimatter waste freighter was reportedly on a collision course with the nearby Betazoid colony world, Idrustix. In a swift response, Amity's senior staff launched an intervention mission aboard the USS Independence-B. Newly promoted Second Officer Hopper led one of the away teams that would board the freighter, quickly determining that it had been largely abandoned - save a few stalwart engineers, and a few crewmembers who had succumbed to intense radiation poisoning, leading them to act in unpredictable and violent ways. Separated from her team, Robin crawled through the vents in order to reach engineering and restore communications, but was hotly pursued by one of these irradiated 'feral' Malon. Encountering Bec Iko, Charlena Vanlith, and Kaito Moore, she joined with them in order to overload the ship's warp engines with antimatter waste. While this action would eventually lead the ship to explode, it provided sufficient thrust to redirect it away from the planet. The Indy-B, along with a friendly Malon vessel, were then able to tow the ship into the sun - the Starfleet crew aboard able to escape with minimal time to spare.

Mission - Bless This Home (240103 - Present)

This mission is currently ongoing.

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OOC & Background

  • Hopper is Keegan's second Player Character (his original was Kivik, as evidenced by his Wiki username and 118 email address).
  • Robin's surname, Hopper, was inspired by real-world computer scientist and navy rear-admiral Grace Hopper.
  • Hopper's personality is intentionally a blend of Keegan's own, his IRL partner's, Alison Brie (face claim), and Annie (her character in Community).

Family & Names

  • Hopper can speak both High and Low Centauran fluently .
  • Hopper’s Centauran name is Kinolaisi, a "Private Name" in accordance with Centauran Custom, shared only with close family and intimate partners. She is accordingly nicknamed "Kino".
  • Hopper's mother, Melissa, has affectionately nicknamed her "Birdie" .
  • According to Hopper, her nickname, "Hops", comes from her intolerance for Hops-based beverages, such as beer .
  • When Hopper was a child, she often insisted on being called "Hoppy".

Before Starfleet

  • Hopper took dance lessons as a child at the "Cochrane Community Center" on Theta VII .
  • Growing up, Hopper was fascinated by the ongoing story of the USS Voyager and remains a 'fan' of Admiral Janeway and the iconic Intrepid Class vessel.
  • On Theta VII, Hopper regularly visited the "Paydirt Saloon"  and learned to play cards from the miners who frequented it .
  • Despite living on Earth for ten years, Hopper has never visited Australia .
  • During her University years, Hopper played on her school volleyball team  and was a member of the UC Berkeley Stratagema Club.

Life in Starfleet

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