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Member of Unified House of Betazed


Raven Hopper

Raven Hopper is a Mirror Universe Human/Centauran scientific researcher employed by the Unified House of Betazed. She specializes in genetics, cybernetics, and biosynthetic technologies and is infamous for performing medical experiments on political prisoners held at the Idrustix Prison Colony. Raven is a PNPC simmed by Keegan (Robin Hopper).

Character Biography

Basic Stats

  • Name: Raven Hopper (she/her)
  • Nicknames: Hopper the Chopper (unfavourable)
  • Born: 237112.29, Alpha Centauri IV
  • Species: Human/Centauran "Mongrel"
  • Sex: Female
  • Height: 1.67 m (5'6")
  • Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
  • Portrayal: Alison Brie


  • Eyes: One blue, one cybernetic
  • Hair: Blonde (bleached)
  • Build: Slender
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous
  • Conditions: Untreated genetic blood clotting condition, several cybernetic limb replacements (left leg, right arm), numerous synthetic organs


Last images of Melissa and Keri Hopper, prior to their deaths.
Relationship Status: Married to Talos Dakora

Parents: Melissa Hopper & Ansyra Keox

Grandparents: All deceased

Siblings: Kerilyn Hopper

Personal History

Raven Hopper, circa 2395

Early Life

Raven's human mother, Melissa Hopper, worked for the crumbling Terran imperial administration left on Alpha Centauri IV. There, she met and became infatuated with one of the locals, Ansyra Keox, who worked in propaganda development for the administration. Promising her a 'better life' as a citizen of the Empire, they were married and had two children, using advanced techniques pioneered by the Centauran people (prior to their subjugation).

Both daughters, Raven and Keri, inherited a genetic disorder from their human mother. Terran medicine being brutal and poorly understood by Centauran scientists, the disease was considered untreatable. Raven was born without her left leg (wearing a prosthetic), and both children suffered from recurring health issues.

Shortly after Raven's sister, Kerilyn, was born, the last vestiges of Terran control in the sector fell. Attempting to stabilize in the power vacuum left in their absence, the reformed Centauran government decreed that all Terrans and any "mongrel" children would be banished and sent back to ancestral Terran space. The family was split up, with Raven and Keri sent back to the Alpha Quadrant with their mother, Melissa. According to her, she has been "adrift" ever since.

The Unified House of Betazed

Talos and Raven, circa 2397
When Raven was fourteen, her mother fell ill and died - most likely from complications resulting from their shared disorder. In order to keep herself and her sister alive, Raven began working in a 'body mod' shop - initially as a sort of novelty, but she quickly showed a great interest in and talent for the work. She learned quickly and began making experimental biosynthetic organs, driven by a desire for self-preservation - determined not to succumb to the same illness that claimed her mother. Several years later, despite her best efforts, Keri also died as the result of a blood clot in her brain.

With nothing left for her in the Alpha Quadrant, Raven left - in search of a faction with greater resources and an interest in her work. She eventually found such a thing in the rapidly-expanding Betazoid Empire - the Unified House of Betazed. While still looked down upon as an "outsider", there was sufficient interest in her research for her to be granted some favour. She found a niche for herself, granted the opportunity to experiment on subjects - first, cadavers, and later live - from among the "worst of the worst" criminals and traitors taken prisoner by the House. It was during this time that she earned the unfavourable nickname, "Hopper the Chopper".

It was also during this time that she became acquainted and, eventually, romantically involved with the Sixth Wing High Inquisitor, Talos Dakora. Initially seeing each other as potential adversaries, they quickly realized the overlap in their work and interests, solidifying their union in 2398. While interspecies marriages were not typically permitted for Sons and Daughters of the Unified House, they were granted an exemption by the Mother Eternal as they had both been "loyal servents" of the House for years.