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* '''[[Wil Ukinix]]''': The Starfleet liaison and first officer of [[Amity Outpost]]
* '''[[Wil Ukinix]]''': The Starfleet liaison and first officer of [[Amity Outpost]]

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Rivi Vataix
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Vataix: "Niarivi Vataix, daughter of the Eleventh House. But you can call me Rivi."
Rivi Vataix

Ambassador Niarivi "Rivi" Vataix is a daughter of the Eleventh House of Betazed and the chief of mission and commanding officer of Amity Outpost.

Firstborn daughter of the Vataix family, Niarivi (known more commonly by her nickname Rivi) is a cheery young woman who will be tasked with the duties of head of the house once she assumes the title from her mother, Naminae Vataix. Until then, however, Rivi has been working on rebuilding the house following its losses sustained from the Dominion War and the attack on Ohmallera, having sought help from her cousin Sky Blake.

In 2398, she was appointed as a Federation ambassador and assigned by the Federation Diplomatic Corps to serve as the chief of mission for Amity Outpost, the Federation's newest diplomatic outreach to the species of the Delta Quadrant.


Rivi on Betazed, 2396


Full Name Niarivi Vataix
Pronunciation Ny-uh-ri-vee Vuh-tay
Nicknames "Rivi" by everyone except her father
Species Betazoid
T/E Rating T4/E4
Date of Birth 236209.04
Age 37
Place of Birth Ohmallera, Betazed
Gender Female


Master of Public Administration 2385, University of Betazed
Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics 2383, Ohmallera University of Arts & Sciences

Federation Diplomatic Corps Career

Joined 2398
Current Rank Ambassador (equivalent to Commodore)
Current Assignment Amity Outpost, Barossa Sector, Delta Quadrant
Icons other.png
  • Chief of Mission & Commanding Officer, 239809.18 - Present


  • Height: 170 cm (5'7")
  • Weight: 61 kilos (135 lbs)
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Handedness: Left
  • Tone/Voice: Cheerful, friendly, excited/delighted

Personal Life


  • Parents: Naminae Vataix (mother), Basnun Obroid (father)
  • Husband: Tidrid Vataix (née Chaxx)
  • Children:
    • Istrol Vataix (son, 11-years-old)
    • Ayeden Blake, (first cousin, once removed, 8-years-old), son of Sky Blake and now under Rivi's care
  • Cousin: Sky Blake

Friends and Notable Colleagues


Amity Residents

  • Arthur Summerside: A journalist on Amity whom Rivi respects for his fierce "naked truth."
  • Kivik: Amity's science officer and Rivi's spa buddy
  • Ikaia Wong: Amity's chief medical officer and Rivi's spa buddy. She's helping him develop more sophisticated fashion tastes.

Other Acquaintances

  • Geoffrey Teller: A Starfleet officer whom Rivi first mistook for a friendly bellhop (evidently not the first time Teller's been mistaken that way by a Betazoid noble).
  • Franz Teller: Geoffrey's father, whom Rivi is helping by finding his son a wife.


Betazoid Socialite

As one of Betazed's most known socialites, Rivi frequently hosted parties and other functions on the planet, especially for the philanthropic community. She loves gossip and Betazed house drama and knows the details on many scandals plaguing other houses.

Ambassador Rivi Vataix on Amity Outpost, 2399

Appointment as a Federation Ambassador

In 2398, Rivi was appointed a Federation Ambassador and joined the Federation Diplomatic Corps, reporting directly to Secretary of the Exterior Lily Ventu. Rivi was assigned as chief of mission and commanding officer of Amity Outpost, the farthest Federation installation in the galaxy deep within the Delta Quadrant. As chief of mission and CO, Rivi is now responsible for both seeing to the Federation's interests, serving as its highest representative and authority in the quadrant, as well as seeing to the safety and well-being of the 2,200+ residents who call Amity Outpost home.

Family Relations

Sky Blake, Rivi's cousin

In 2396, she wrote a correspondence to her cousin Sky Blake (whom she has not met yet) regarding the immigration status of Blake's daughter Faith. Faith has been living on Ornara, and despite her parents being Federation citizens, the Federation has thus far refused to get involved after the Brekkians refused to allow Faith to leave the Delos system and return to her mother's custody.

After learning about the situation from speaker of the house Astras Teitut, Rivi pushed for the Betazoid government to take on the case directly. The Betazoid immigration court agreed to hear Blake's case, provided that Blake come to Betazed to present and testify in person along with Faith's father, Aagan Eislas.

Letters of Correspondence

Dear Skyleena,

We haven’t met before, a sad circumstance of which I hope we can change soon. My name is Niarivi Vataix, daughter of the Eleventh House of Betazed. Such a mouthful, I know! Most people just call me Rivi. Our house head—and my mother—is Naminae Vataix, who is your mother’s older sister. She has tasked me with our efforts to rebuild our house following the terrible losses we and Betazed at large suffered from the war and later Ohmallera.

Rebuilding and reconnecting with our family is why I’m contacting you now. Last year, I learned from Astras the details concerning your struggle getting your daughter Faith into the Federation from Ornara due to Brekkian opposition. While the Federation may have trepidation confronting Brekka on this matter, the Eleventh House does not. I have pushed your case to the Betazoid government, and the immigration court has agreed to consider your daughter’s situation—provided that you as Faith’s mother come to Betazed to petition and testify in person. I have also reached out to Faith’s father, Aagan Eislas, and he has agreed to come back to the home world and appear before the Court as well. With both parents having a relation to Betazed (and of the Noble Houses no less), I believe we have a strong case.

Please let me know if you are able to find some leave to come to Betazed. I hope to meet you and stand with you as a fellow sister of the Eleventh House.

Your cousin,

Rivi Vataix

That's good to hear. The Starfleet vessel on which I'm posted has recently come back into the wider Federation for some repair work and upgrades - I believe I can make the trek to Betazed during this time (though this would also involve me bringing my son). 

I've spoken with Aagan Eislas about this some time ago now - but I'm glad headway is finally being made. I'm starting to become increasingly frustrated by the hoops I've been required to jump through - one would think I be allowed access to my own child, but evidently, this is not the case. Ilakai's guardian Syb tells me that she is well, but due to poor quality of communications available in the Shoals, I've not actually seen my daughter for over a year now. You can understand why I'm getting antsy.

For future reference, I prefer to avoid my full name. “Blake” or “Sky” is fine.


Noted. And I can certainly understand your vexation! I know firsthand how dealing with all this bureaucracy can be quite maddening. The good news is that if the Court finds in favor of us, the processing should proceed much more quickly—no more delays waiting for the Federation. And once Faith is on Betazed, we can continue the process to ensure she be recognized with Federation citizenship as well, given that both her parents are Federation citizens.

I am so delighted you will be coming to Betazed! By all means, your son and any guests are welcome. I will have my husband Tigrid begin making the arrangements for you to stay with us and our son Istrol while you’re here. Please forward your details to him.

Family has always been such an important part of my life, and I can’t imagine how difficult it has been being separated from your daughter. We will amend this soon.

Your cousin,

Will do. Much appreciated.

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